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Preeti Karnwal Dec 2019
they say it all feels like a dream
i can't connect to it
i just know what feels real and what feels like a dream.
when i'm dreaming,
even the most beautiful dream,
I know it's not real.
when it happens to me
something good
or bad,
I have a thought in mind
this is what reality feels like.
Preeti Karnwal Dec 2019
The way you turn the world upside down
without the fear of getting hurt, you fall on the ground
when you start a fight just to rest in the nurse's office
it's like you have innocence filled up in pockets
how can just one smile open my heart
maybe it's becoz we're on the same star
but is it something I can't see about you
Are you being you or are you hiding your truth
maybe you don't wanna be hated you're angry with destiny
i wonder if i'll ever be the one to set you free....
Oops!!!! I became cheesy
Preeti Karnwal Nov 2019
As I'm forced to feel happy on the outside
I grow sadder and sadder on the inside
I was never black and white
It is now that I feel that colours are only on the surface
I bloomed up as thorns that were sweet to everyone
Haru haru I change myself
Haru haru I put a mask on
Haru haru there's vileness in my beauty
Preeti Karnwal Sep 2019
Strings of my heart
Set a melody I had ignored
But it keeps ringing on in my head
It will be a beautiful song

Notes have been playing hide and seek
But align when you're near
Keys and chords, scales and notes, I don't know em
I'm getting bit by bit the harmony of you presence
Preeti Karnwal Aug 2019
i don't want to turn back and
erase all the thorns we planted
I want to get to the part when
I would be ready
to plant some roses
Preeti Karnwal Aug 2019
I want to sleep
For a longer while
A bit longer than it usually is
But shorter than death
Preeti Karnwal Jul 2019
'M lil' cloud
drifting away as you see
stuck between
ground n sky
i keep my distance
free to weep
weep to give bliss
bliss to you
you who needed
to hide your tears
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