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I keep relating my loneliness to love
To think that love makes me lonely
I guess... it becomes easier to sleep

To be lonely is to wait for someone
Someone...I don't know
Someone I can talk some thoughts to
which haunt me when I'm alone
Love does make people lonely
But are u in love everytime you're lonely?
I don't match your abilities
I keep fading away

It's hard to keep going
It's hard to say how I feel

I keep disappearing
from the air u breathe

I've gone too far
avoiding sympathies

I've kept pretending to be strong
that made me more weak
i have sweet tooth for evil
that's what i choose every time
the vicious is a sugar coating
devour the crusts,
can never reach the insides

not like i don't know from the beginning
i just can't listen to my mind
with every bite, i know i'm falling
blacks are a must,
i'm regretful i can't reach the whites

i feel like i must take the comfort
wherever whenever it may suffice
even if i always end up falling
even if there is pain every time but,
my fancy for evil still doesn't die
I'm trying to feel your pain
It's so hard to keep one busy
Even though there's lot to do
I get it done
                     One by one
But there's still time left
Until nighttime comes
And I ignore the fact that I'm still incomplete
Today i'm playing with flowers
I love how they're delicate
I won't touch the calyx
I won't touch your firm fury
I'd strike the corolla and ruin it
It's your homeless beauty
Preeti Karnwal Dec 2019
I listen to this song
until I get sick and tired of it,
I will listen to it again
to get myself addicted.
Preeti Karnwal Dec 2019
they say it all feels like a dream
i can't connect to it
i just know what feels real and what feels like a dream.
when i'm dreaming,
even the most beautiful dream,
I know it's not real.
when it happens to me
something good
or bad,
I have a thought in mind
this is what reality feels like.
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