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To me after a long time
A season like this has come
Same feelings
Different time, different person
Always when it comes
Feels like the first time
Couldn't it really be the first?

To me after a long time
A season called you has come
Even if it's hard like a cold
Your hand is always warm
Again, the next day
To me like the sun
You shine

To me after a long time
A season called you has come
I keep wanting to write
About you
For you, I suppose

And keep it to myself
I keep being curious
Of what's it in your mind
Of what more I can write

About you
For you, I believe
I'll let you hear it
And keep it to yourself

I keep wanting to say,
"I missed you"
I keep wanting to hear
"I missed you too"

I keep wanting to visit
Your apartment at night
I keep wanting to let you hear
"I love you" in my voice

I'll read this confession
Some when, I suppose
Before that I'll keep wanting
To write about you a little more
You were always chained
For Longer than you can remember.
How desperate you must have been,
How cruel the world
might have been,
To you, who had seen only
Love in your mother's eyes.

Yet you never
Imagined yourself free
You just thought about your children
Running round the undiscriminated streets

Your lover who greeted you in tears
Your hand brushed with hers
And you hoped to see her again
No matter what misery tomorrow might bear

You must have been hoping
For your next life to unfold
While fighting to live in the present
Believing the duty to liberty is yours to hold

You, who were always chained
For longer than you can remember.
How desperate you must have been
To unleash the very next you.
You never wanted to show him the cruelty.
To him, you only wanted to remain
Love in his mother's eyes.
I'm sorry that I'm thankful after a very long time
What's the reason for those cold eyes?
I don't know how to comfort the sad you.
Can't I comfort you with a smile?
I want to keep your smiling face in my heart for a long time.
And I become GREEDYY to be a little more closer to my dream
I tried so hard to look pretty
But you whispered
"Beautiful" when I was asleep
Preeti Karnwal Dec 2020
I don't remember
When I looked at you.
I remember you
Looking at me
When I woke up.
That's all I remember.
Preeti Karnwal Oct 2020
your heart,
I need to know mine.
My heart aches whenever I look at you
Maybe because of the regret that I was too late
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