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Cute Naa Jan 2019
I really don't know how to express my emotions
I'm not playing with my mind
I know I'm not supposed to be the one who's hurt but I am
Any way you want to know how I feel right?

My emotions are unexplainable right now
I feel broken and tattered within
The edges of my heart are solidified
I can't seem to break out

A perfect heart is what I yearned for
But I guess what I received was what I deserved

Till I met you I didn't know how to express my emotions
My emotions were like a diary
Glued to its secret hiding

I've never been so in love
Sharing my emotions could be a problem
And I hope you'd bare with me
I love you and I always would.
Cute Naa Nov 2018
The heart of man, in all angles
Made of rock, snow , fire and ice
Its hinges made of steel
Locked to the soul

The heart of man like steel
Passed through flameless fire
Its edges solidified by lava
Its cracks filled with ice

The heart of man yearns for love
Never ready to be received
Never ready to let go
And never ready to reveal itself

It sobs in the dark so softly
Yet hardens up before daybreak
It patiently waits for its true love
But not even ready to make a move

The heart of man so strongly attached to its soul
And not willing to be separated
But eventually slips out of its sockets
Into the hands of its newly found soul.
Cute Naa Nov 2018
I see you and I try to find a reason to hung on
It's hard
For what reason do I love you
Give me a reason

I love you
There's no reason, no because and no why
I explore these thoughts and write them down
For words have value

Maybe I have a reason
For crying myself to sleep when you hurt me
For being so mean
For caring so much
For seeking attention

Maybe there's a reason
Why i can't feel love
It's actually simple
I'm too scared to feel I've loved only one person in my life
Give me a reason it should be you
Cute Naa Nov 2018
In the shadows I appeared
I realized I was stuck,
Stuck in a world I couldn't escape
I cried out, yearning for freedom.

My body stiffened
It felt as though I was being strangled
I tried running, running and running
But the faster I went , the further I was lost.

My legs were weary
My eyes dampened by the intensity of the wind
I was out of breathe
My nerves tangled and my steps twisted

I felt weak and ready to give up
Nearer and nearer the darkness grew
There I was, struggling with a prayer I hardly said
I pray for mercy , for a savior

In the mist of the shadows
My eyes almost blinded by the bright light which shone
Luminating the whole place, my prayer answered
I tried to block the light as much as I could

Then a strong wind blew across my face
I fell off my feet
Only to be wrapped up in the warm arms of a man
A strange man  I had never seen before

His face shone
He pours oil through my hair and plants a blissful kiss on my cheeks
I couldn't let go

I was in a new world
A world of peace, light, it was like a dream
I was in a fantasy

As I opened my eyes
I felt refreshed , renewed,awakened from my slumber
I felt whole
I had an encounter with the oil.

— The End —