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Archaic comfots

Onward to antiquity

Acts of simplicity to heal the mind

Write the letter, read the book, cut the cord

Revelation of silence for a brain rubbed raw

From drowning in an ocean of trivial madness, to reclaiming our birthright of peace

It is not just good, it is absolutely indispensable
Possum living Jan 12
What is Zen?
As it relates to me, you, us, now.
Carving out the right to exist.

Nowhere else to be.
Nothing else to do.
Dedication to nothingness.

Eihei suggested you and I sit down.
Stepping on that edge of restless wandering.
I think I'll keep doing it.
Possum living May 2020
Cooler than cool, larger than life.

Too freaked out for the squares, too square for the freaks.

White panther wisdom.  

What it means to be a father and a man.

We always knew, big boy day.

Boundless memories since the beginning of time.

Lucky monkey, Pair-O-dice.

We here now.

Round peg, square hole, benevolent giant.

Kick out the jams *******!
Possum living Mar 2020
When I think of her, them, she, I feel a warm smile.

Gone is the longing for more, that anxious wanting.

To know that they exist at all, autonomous, is enough for me.

That something so beautiful and marvelous was ever created.

Moving through the world affecting others in this way, bringing joy.

I can say now that I am in love with their humanity.
Possum living Oct 2019
These are days I am fed inspiration by every fraction of light that passes through the field

Everywhere my eyes fell there was life

This corridor between lanes of madness and ineptitude

Natural tranquillity creeping back in on the margins, wherever a berth is given

Gnarled cypress, veteran, relic of time before the decimation

A ****** of fish crows is not burdened by the thinking mind

They disappear into her embrace because they were born knowing what to do
A poem about a bike ride with my little girl.
Possum living Oct 2019
Seeing her in person is a radiance and draw I could not possibly describe.

No human has ever truly described love.

Even "Love is non-judgement" is merely a statement of what love is NOT.

My craving for her is waning, but I know it will wax again.
  Apr 2019 Possum living

I'm sorry that I keep staring at the other boys.
And keep thinking of the other girls,

But if I'm being honest,

If you ever left me
Love would be a forgotten feeling
That I never want to reclaim.

I may crave the skin of others,
But my beating heart is in your hands.
I feel sick.
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