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Apr 2020
When words carelessly spoken
Cause about them a terrible roar
When hearts they are broken
Selling feelings like a *****

Scorned, throttled and beaten
Torn as if limbs in their minds
Thrown down, burned into ash and eaten
Careless to hurt, living so blind

When the ones you have treated
Have died, cursed, or bleated
Bedeviling thoughts of him who is seated
Shall return to you with fire in time

With fire of their ire
Will you they seek
To tear at your bones and your heart to *****
And then you will learn that they were priceless

To a tone deaf ******* whose heart was of stone
Seek revenge upon your eternal and dying soul
Only then will you understand you were rich
Only then will you know that karma’s a *****
Written by
Scot  M/Las Montanas Del Paso
(M/Las Montanas Del Paso)   
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