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Apr 13 · 54
Deanne Apr 13
The river is dry
The moons eyes are blind
Welcome to the wanders of my mind
Apr 12 · 58
I get it
Deanne Apr 12
Writing fills the gaps in me
What I feel and what I see
Some people don't get it
But that's ok
I get it
Apr 12 · 54
Deanne Apr 12
Heaven on earth is easy to find
Close your eyes and open your mind
Turn every breath into a drug of one kind
Soon you'll see how it blows your mind
Fly free into the sky
Float amongst the clouds
Relax awhile
Fly a mile
Touch the stars, the sun and the moon
Say hi to an alien
Give a smile , talk awhile
Open your mind
Feel alive
Feel free in your heart
Your soul will thrive
Apr 12 · 47
Deanne Apr 12
A thousand lies
I see in your eyes
I don't understand the disguise
It's the mask you wear
It dont need to be there
The lies in your eyes
You'll forever bare
Not unless you become blind
Apr 12 · 31
Deanne Apr 12
Do you know how it feels when the sun is shining,  the flowers are blooming and the waves are rolling?
This is how I feel when I think of you
Apr 12 · 356
Deanne Apr 12
Love is like a blossum being crushed beneath a careless foot of a running child
Apr 10 · 331
Deanne Apr 10
Good people end up alone and depressed caused by the greed and jealousy of others
Apr 6 · 50
Deanne Apr 6
Be yourself and nobody else
Everyone thinks and feels everything differently
Apr 5 · 232
Deanne Apr 5
A day away from falling head over heals so tomorrow I think I'll wear my flats
Apr 4 · 37
Deanne Apr 4
The reflection in the mirror scared the **** out of me
It was an evil entity
Was it me I did see
Evil in my soul
No control
Evil in me can rot
Cos it's not me
No it's not
Apr 1 · 274
Deanne Apr 1
Life in general is a crime
It is what it is all the time
Sometimes times are good
Sometimes are bad
All depends on the life we had
Apr 1 · 239
Deanne Apr 1
Left of you is broken
Right of you is fine
Whatever side you've chosen
Look what's left behind
Your mind is overloaded
Your heart is pure with shine
Don't leave words unspoken
There will come a time
Mar 21 · 171
Deanne Mar 21
Writing feelings in words is easy
Some people say
Could be poetry
Mar 20 · 119
Deanne Mar 20
Keeping life a real fantasy
Embrace what is real
Not reality
Keep all your mistakes
Close to your head
Reminds of who is there instead
Mar 20 · 41
Blinded love
Deanne Mar 20
To me you know
You are my world
But I am just your little girl
To what we have
Your not blind
But my love
for you
Blinds me
Jan 23 · 73
Deanne Jan 23
Sounds of Violence
Sounds of tears
Sounds of sorrow
We all have fears
Feed your soul with all your might
Your soul will grow
You'll win the fight
Jan 8 · 39
Deanne Jan 8
Another day
Another *******
The fuzz has clamped down
On this forsaken town
God dang
I gotta get out of this *******
Jan 8 · 30
Deanne Jan 8
I like to write
Late at night
Relax in bed
Good nights been said
No pills I've needed
The universe I've seeded
Planted in this mind of mine
Jan 7 · 123
Lifeless puppet
Deanne Jan 7
Lifeless puppet
Broken strings
Collecting dust
And other things
Broken puppet
Your useless there
I will fix you
I will repair
Lifeless puppet
Your all better now
Why won't you rise
Why won't you bow
Oh poor puppet
What have I done
I tied your strings
Without care, with none
Deanne Jan 6
The years go by,
So fast   so quickly
But waiting for you
These years go by
So slowly
Dec 2018 · 87
The power
Deanne Dec 2018
The power I have in my mind
I know what you said at the time
The look on your face
I can read
I know what it is that you need
I feel what your feeling
I feel it too
I feel you happy
I feel you blue
I know when your lying
I know when your true
So don't fool me
I've got one over you
Oct 2018 · 128
Only forever
Deanne Oct 2018
I dream for you to come one day
A man who'll love me just the same way
A love that's pure
And truth I know
Together forever
We will grow
Sail thru galaxies
Discover unknowns
Together forever
Buried our bones

— The End —