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847 · Jul 2019
Life's a mirror
Deanne Jul 2019
Life is a mirror
You get what you give
What's held inside
Its what you feel
What's on your mind
Its what you dream
What you believe
it's the mirror of life
Its poetry
369 · Apr 2019
Deanne Apr 2019
Stay strong in your mind
Your heart will follow
Stay strong in your heart
Your soul will mellow
358 · Apr 2019
Deanne Apr 2019
Love is like a blossum being crushed beneath a careless foot of a running child
333 · Apr 2019
Deanne Apr 2019
Good people end up alone and depressed caused by the greed and jealousy of others
292 · Apr 2019
Deanne Apr 2019
Left of you is broken
Right of you is fine
Whatever side you've chosen
Look what's left behind
Your mind is overloaded
Your heart is pure with shine
Don't leave words unspoken
There will come a time
283 · Nov 2019
Deanne Nov 2019
My mind is buried in a place unknown
Im not sure of where to go
My heart is broken shattered and torn
For as long as I remember
My lifes been scorned

My soul is lifeless
Hanging by its throne
I dream of one day
I'll be happy at home
276 · Apr 2019
Deanne Apr 2019
Life in general is a crime
It is what it is all the time
Sometimes times are good
Sometimes are bad
All depends on the life we had
274 · Jul 2019
Dark night
Deanne Jul 2019
Empty room filled with silence
Coldness hits every vertabrae
Darkness lingers on the ceiling
265 · Aug 2019
Deanne Aug 2019
A lost soul
Swimming in a fish bowl
Year after year
I'm not medicated
I've been notificated
My circle of life
I created
Float on top
Take things real slow
Cos swimming in circles
Makes the fish bowl overflow
251 · Jan 4
I live
Deanne Jan 4
love is life
i have lived no life
everything that surround me
i live
no life
246 · Oct 2019
Deanne Oct 2019
I dream for you to come one day
A man who'll love me the same way
A love that's pure
And truth I know
Together forever
We will grow
Sail thru galaxies
Discover unknowns
Together forever
Buried our bones
235 · Apr 2019
Deanne Apr 2019
A day away from falling head over heals so tomorrow I think I'll wear my flats
218 · Apr 2019
Day dreams
Deanne Apr 2019
Day dreams are the best dreams if you take them into the night
Night dreams are the sweetest dreams if your day dreams are perfect and right
198 · Mar 2019
Deanne Mar 2019
Writing feelings in words is easy
Some people say
Could be poetry
189 · Apr 2019
Deanne Apr 2019
The thoughts I have in my head are write as now
186 · Nov 2019
Deanne Nov 2019
When all is said and done
No need to hide or run
You tried your best
The best of you
What is done
Is done
178 · Oct 2019
Deanne Oct 2019
Nothing on this earth can make my life worth
Than the sunshine of a beautiful smile
172 · Jun 2019
Deanne Jun 2019
It felt like I was having a heart attack
My chest felt  tight , I panicked  in fright
My bones they crack, I have a numb back
Its life
It's a fact
Years go by too fast  
Yet I dont remember my past
My memory I'm losing
My mind is topsy turvy
I cant remember my childhood
My body is no longer curvy
Its life
It's a fact
My selfish behavior of years  way ago
If only I knew then, what I know now
Theres nothing I can do and  sorry don't fix it
I am  paying for it now ,  kepow
Its life 0
It's a fact
No time for future  
In  pages ill write
My future of me
Shining bright
Happy is written all over my face
A blue dress with a  veil and lace
My mate for life,  we will be
My kids know well standing tall and proud
Looking at me  , holding hands forever
My family and me
Its life
Its a fact
170 · Jul 2019
Deanne Jul 2019
If love feels stronger than the last love you had
Then how strong can love get and where does it end
167 · Apr 2019
Deanne Apr 2019
A mind in the middle is better than a heart on the side
163 · Jun 2019
Deanne Jun 2019
You are strong in your mind
You can see and feel anything you want
You are unique and special
You are one of a kind
A beautiful soul
A beautiful heart
A beautiful mind
Embrace every moment
154 · Oct 2019
Deanne Oct 2019
It's my dream
My fantasy
I see what I want
I want what I see
It's my company
151 · Dec 2019
Deanne Dec 2019
My life is a scramble
Every path I take
I  tumble
A soul level is blocked
But I refuse to crumble
The key I will find
To unblock my blocked mind
And one day I will see
131 · Oct 2018
Only forever
Deanne Oct 2018
I dream for you to come one day
A man who'll love me just the same way
A love that's pure
And truth I know
Together forever
We will grow
Sail thru galaxies
Discover unknowns
Together forever
Buried our bones
126 · Jan 2019
Lifeless puppet
Deanne Jan 2019
Lifeless puppet
Broken strings
Collecting dust
And other things
Broken puppet
Your useless there
I will fix you
I will repair
Lifeless puppet
Your all better now
Why won't you rise
Why won't you bow
Oh poor puppet
What have I done
I tied your strings
Without care, with none
124 · Jun 2019
Deanne Jun 2019
The mind works in mysterious ways
The mind is the universe
The magic
The curse
The poetry
The verse
121 · Oct 2019
Deanne Oct 2019
A lonely heart is a sensitive heart
Too sensitive for this world
120 · Mar 2019
Deanne Mar 2019
Keeping life a real fantasy
Embrace what is real
Not reality
Keep all your mistakes
Close to your head
Reminds of who is there instead
119 · May 2019
Lady diamond
Deanne May 2019
Lady diamond in the sky
The wanders of my mind
For what its worth
I am afraid of the darkness in the night
116 · Jun 2019
feeling different
Deanne Jun 2019
Everything you see is a shadow of what you dont see
And Knowledge is the key
Magic is my fantasy
Things I feel  are different
My blessing and my curse
My  quirky mind
Is what makes
it all worth
107 · May 2019
Deanne May 2019
I once dreamt to be a shining star at night
To look upon a world so bright
But now I think I'd rather be
Colourful coral in the sea
That way I wont have to look upon
A ***** world that has gone wrong
106 · Sep 2019
Blinded love
Deanne Sep 2019
To me you know you are the world
But I am just your little girl
To what we have
Your not blind
But my love for you  
Blinds me
99 · Jun 2019
endless love
Deanne Jun 2019
If love is stronger than the last love you had
Then how strong can love get and where does it end ?
98 · Oct 2019
Deanne Oct 2019
No words to describe the feelings I possess
No words to describe
How I feel inside
No words to describe
My life
My crazy ride
No words can I write to describe to you
The feelings I possess
Way deep down inside
88 · Dec 2018
The power
Deanne Dec 2018
The power I have in my mind
I know what you said at the time
The look on your face
I can read
I know what it is that you need
I feel what your feeling
I feel it too
I feel you happy
I feel you blue
I know when your lying
I know when your true
So don't fool me
I've got one over you
81 · Sep 2019
Deanne Sep 2019
A wander to my eye
Pattened colours
In my view
Brilliance of colours
I can see
Little rainbow pieces
My Kaliedascope
77 · Aug 2019
Earths soldier
Deanne Aug 2019
You are earths soldier
Yearning for peace
Your heart is breaking
Your mind is a mess
Your unlucky in life
Your unlucky in love
Still earths soldier
Keeps rising above
74 · Jan 2019
Deanne Jan 2019
Sounds of Violence
Sounds of tears
Sounds of sorrow
We all have fears
Feed your soul with all your might
Your soul will grow
You'll win the fight
67 · Apr 2019
Deanne Apr 2019
What a life to take
What a bond to break
Dont have me miss you
This way
60 · Apr 2019
I get it
Deanne Apr 2019
Writing fills the gaps in me
What I feel and what I see
Some people don't get it
But that's ok
I get it
58 · Apr 2019
Deanne Apr 2019
The serenity of the internet has its vines spreading through us all
Take away the makeup and you'll see the vines has thorns
Ready to stab us in the heart
Be careful
Be aware
The internet has us by the hair
A reason for Facebook for them to look
A start for them
A brand new bible
A brand new book
57 · Apr 2019
fly high
Deanne Apr 2019
Heaven on earth is easy to find
Close your eyes and open your mind
Turn every breath into a drug of one kind
Soon you'll see how it blows your mind
Fly free into the sky
Float amongst the clouds
Relax awhile
Fly a mile
Touch the stars, the sun and the moon
Say hi to an alien
Give a smile , talk awhile
Open your mind
Feel alive
Feel free in your heart
Your soul will thrive
55 · Apr 2019
Deanne Apr 2019
The river is dry
The moons eyes are blind
Welcome to the wanders of my mind
52 · Apr 2019
be yourself
Deanne Apr 2019
Be yourself and nobody else
Everyone thinks and feels everything differently
52 · Jun 2019
Deanne Jun 2019
Just love
the way
you are
51 · Apr 2019
Deanne Apr 2019
When do you know
You know yourself
51 · Apr 2019
Deanne Apr 2019
You make me bleed from my soul when your not around
51 · Jun 2019
Deanne Jun 2019
Quietly do flowers
Talk In  thin air
Quietly do lovers
Cuddle at sunset
Quietly do players
Cry in a tune
Quietly I walk into your room
I see you asleep
Your beautiful face
Quietly I sit on the end of the bed
I watch awhile and i embrace
How quiet it is in this place
50 · Jun 2019
dont trip
Deanne Jun 2019
Tie your laces
Watch your step
Dont fall for a heart
That hasn't healed yet
49 · Jan 2019
To whom this may belong
Deanne Jan 2019
The years go by,
So fast   so quickly
But waiting for you
These years go by
So slowly
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