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Oct 2018 · 582
All about last night
Suhas Ghoke Oct 2018
Last night I enjoyed a lot .
I am still  craving for u ,
If you listen closely , you can feel my heart moaning .
Brought u so close .
To lay my lips and
The flavour of  yours ,
I can still feel them .
Right now you are the one I need
You have become my greed .
Just thinking about you, makes my heart go melt .
U have made me addicted .
You have become my drug .
Bad day , bad mood , tough time
But I feel better , with you by my side .
I need u desperately ,
I miss your touch on my lips
The satisfaction from you is unmatched .
Now I am deeply attached .
I miss you dearly ,
I need you ,
I want you ,
I love you so much .
For always u have made my heart fall for u .
My dearest # ice- cream .
                 ~Suhas Ghoke
Oct 2018 · 406
Just stay away from me
Suhas Ghoke Oct 2018
Hey !! don't come close to me
It affects me .
I am simply crazy
I am going mad , bad and sad .
I am messed up .
I am not perfect
Just unable to connect .

Please  stay away from me.
Leave me alone .
I shout for no reason
I am just a shell
I am empty.
I have  matured with the damage
Not with the years and age .

I don't deserve anyone
Don't come close to me .
I just wanna stay alone ,
Wanna lay on my bed  with lights off , stare at the roof and get lost in my own world.
Don't ask me the reason for my sadness
There would be none .

Everyday i feel depressed and I myself don't know why
I just want to cry ..Cry like hell , cry like my pain all vanishes ,cry until my eyes turns red .
Don't come close to me to wipe out my tears ,
If u do so I won't let u go .
I would want u to stay forever and hold me in every situation .
But I will get habituated towards this .

No , even u will leave me .
Watching u go away  like that I will die .
I won't be able to tolerate this.
I am not that strong .
I don't deserve you ,
I don't deserve anyone  
I am such a timid  and gloomy soul  .

                                    ~ Suhas Ghoke .
Sep 2018 · 268
Perfect match
Suhas Ghoke Sep 2018
What I see is
The true perfect match 
I realized I’ve fallen for you when
I got nervous and you held my hand,
comforting me with no words said;
I realized I loved you when
I turned you into poetry .

Each time you read this,
I only hope that you remember
You are loved.
I wonder if you think of me
As I do of you,
Crazy , foolish ,timid .
I wonder if you miss me
I'm such an utter fool,
I wonder if you'd tell me
What I've put you through,
Soon I will be just a memory
Of someone you once knew,
Isnt that true ?
So the question remains ..

Grow old with u .
An every second of our life as long as we both shall live
That pure innocent smile,
Your childish face and that side profile,
Your silky hair and that perfect hairstyle,
Your cute dimples and shiny teeth .
I realized I liked you when
our eyes met, then I immediately
looked away as if it was the first time
I laid .        

              ~ Suhas Ghoke
Sep 2018 · 244
Yes I do !!!!
Suhas Ghoke Sep 2018
" I guess dreams do come true."
For in my dreams, there you are with eyes of amazing hues,
Yet, in the dark, as I awake for another day, my eyes see the truth.
Wake me up from ur dream bcz i love u so much and want to live with it .
U are the woman of my dreams
Already in my arms ,snoozing away while looking.
Vivid, you were so close to me.
Your face is still the same .
The last time I saw you, beautiful !!
Ur eyes ..
I have fallen for .
Ur face leaves me in haze .
I miss ur smile .
Not even in my dreams have I ever dreamt of a woman as perfect as you,
And with my heart touched as I have no idea of what to do,
So tell me u love me ??

  The question remains same for me .
   I don't have an perfect answer to this .
  The vibes from u ,
  The smile in ur pic gets relay   on my face  .
  The laugh while talking to u
  Or the fact that u are always making me think about u even we    are not talking  at the moment    
  What I write  is not what it means
  How u see it does. ....
  And with my heart i bleed as I have no idea of what to do,
   I kiss this woman on her forehead and say
   Yes I do !!

                                   ~Suhas Ghoke
Suhas Ghoke Sep 2018
I saw a glimpse of heaven 
I wanted to reach out to the sky
not to touch any star ,
just to whisper to the moon 
'How beautiful are u !!!
Innocence  in her eyes
Charm on her face .

She was the one, who speaks through her eyes .
While others use to waste time putting into words .
Her eyes has their own vocabulary
What a beautiful language to learn !!!
The kajal in her eyes ,
Her eyes sparkled  and were deep like ocean .
I want to drown in  it ...

Those Hypnotic black eyes,
makes  me go crazy,
She was an magician
I never believed in magic
Until I saw her sparkling eyes
I let myself be enchanted 
By her wonderful magic.
Eyes so wide, so deep
 Beauty in her eyes !!

You are the definition of Beauty.
Or shall I say,
Is Beauty compared to you ?
It feels shy and ashamed when I describe you.
Eyes which crinkle 
and twinkle They are my catalyst .
They are a canvas on which I paint
the world.

                   ~ Suhas Ghoke
Sep 2018 · 283
Suhas Ghoke Sep 2018
No sound  
Just the tick tick of clock
It was 4 am in the morning
Laying on bed , darkness all around
Thoughts making up my mind
I wasn't asleep , neither i was awake
Dreaming with open eyes
Only thing I could do was hit the pen ,paper and scribble
Just scribble out
It was only time I could express what I was going through .
Penning down my thoughts
I wish I could write for hours and hours
No checking rhymes , no rythms
No such words , no breath taking sentences
But if I  try a little harder to think what to write then just
maybe the page won't stay forever white
I wrote myself on a white paper till paper become black .
It was just another of those sleepless nights where I  was free.
                                         ~ Suhas Ghoke
Sep 2018 · 766
My Honey bunny
Suhas Ghoke Sep 2018
She often ask me how do u write in such a beautiful way?
U often make  feel me that someone knows my feelings better than me .
How should I say what she means to me .
Listen to my heart it screams out ur name .
You are my light in day and dark
I am ur half moon and ur my full star .
You are joy in  my heart
Sparkle in my eye,
Light in my life  .
You are the  winds to my wings ,
You are the steps to my dance ,
You are voice to my song
You are the reason for breathing .
Purpose for thriving ,
Cause for living .
You are as sweet as honey
Cute as bunny ,
Ur my girl
Whom I proudly called My honey bunny .
                   ~Suhas Ghoke
Aug 2018 · 168
Suhas Ghoke Aug 2018
Wondering !!!
With this head , heart have no clues .
Is there anyone out there who can tell me from what I am going through ??
Numb feeling all over .
Throat dried up
Glass of water in my hand
Quenching my thirst .
So I sat on my chair thinking all about ...,
Going through a terrible back pain .
Clock ticking slowly ,
Time floating away from minutes to hours and hours to day ,
Day after day
I wish I could talk to u till end of the day
I hope and I pray for this moment to stay ,
To stay now and stay forever , i wonder
The void in my heart , but that all changed when I met u .
Then I came to realize you are always on  my mind
You r funny and sweet .
You make me laugh and smile .
You take away my all anger and sadness
You make me weak when I talk to u .
Then I started to write poems about u
Now I have come to realize that I am hopelessly in love with u .
I guess u are my  poetry.
These words connect us and the pen that I am holding
give me same warmth as that of ur hands .
                             ~Suhas Ghoke
Aug 2018 · 163
Dream ..
Suhas Ghoke Aug 2018
Close ur eyes and spread ur wings.
Make a wish and dream good dreams
Dream in black or white but dream well and wise .
Dream a new experience .
Imagine a world in which all dreams come true and everyone would do what they loved to do .
What kind of world it really be if it was built for every ' me '.

My dreams disobey me
Every time I close my eyes it's mine but it takes me to u .
U be my moon , let me be the star ,
When close to u i would love to get my existence dissolved in ur charm .

I envy how lucky you are , to have poem about yourself write and still not give a ****
Feed me stories and food
Tell me ur dreams , take me to roads
You have not seen .
Love me deep , love me slow
You complete my world like an everlasting glow

                                   ~ Suhas Ghoke
Aug 2018 · 3.4k
Her shoes
Suhas Ghoke Aug 2018
Her shoes
Small and pretty ones .
She said u had no clue what my blue shoes are going through .
She had a shoe bite ,
She was uncomfortable .
The shoe soul weak holded just came out .
What the hell !!
She looked down at her feet with black eyes
She was worried .
Her innocence and beautiful face lost the charm
She cursed herself for the shoe she wore .
Brought a day just before from a big  shoe store .
She loved her little tiny ones and the branded trust
A mere 2 days and the pair went bust !!
I had no clue what to do ?
As it was raining outside  
Seeing her misery , i didn't feel cool  and I was worried about her humble feet .
Going barefooted along the road could not be fun .
Cellotape all over shoes was only idea left and looking for cobbler the another one .
Walking down  the street with broken shoe
I felt for her ,but nothing i could do .
With her walked in the shoe shop , she was blessed .
New pair and the smile on her face .
I said just chill and be happy , u got to share this moment with me bcz we haven't talked in a while .
She reminds we have to go home soon .
We rushed for the train .
She was happy though , no crowd , she could seat and  reach home . Waved my hand  and I could only  give her good wish .
All along the way I was thinking about her , had a laugh too but what if I would have gone through !!
She thanked me and was happy with her new shoes .
Indeed me too .
A day to be remembered .
                                                   - Suhas Ghoke

— The End —