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Oct 2018
Hey !! don't come close to me
It affects me .
I am simply crazy
I am going mad , bad and sad .
I am messed up .
I am not perfect
Just unable to connect .

Please  stay away from me.
Leave me alone .
I shout for no reason
I am just a shell
I am empty.
I have  matured with the damage
Not with the years and age .

I don't deserve anyone
Don't come close to me .
I just wanna stay alone ,
Wanna lay on my bed  with lights off , stare at the roof and get lost in my own world.
Don't ask me the reason for my sadness
There would be none .

Everyday i feel depressed and I myself don't know why
I just want to cry ..Cry like hell , cry like my pain all vanishes ,cry until my eyes turns red .
Don't come close to me to wipe out my tears ,
If u do so I won't let u go .
I would want u to stay forever and hold me in every situation .
But I will get habituated towards this .

No , even u will leave me .
Watching u go away  like that I will die .
I won't be able to tolerate this.
I am not that strong .
I don't deserve you ,
I don't deserve anyone  
I am such a timid  and gloomy soul  .

                                    ~ Suhas Ghoke .
Written by
Suhas Ghoke  M
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