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My mother told me long ago
"the world brings you up.."
And this, I know
circumstances beyond your control
can lead you down so many roads

keep your eyes open
and your dreams alive
I made it through
and you, too, will survive

It's your life to do what you will  
do what you want
get your fill
And I will be here
for a while
so let me gather in your smile
Let me love you from afar
watch as you become who you are

I remain a part of you, constantly, and always true
What compass will you use to guide your way?
Forever is just one long day.....
For Esmeralda
Gary Ask Nov 21
Talking to your past-
The face you grew apart from-
The places you departed-
The memories like rain
Up on the roof

You’re talking back in time
To a place where
Once you laughed
Once you joined together
Made plans way in advance

What comes of conversations
And glances beneath the veneer
Of all the walls and bridges
Put up between you
Through the years?
What can be brought back to life
Or some resemblance of?
Is there still a kind of light there
Could it be the light of love?
Gary Ask Apr 24
Always, not forever
Constant like a star
knowing all the while
who and what we are

Pieces of a puzzle
somehow we all fit in
as time unveils, so slowly
the mysteries within
Gary Ask Apr 9
It's nothing but a changing thing
the morning sun and what she'll bring
Everyday is a promise kept
to live it all 'till there's nothing left.
One foot follows the other in time
keep moving and you'll keep the rhyme.
It's unfolding as it's meant to be
your fulfilling your life's history.
Gary Ask Apr 1
I miss the crowds
all the smiling faces
being close to all the strangers
as music dances through us all.

I long for the togetherness of a crowded party
with friends and family gathered round.

Watching a movie in a crowded theatre's darkness-
the shared experience of a cinematic moment.

I remember **** Jagger
leading the chants of 50,000 fans in a cosmic rain dance
just a few months ago.

When will we feel free again
like the Grateful Dead feeling?
The bonds of brothers and strangers all together as one.
Close bodies, eye to eye, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, dancing!
What we miss now the most in this land.
What we need now the most in this world is love.
"Love is all you need!"

I miss Bourbon Street as the night comes on...
Nashville's crowded ***** Tonks playing music all day long..
New York city's crowds around the Christmas Tree...
I miss you, do you miss me?
Stay healthy and safe till this all passes over, Peace to all!
Gary Ask Nov 2019
Some winged mornings
I remember them all
Memories tall,
leftover emotions,
issues unresolved.
Thoughts lay scattered,
Mysteries unsolved.

I can see their face,
hear their voice
remember every painful choice.
Looking back,
reflections are something different than the way things were.

Some winged mornings
when the first breeze stirs and the early morning songbirds
can be heard,
I think of all the masterpieces I have seen.

I'm never prepared for the surprises that await me....
Gary Ask Nov 2019
There's a lot of anger and jealousy out there
Disguised as outrage over just about any little thing

Irritability is the song that I hear
Blowing through the hollow halls
Sometimes it gets hard to make it thorough it all
Between the self loathing and the second guessing
you will find me giving blessings for the life I lead

But if this is what love is
It's imperfection is it's everything
and accepting this fact is the beginning of your
kind understanding

So let the transient minutes fly by
and remember of them what you will
I remain a visitor here
I'm climbing to the top of that hill
Just climbing to the top of the hill
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