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Gypsy May 2020
What do you seek?
Do you think I the weak
The feeble
The meek?
What did you find?
Do you have a hit
Did you receive a sign?
What have you learned?
Has it been easy and kind
Or hard and twisted and thorny like a rose vine making you bleed in time!
For these are the days of the unknowning...
The strong will hunt the weak
And then mother earth will restore back it's kind...
All will soon be as just a memory in history
And a break in time..
Make slow and steady your mind!
Gypsy Jul 2019
You will be my pain
Because you always make it rain
Tears down my face
Over memories that are being erased
Everyday we are away...
Everyday I just stray...
One day may we again lay!
One day may we again play!
Dance and live away
The pain! You remember everyday.
Of how our love was once on that moon lite night...
And catch the rain, you bring of my past lies...
Betrayals and fly bys...
You will be my pain...
To remind me I will never be the same...
Change might not be in my cards or frame!
I might just let it rain
I caused it, right! I beat myself up at night...
Set yourself free!
Or let it be...
Time will heal the
Til then...
You are the pain in me
And I can not set you free...
Cause I want us to be...
Rain, clouds and darkness keeps me!
I am apologizing from my heart...
I want to set your pain free
Let it live in me!
One day you will let it be...
Gypsy Jul 2019
Is that me?
Not we
Of what?
Of the me, I see!
Is that me?
Can not be!
To see
See where
This takes me!
Ride the wave...
Sail the sea...
Fly up, Up over the clouds I see...
This is me! Afriad of how I might be!
What do you see when you see me!
I see the me in all that pass by!
Gypsy Jul 2019
Mmmm... Haha think?
Of what? Something in my Brain!
Spiraling away!
Please I do hope!
I do pray!
It's laughter all the way!
Sun up to sun down all day!
Brain, oh brain spin, spin
Play, but keep focus on your day!
Work to have a keep!
Keep to have a stay!
Gypsy Feb 2019
I think
Think of you
Ever morning
When it's a full moon
Think of you
But now it's a memory
Of a picture
In a past life
Passing me by
Life here comes your sign
More of nothing
I miss you! DEAR LORD! WE do!
Gypsy Jan 2019
The mother of nature
Of things
The pain
The rain
Crying all day
Into the night it seems.
Who hurt you?
What makes you stain?
Stain the earth with rain...
Sorrow is what it brings.
No sun shine
No sign of life...
No cure for the pain...
Cause The mother of Nature
Of all things
Brings the rain
The pain
The blood
And breaking of things...
How her attitude changed.
She no longer is caring the same.
She is coming!
Gypsy Jan 2019
It's like a lake
We want
We make
Fake is what we take
It's a sacrifice
A snake
Fake is the meat of the day
Fake is what you
Is what you are
What you give
What I no long take
Rack them all like leafs in a pile
Could take this type of fake
No wait...
Let make real a take...
Good night!
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