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Gypsy Sep 2018
Walls all around
Help I feel I will drown
Down, down, down
Around and around
I hear it thumb, thumb, pound...
The heart hear its sounds
It calls for you...
Are you around?
Find me before... before...
I... I drown...
Wait there is a light...
In... In my sight.
It says do not fear
Do not frown...
Listen hear that sound...
Trumps of joy and happiness all around...
Laughing in this town...
Give your hand, stand my child...
Do not look down!
You are home!
In the here
And in the now!
Dear lord!
Gypsy Sep 2018
It's a New Day
For New Beginnings
All in all we are the ones winning
No matter the lows
He always shows
His power to those
That believe he flows
Threw the body, mind, heart and soul...
Gypsy Aug 2018
Doors turn into floors
Floors become doors...
1, 2, and 3 and 1 more...
Which is your door?
What will be your floor?
Will stand in it?
Will go in head first feet dancing on the floor!
Will you land in sand and sink to a door?
Again I say to you...
What door?
What will be the floor?
Explore the distances...
Jump in?
Give me more!
Knock, knock
Open up!
And see your floor!
Raise upon it and stand your grown!
And dance 1, 2 and 3 and 1 more!
Which is yours?
What's behind door number ______?
Gypsy Aug 2018
Off to bed
With memories of you running in my head
Why can't I keep them in bed?
Run away instead!
Help for I have miss lead!
Off to bed
With memories of you running in my head
Want to sleep
But all that I have read
Keeps me from going to bed...
All I want is these feeling to be dead!
But memories of you just keep running threw my head...
My heart has fled and wants to left in bed
Without those memories and nights
So miss lead...
We never knew they would lead us to pain
And dread...
Off to bed
With memories of you running in my head...
Someone help me for I have been miss lead...
Brian Wilson
Gypsy Aug 2018
Breathe, stretch, eat
Feel this!
The heat...
Your heart beat!
Breathe, stretch, eat
Feel this!
Under your feet!
Breathe, stretch, eat
Feel this!
Energy in me!
Fills me with belief!
Relief and peace!
To want too!
Just be!
Me &...
Breathe, stretch, eat
In work
In play
In my everyday!
This I pray!
If I may!
Breathe 1, 2, 3 breathe 4, 5, 6!
Gypsy Aug 2018
As I lay
I start to pray
What I am thankful for...
And all that will come and pass me by!
For all those who I know, once knew and never will get a chance to meet in any future...
Not to be rude!
All our paths have already been chosen...
We just have to choose...
I pray for peace, love and money to follow along...
For help in all needs small or big
To old or young...
For there be help to the ones who do not believe in the Son...
Our father
Our holy ghost
He is my loved one...
I pray he blesses everyone everyday!
No matter how we are today!
I still pray...
As I go to lay...
Pray I do this...
And hope all needs are met and done!
Dear Father, God and the Holy One!
Jesus who rises the moon and Sets the Sun...
Animals thus love you...
Live free from all
But not from none!
Protect us all in sleep...
Wake us to hunger for you...
Ready to run, jump, have fun...
Gypsy Aug 2018
It is time
Time to unwind
Throw the line
See it fine and thin
And all mine
See as I twist it
Turn it
Learn it...
It is time
Time to unwind
Throw the line
See what comes back
Will we like what we find
Or will we return it scared
And frizzy fine...
Now the line is tampered
And thinner then a vine!
It is time
Time to unwind
Throw the line
And cut it as it flies
To the other side...
So no more coming back...
In this life!
Draw your line! I drew mine! You crossed it in no time!
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