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Jun 2018
Who is a hero according to you ?
Iron man , super man or the kind winnie-the-pooh ?
Oh but they are not in real life , just in story ,
gone in a jiffy will be their valour and glory .
But what about the artists and thinkers and people who have made it big in the game ?
But not everyone wins the hall of fame .....
You would be surprised to know
that hidden inside you is a superhero
that you never show !

Sometimes when time is hard and life is not a song
the hero  inside you keeps you going
on .
Sometimes when you lend shoulder to a crying friend ,
you become her superhero at that instant .
You are the iron man , you are the super man .
You would be surprised to know that you can be your greatest fan !
A friendly hug , a helping hand like an angel to guard ,
a little courage when times are hard .
Raises you above all
And the hero in you gets a call .

So all my dear friends, you all must say
Each one of you is a hero in your own way .
Written by
Sarah Saju  15/F
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