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Lisa May 2019
60 and swerving -
pause it there.
Throw a five,
hold my hand,
pull my hair.
Twirl me around,
I might repel.
Don't scowl,
be gentle,
be smart.
It's not semantics,
it's a worn out adage -
something about cake.
Save me a slice,
I'll eat it up.
Lisa May 2019
I thought the juice was worth the squeeze
but it had too much pulp to even swallow.
Throwing it my face, why?
Because you thought I could handle it?
Ah, I fooled you,
but you fooled me back.
Shame on us both.
Lisa Apr 2019
I can already feel myself missing you after this,
this one manically distracted evening.
I could cry if I thought about it long enough.
Handing out pieces of myself like I'm going out of style -
I should have listened to Holden,
but I spilled my guts instead.
My stories don't ring true anymore like they used to,
I'd rather listen to yours.
Side by side in the trenches, the thick of it -
I'll show you mine if you show me yours,
but show me yours first
so I can show you how well I listen.
Can I have a chapter?
Can I have one more evening,
for two of a kind?
  Mar 2019 Lisa
Dennis Willis
I am exhausted
with your

The chattering muons
rain upon my

this crushing

of everything
to fill

Copyright@2019 Dennis Willis
Lisa Mar 2019
Wellness checks for the wicked
when left to our own devices.
Spread open for sabotage
from cracks in comprehension.
Serrated is as serrated does,
wish I could be smooth.
Lisa Mar 2019
Positive or negative urgency,
it still goes up in flames.
Looking for a reaction,
all the same.
Testy testing
meant to fail.
Little sympathy,
plenty empty.
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