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3d · 34
The Little Cat
She comes from the street
She’s white
With gray and black
She has a beautiful face
Her eyes are green
With black lining
It’s hypnotic
The cat

She’s a sweetheart
She wanted a home
She asked for help
Her heart is full
Of love
She’s gentle
She has a home
The cat

She loves to play
And be by her people
Her cry is quiet
She never hurts

There’s just something about her
In her face is there’s an innocence
That has captured me

The little cat
4d · 20
A Journey
We all start life the same way
But once we arrive
We all have our own journey
Some call it a path
Others our destiny
As we each start out
We encounter experiences
Both good and bad
Some are beautiful
Beyond words to describe
Others are dark, painful and ugly
But they are all part of our journey
Along the way we meet people
Many of them
Some become husbands
Or wives
Others are just in passing
But they are all part of our journey
We may go to different places
In and out of our country
We may speak different languages
Dress differently
Look different
But in the end
Our journeys
All take us to the same place
Because we may think we are different
But we really aren’t
We all share something
5d · 26
My Light
Light of My Life
In the dark of the night I think of you
And it warms me
You are my light

In the hardest of times
I think of you and it gives me strength
You are my light
In times when I feel alone
I think of you and I am not
You are my light
In the happiest of times
I think of you and it brings me joy
You are my light
In a storm I think of you
And it brings me comfort

In times of insanity
I think of you
And the world seems right
You are my light
You are my universe
Come dance with me
Let’s dance up in the stars
Let’s tickle the moon

Come dance with me
Let’s dance until sunrise
Let’s visit Mars and Venus

Come dance with me
Into our future
Hold my hand and walk along the beach

Come dance with me
Let’s walk by the Seine
Visit the Tower of London

Come dance with me
7d · 34
Red Velvet Blues
Red Velvet Blues

He’s got the red velvet blues
He loves the feeling of the fabric
Smooth and silky to the touch
Intoxicating in its beauty

Red Velvet Blues

He once saw a girl wearing one
He was mesmerized
He’d never seen anyone like her
Nor the dress
Together they were beyond belief

Red Velvet Blues

She looked like an angel
Almost not human
So beautiful and fresh
The dress was stunning
So was she

Red Velvet Blues

He asked her to dance
Held her close
The red velvet dress soft to his touch
He never wanted to let go

Red Velvet Blues

Even to this day
Many years later
He remembers the girl and that dress
He never forgot
She was embedded in his soul

Red Velvet Blues
Feb 13 · 46
The Cleansing
After the rain
When the sun shines
And the sky is blue
The city is cleaned
It looks anew
The plants are greener

It’s as if Mother Nature
Gave the city a bath
Just as a mother would
Putting on new clothes
Making sure everything
Is as it should be
Feb 12 · 29
It was you
That I first met
That entranced me
That I first danced with
That I kissed
Laughed with
It was you I never forgot
That I always loved
Thought about
Thirsted for
Prayed for
It was you
That I wanted not just for a moment but forever
It was you
My beloved
Feb 12 · 20
The Shield
Ever since she was a child
She was protected
Something was always there
To keep her safe
Like a shield
It was invisible

When she went out
When she was with others
While she slept
Whatever she needed
Came to her
When there was hurt and pain
She healed
When there was peril and danger
She was safe

It wasn’t of the spirit
It was something else
But it was always there
Covering her
Protecting her
It would never leave her
It would be there till the end
Like a shield
A force of protection
Feb 11 · 31
Child of the Universe
As you go into the night, look at the sky and remember
Look at the moon in all its glory
See the light and how it shines
Feel the energy which is part
of everything
It’s part of you
Remember where you come from
And what you truly are
Let your spirit lift from your body and fly
Fly with the wind, both
warm and cold
Soar like an eagle through the universe
As you pass planets, circle
around and gaze at the wonder
of them and all that is there
Then look at yourself, a spirit of pure white light
As you fly and pick up speed, look at how light and free you are
Realize that you are a part of the universe
You are everything, and everything touches you
Close your eyes
Notice you don’t feel cold nor pain
Only peace to be in the place where
you are truly loved for what you are
Feel comfort and acceptance
You are loved
The air is still and you can hear the planets turning in the silence
Let the waters of the universe cleanse your soul
Remember that you are a child of the universe
Feb 11 · 28
Winter Stillife
It is wintertime.
You are deep in the forest. There are pine trees and other trees all around.
Snow and pine cones are scattered on the ground.
There is a strong scent of pine.
It is refreshing.
It is gently snowing. Large size flakes start falling.
As they hit the ground they melt.
As you stand in the forest -- there are no sounds except a few birds in the trees softly chirping.
It is so quiet you can almost hear the snow fall.
You feel your heartbeat.
You close your eyes to listen to the quiet and feel the stillness of the moment.
Snowflakes gently touch your face but you are not cold.
There is total peace around you.
Harmony with nature.
When you open your eyes, you see a doe looking at you.
It is sublime.
Still, quiet and peaceful.
Feb 10 · 37
Music and memories go together
Like salt and pepper
One complements the other
One triggers the other
Listening to a song can easily transport one back to a memory or time
A certain memory can bring back a certain feeling
It’s as if one stepped into a time machine to relive that moment
Music can also inspire, ignite and calm the soul
It can heal ones wounds and evoke strong feelings
Music can take me back to a sweet memory of my father shoveling the snow outside during a winter storm
Or my father taking my hand as a small girl to enter a Brazilian ceremony many decades ago
Or to remember a colleague playing a song by the Temptations in the office one Friday morning to help start the day
Music and memories inspire our lives to be so much more like an artists’ painting
Feb 9 · 27
Balancing Act
In the end
Light wins over dark
Love over hate
Goodness over evil
Freedom over oppression
Truth over lies
Integrity over corruption
Right over wrong
Kindness over cruelty
Healing over pain
Love is powerful energy
It can change the world
In an instant
Light up the world
With one small act
It can make a difference

Feb 8 · 30
Sometimes I feel like my life is surreal
That it’s not real
When I look back on my life I can’t believe my age
Have I really lived this long?
Where did the years go
They just flew by
Yet I remember things as if they just happened
And deep inside I still feel like me
Even if I don’t look the same
My hopes are still there
So are my dreams
Yet I am at the last third or so of my journey now instead of the beginning
How did that happen
Is this all a dream and I will wake up some day
Feb 8 · 32
Cold Winters Night
Cold and dark winters night
Raining outside
Sky a deep black velvet
Temperatures cooling off
Hard to feel comfortable outside
Bones starting to ache

My heart, soul and body hunger for the sun
Just a glimpse of it through the clouds

I snuggle into my bed with warm blankets
Enjoying their warmth and comfort as the time passes into nighttime

My cat is by my feet seeking warmth for her body
I enjoy the sound of her purr as she falls asleep
Letting the sound calm me
Feb 7 · 41
Whispering Winds
Whispering winds blow across my face
Soothing my troubled soul

Whispering winds blow across my face
Bringing sweet scents of flowers

Whispering winds blow across my face
Lifting me up

Whispering winds blow across my face
Healing my pain

Whispering winds blow across my face
Reminding me of you
Feb 6 · 98
If you hurt me I will not hurt you
I will walk away

If you love me
I will love you back

If you offer a chair
I will sit with you

If you offer peace
I will join you

If you hurt me I will not hurt you
I will walk away

If you love me
I will love you back
Feb 5 · 25
We have the power to heal
We have the power to touch
Deep inside
Where spirit resides
We have the power to love
We can lift up ourselves
We can lift up others
We can even lift the whole world
We can warm the coldest night
We can embrace others
We can stand in the light

We have the power to change
We have the power to grow
Beyond ourselves
We have the power to heal

All we have to do is try
Light up the world
Feb 4 · 40
When in doubt
When in doubt
When in doubt
When in doubt
When in doubt
Follow the light
When in doubt
Stay calm
When in doubt
Seek comfort
When in doubt
Feb 3 · 39
Love You Till I Die
I will love you till I die
Till I take my final breathe
I will cherish you till then
You are my universe
You are my prince
You are my sun and moon

I will love you till I die

I will be in wonder of you
I will be enchanted by your charm
I will be touched by your presence

I will love you till I die

You captured my heart eons ago
You touched into my soul
You knew me like no other
No matter what
No matter where

I will love you till I die
I will cherish you until then
Feb 3 · 32
Go to a place and still yourself
Close your eyes
Sit quietly and listen
Enjoy the nothingness
Let it calm you


You will hear the universe speak
Peace and harmony will be found
You will have what you need

Feb 2 · 20
Don’t let them inflict
pain on you
Don’t hurt
Or feel less
One is not better
Than another
Though they judge

We are all human
We come from the same
Whether wealthy
Or not
Whatever language
We speak
Faith we practice

Don’t accept their judgement
Only you truly know you
Others only see a fraction of
Be strong
Believe in yourself
Accept who you are
Don’t live in the pain
Free yourself
To soar
Feb 2 · 134
I may not be in my 20s
But I still have dreams

I may not be in my 20s
But I still hope

I may not be in my 20s
But I still dance

I may not be in my 20s
But I still have wonder


I may not be in my 20s
But I still have aspirations

I may not be in my 20s
But I am not done yet
I’ve just begun

I may not be in my 20s
But I dream big
Wake up
Clear your head
It’s another Thursday
Time to get going
Wake up

It’s another day
Time to get things done
Time to clear the head
Time to get dressed
Time for coffee and breakfast

Wake up
It’s another Thursday
The weekend is almost here
One more day
Time to get busy

Wake up
It’s Thursday
Time to get coffee
Time to have breakfast
Time to get going
Jan 31 · 18
Across the Waters
He stands at the shore
The water gently brushes his toes
He is alone
He has done this before
Many times
Across the waters

It’s a cool day
The sky is light gray
No clouds are in sight
The waves are slow and deliberate
Across the waters

He has been standing  for some time looking  west
He is also watching the waves
Their rhythmic movement
It’s hypnotic
Across the waters

He breathes in the air deeply
It has the aroma of salt
It’s refreshing
It has a calming effect to him
Across the waters

He thinks about what is on the other side
He prays this time it will work
He concentrates with all his might
He’s trying to send a message
Across the waters

Will it arrive?
Will they hear him?
Hello, can you hear me?
Please answer back
He waits for some time
Across the waters

Hoping for an answer
Once again nothing comes
He is left with emptiness
He turns and walks away
Across the waters

Over the years,  he tried many times
Hoping his message would be received
It traveled thousands of miles
Hello, can you hear me?
I am calling you
Please answer me
Across the waters

Finally after years of nothingness
He gets an answer back
He can’t believe it
Is it real?
How is this possible?
Across the waters

Hello is it you?
I heard you calling me
I have tried to find you
But could not
How are you?
I have missed you so

Across the waters
Jan 30 · 35
Once upon a choice
I danced with the rhythm of my soul

Once upon a choice
I chose to love you

Once upon a choice
I believed

Once upon a choice
I started anew

Once upon a choice
I danced with the moon

Once upon a choice
I held your hand

Once upon a choice
I lived a miracle

Once upon a choice
I danced with my soul

Once upon a choice
I found you
Jan 29 · 100
Are you real?
Are you just a dream of my imagination?
You seem too good to be true
I can hardly believe it

Are you really here?
You are perfect in every way
The way you look
The way you walk
Your handsome face
You seem to good to be true

Are you real or a dream?
You are like a melody
The sweetest of music
The finest piece of art
Jan 28 · 14
Sunday Morning
It is Sunday morning
The woman gets dressed
Having finished her brief breakfast
She is going out

Dressed in her red coat and scarf
Ivory colored turtle neck sweater
Blue jean leggings
It’s winter at the end of January
Very cold outside
It gets into your bones
Makes them ache

She is heading out to the store
Afterwards she will stop for coffee at a favorite cafe
Before heading home

She is living her new life with her high school sweetheart
An unbelievable dream come true....
Jan 27 · 17
Clouded Over
It’s one of those days
Still in the midst of winter
Skies gray and cloudy
Air cool and damp
Clouded over
People are moving slowly
Streets are empty
Cafés are full
People getting breakfast
Slowly sipping coffee
Clouded over
Warm beds are tempting
Heavy blankets and jackets
Cups of hot tea with lemon
Soothe the body and soul
Hard to get moving
Clouded over
Looking for that ray of sun
Jan 26 · 17
It may seem that there’s is a drought
Everything is dry and harsh
Sparseness all around
The path is hard to find
Dust and muck have covered it

Life seems fast asleep
Nothing going on
Waiting for something
Dry winds blowing fiercely
Erasing everything before

But after a time the rain will come Bringing new life with it
The dust will settle
Dryness replaced with green
New life growing

Jan 25 · 25
Walk With Me
Come walk with me
Take my hand
Let’s stroll down a path
To see where it takes us
It’s been a long time

Come walk with me

Let’s go towards the forest
Covered in snow
Let’s listen to the quiet
Enjoy the stillness and peace
It’s been a long time

Come walk with me

Let’s go towards the beach
Let’s walk along the shore
Enjoy the sound of the waves
Smell the salt laden air
It’s been a long time

Come walk with me

Let’s walk home
Holding hands along the way
Just like we used to
So many years ago
It’s been a long time

Come walk with me

Let’s share our journey
Build some more memories
Let’s laugh and joke
Play like children
It’s been a long time

Come walk with me
It’s been a long time
I am waiting
Jan 24 · 46
We all build walls

Some are to hide behind
Some to prevent
Some to keep out
Some to mark areas

We all build walls

Some are real
Some are imaginary
Some are brick or wood
Some are stone or concrete

We all build walls

They are boundaries
Or borders
Or let limiters
Some are old

We all build walls

They can be high and reach the sky
Or low easy to jump or climb
They can lock someone out
Or keep them in

We all build walls

Let’s tear them down
Jan 24 · 83
Your Heart
Search your heart
Find the meaning of love

Search your heart
Find your destiny

Search your heart
Find comfort and care

Search your heart
Find where you belong

Search your heart
Find kindness

Search your heart
Find tolerance

Search your heart
Find what you were looking for

Search your heart
Find the best in people

Search your heart
Find beauty

Search your heart
Find why you are here

Search your heart
Jan 23 · 36
Golden Bucket of Peace
Some of us are lucky
To be by a golden bucket of peace
It’s calming
It brings a feeling of beatitude
When we immerse ourselves
We can lose our daily troubles
Slipping into a special place
Of safety
Of belonging
Of familiarity
It’s a place one doesn’t want to leave
Have you found yours?
Treasure it
It’s precious
It’s rare
In possibilities
Light up the world
Jan 22 · 49
Sometimes if we’re lucky
We are given a dream
A special wish or desire
It becomes part of us
It seems impossible

It’s a beautiful dream
We want it more than ever
It’s always on our mind
If we believe with all our might
It then becomes reality

Jan 21 · 31
Sacred Times
When it’s quiet
Are sacred
Times of stillness
When the soul
Is most present
It’s those times
When we find
Our true self
When the chaos of life
Music is also a key
So is nature
To sacred times
They are precious
Like a rare jewel
Jan 21 · 28
Bright bright Sunday
It’s a bright bright Sunday

The sun is shining and
The sky is blue
No clouds in sight
The city is getting ready

Last day of the week
The weekend is ending
People are getting ready
Looking forward to another week

It’s a bright bright Sunday

People are out and about
Visiting cafes
Drinking coffee
Eating breakfast

It’s a bright bright Sunday
Jan 20 · 36
The Gray Blues
I’ve got the gray blues
Been cold and rainy for days
My bones ache to the core
I’ve got the gray blues

Missing the sun
Those warm golden rays
Shining down on my face
Lighting the way to another day
I’ve got the gray blues
Craving when they go away
Jan 20 · 18
Hot Steamy Coffee
Hot Steamy Coffee

Hot steamy coffee
On a cold day
With breathe visible
Bones chilled
Body aching
Longing for warmth

Hot steamy coffee
To soothe the cold
To warm up the soul
To calm the mind and set it free

Hot steamy coffee
To jumpstart the day
To motivate the body

Hot steamy coffee
Jan 19 · 30
Writing is in my blood
It runs through me like a running stream
It is intertwined into my inner most being
I am driven to do it
It is part of the air I breathe
It is life
It lifts me up
Like meditation
I disappear to another world

Writing is my blood
It is intertwined into my inner most being
Without it I am lost
Without it, I am not me

Writing is part of my life
It lifts me up
Like meditation
I need to write
I crave to write
It is like giving birth
Creating a new work
From nothing

Writing is my blood
It gives me peace
It brings harmony
Jan 18 · 26
It’s important
To be grateful
For whatever we have
Whom ever we know
For those that care
And love us
For our lives
And experiences
It’s important
To be grateful
For each sunrise
And sunset
For the moon
And nature
For the beauty
We see
It’s important
To be grateful
Each and every day
Jan 17 · 39
Languages of the World
Sitting in a café
Watching the people
Talking and smiling
People from everywhere
Languages of the world

Watching the staff
Coming and going
Bringing orders
Like an orchestra
Languages of the world

People on their phones
Eating and drinking
Texting and talking
Languages of the world

Baked goods on display
Beautiful desserts
Smells of things baking
People buying bread
Languages of the world

Street scene playing outside
People out and about
Bright sun shining down
Blue sky dotted with clouds
Languages of the world
Jan 16 · 26
Where did that 16 year old girl go?
What about the 28 year old?
Where are they?
Life passed so quickly
Where is the strength and freedom of youth?
The excitement of the new?

How do I find her and bring her back ?
Is she in the recesses of my mind and heart ?
Is she hiding ?
Dimmed by life’s travails

Where is that 16 year old girl
Filled with energy and emotion
How can I find her?
Where is she?
Is she in me when I look in the mirror ?
How can I feel free?
To run on the beach or fly like a bird
Jan 15 · 184
Red Bird
A  red bird sits on a branch
It is winter
He is elegant
He looks proud
Looking at him is entrancing

He brightens everything
He sets the scene
Snow is whiter
Trees are greener
Winter is brighter

His feathers are perfect
On top of his head sits a crown
He has a dark black face
Surrounded by red
His beak matches his color

A bevy of them are lovely
Sitting in bushes or a tree
They look too good to be true
They are truly beautiful
Nature’s art

Red bird
Jan 15 · 41
Seeking Warmth
On a cold winter’s day
It’s morning
The air is crisp and cold
While the sky is bright
There’s no sign of warmth
People going about
Bundled up
Bodies and hands
Trying to create warmth
Cats seeking a spot of sun
Cafe clients sitting
Huddled together
Battling the cold
Everyone seeking
To battle the cold
Jan 15 · 52
Blank Out
Sometimes the words
Just don’t come
No matter what
There’s no inspiration
Nothing strikes me
Nothing is there
Just a blank page
It’s like a winter white out
It’s painful
The desire is there
The want to write
But nothing comes
It’s frustrating
I want it to end
The inspiration
To once again come
Blank Out
Jan 14 · 94

Quietly sitting
At a plaza
Amongst the trees
and plants
The floor is
beautiful tile
Stores on either side
Behind me two fountains
The sound is calming
The air is cool and clear
Ahead sits a multi colored cat
Watching everything
There’s total peace
An oasis
It’s hypnotic
Jan 13 · 23
Imagine sitting in the desert
The sand is bright white
Almost blinding
You are kneeling
With your eyes closed
It is silent and still
Out of nowhere it starts to rain
Black colored rain drops
However, an umbrella appears
Emanating white light
It’s one of a kind
It’s translucent
Made of white light
It hovers over you
As the rain drops fall
They hit the umbrella
And roll off
Never touching you
Disappearing into the ground
Without a trace
You are protected
Once the rain stops
The umbrella disappears
You get up
To start walking
To your destiny
Jan 12 · 42
What is special?
When someone says
You’re not that special
That others have more value
Than you
What does that mean
But what is it to compare
People to people
Relationship to relationship
As we are all unique unto ourselves
No one is the same
So if someone says you’re not special
What are they also saying
About themselves
For how can we judge
A person’s worth
To another
Without being in their skin
We are all unique
Each with our own destiny
Different from another
How can we be anything
But special
For we each are an individual square
On the quilt of humanity
Together making up the whole
That’s special
Jan 11 · 31
Rays of Hope
Sometimes in our darkest times, we are given a miracle of hope
It reaches out like a golden rope for us to grab and hold onto
Rays of hope

Sometimes it’s a bright light that shines through the darkness
Offering a path towards the light
Rays of hope

When this happens we should know things will get better
It is affirmation to never give up
Even in the toughest of times we should believe
Rays of hope

We are each unique and here for a reason
Our purpose is before us

Rays of hope
Jan 11 · 26
In the Darkness
Sometimes in our darkest times
We are given a miracle of hope
When we want to give up
A thread to something
Light shining through
A hand reaching out
In the deepest darkness
We need to have faith
To believe
We should never give up
Even in our toughest times
Light will get through
Let that faith light up the world
In the darkness
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