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For my Mom’s Journey on the  Camino de Santiago


In our dreams
The world is more perfect then it seems
The pieces to the puzzle fit just right
Love works out when you hold on tight.

Picture perfect a world all our own
Tales and wishes to most unknown
Dreams are like magic when they come true
And when I dream I dream of you.

Dreams make the impossible come to life
A knight with a sword dreamed the boy with a knife
Dreams take us far from here
To where the rain tastes sweet and the sky is clear.

Dreams can take us from candied mountains to dragons & fire
Through our dreams we fulfill our desires
Dream a dream just for me
Hold my hand so I can see
Just what it is you’re dreaming of
I give you my heart I give my love.

In a dream this all exists
And dare I ask but of one kiss
In a dream it could all be true
What in reality I dare not do.

What is secret what I keep hidden
In my dreams are not forbidden
Dreams come from the heart and fill the soul
Dreams are the things that make us whole.

Whether real or pure imagination
Dreams are our own personal creation
Dreams will make us laugh and make us cry
Dreams will make us come alive
Knowing one day if we work hard through
That maybe one day they will come true.

Whatever your dream whatever it maybe
Look at it in the light and you will see
Whatever it is you want to be
Close your eyes and dream with me.

The wonderful feeling waking up from a dream
Even though it wasn’t what it seemed
Knowing that you can go back again
In the snow or in the rain.

Close your eyes and you are there
You can leave behind thoughts of despair
All you need is an open mind
And have a dream of any kind.

Dream a knight riding the mist
Dream of true love’s first real kiss
Fall asleep then you feel
Waking up to the world unreal.

Daemons and sorcerers sent from hell
A beautiful princess fallen down a well
Face a monsters grueling stare
Dreams have the power to take you there.

Come with me to a place our own
Go to where reality is unknown
Come my love, come and see
Dream a little dream with me.

Mom plans on completing the most popular route of the Camino de Santiago, the Camino Frances from St. Jean Pied de Port in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, the walk should take her about 30 to 35 days. In order to achieve this time, she would need to walk between 23 and 27 kilometers per day (14 to 16 miles). The Camino de Santiago is known in English as the Way of Saint James.
Each day is a gift from you, a new chance to do better, a chance to learn from our mistakes and a chance to make new ones.

God, you give us the power to shape the day according to our own will, please help us shape this day in Your Image.

© 2016 Christine Mulvihill
I’ve Learned that life is hard
We’re all walking around with a wild card,
Nothing is handed to you, you got to work for it all
Once you think it is all in balance you trip and you fall.

Reality is like a slap in the face
You gotta work in society to keep your place,
No matter how good you are there is someone better
Hand me a cleanX box and I’ll feel better.

Nothing is fair it won’t come easy
Unlike life I have low standards so it’s not hard to please me,
Confidence is also low but far down I fall
My head goes back and forth till I hit the wall.

Sometimes it’s too much and I get dizzy
Like flat pop I’ve become unfizzy,
You think the more responsibility the more to choose
More like the more responsibility the more you have to loose.

We can only hold so much on our shoulders
Before it begins to feel as if the world is over,
The pressure there is just to be
It doesn’t matter what you say all your gonna get is me.

I won’t change for you so don’t even try
The words “everyone doing it” just doesn’t fly.
No one is perfect so what are you comparing you self to
The most beautiful person is staring back at you.

Don’t let people trash all the dreams you kept
Because when everything is gone that’s all we have left,
When the world is over all there is, is inside
Close your eyes and open your heart wide.

Don’t listen to what people will tell you
Just listen to what you know is true
Your never lost or completely in the dark
Because the answers to your questions lie in your heart
Just listen to the voice inside and you will see
To success in life you are the key.
Dear God

Bless us all young or old
Sick or healthy
Good or bold
Bless us all lost or found
Lonely or miserable
And drive all hatred to the ground.

Save me from my hatred and fears
Save me from my lake of tears
Hold my hand while I scream and cry
Hold my hand until I die.

Only your love can save us now
Only your love can show us how
How to get rid of our hatred and pain
How to accept the sick and insane
Help us to find your light in the dark
Help us to you in our hearts.

In our world today nothing will ever be the same
We’re too caught up in fashion and fame
Too many times we make a mockery of your name.

If I could have one wish of choice
I would ask you to let us rejoice
Rejoice in all our differences and similarities
Help the sick and people with imparities
Help us to be the people you made
Help us to cherish the things you gave.

And If I am to die in my sleep tonight
I would pray for you to make the world right
Save them lord big or small
Save them lord save them all!

I used to play with Lego blocks and Barbie dolls
I used to jump rope and write all over the walls,
Now I play spin the bottle and 7 minutes in heaven
I party all night and don’t come home till eleven.

I used to never care, about what I wear
I used to sleep with a mound of teddy bears
Now I put on make up to cover up my face
Now I wear fashion, not pink frills and lace.

I used to always do good in school
I used to always think I was pretty cool,
Now I bomb tests and always slack off
My parents don’t treat this as so soft.

I used to talk about little puppies, and kitty cats
I used to gag at the sight of snakes and rats,
Now we spend our time gossiping about who’s a *****
Who the most beautiful, and who looks like a witch.

We used to play with toys
Now we talk about the cute boys,
Every second you’re on the spot and being judged,
Every time you breathe someone’s watching.
You try to smile but it’s all an act
Don’t you feel as if you’re being attacked?
By hungry eyes that are just looking for a flaw
So they can get you with their claws.

What has happened to this carefree child
Who used to enjoy being crazy and wild,
They grew up and developed some sense
They learned to be more mature,
Or maybe it’s the other way around
May they didn’t grow up, just down,
Into a world where nothing is what it seems
Our image trashed just like our dreams.
I’ve changed so much, if change doesn’t hurt,
Then why do I feel so much pain?
No one wants to see your face
She thinks herself such a disgrace,
She has no confidence and doubts her worth
She wants to remove herself from the earth.

She sees herself all alone in life
She’ll never have kids or be a wife
She hates herself, she hates her world
And this is how it ends for the sad little girl.

In the morning at sunrise
She lacks the strength to open her eyes
An empty pill bottle and note on the door
Her lifeless body on the floor.

No one should feel how she did
All alone and love forbid
All she needed was to know someone cared
And maybe then she wouldn’t be lying there.
I’m finally 14, finally a teen finally here
You’d think I’d be happy you’d think I’d cheer,
Who knew how hard this could be
Second year at it and I want to flee.

I’ve had it to here with all of these responsibilities
There’s never a chance I just get to be me,
Finally a grown up yet it feels so wrong
The madness just started but it’s been so long,.

I only have 2 hands and one mind
So how can I balance everything in the grind,
How can I stay standing with so much on my shoulders
They call it a small world but I’m holding up boulders.

Maybe the world could put itself on pause
While I pick up the pieces and justify this lost cause,
It’s hard to make the grades when I sit there in doubt
I’m sorry sir but my heart just fell out,
Can you give me a moment to put it back in place
And another two just to cry in disgrace.

I’m one in million no make that billion who live on this planet
Yet I seem to be the only one who can’t figure it out **** it,
I’m the only one who can’t get it all together
From school to home to dressing for the weather.

I remember the days when I was so free
Nothing to think about but my family and me,
What went wrong in my picture perfect life
Oh reality stepped in with its overbearing knife.

Now my days are all but happy and family drifts apart
It’s not only boggled my mind but broken my heart,
So I ask of the man oh way up there
Please give me an answer send me your care,
Just a little piece for a lonely little girl
That little bit a clarity would mean the world,
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