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Luyolo Mbulawa Jul 2018
I want more.
Not because I'm greedy,
Or have an inflated view of my worth.

I want more.
Simply because you have more to offer,
And we should explore that.

I want more.
Because I feel empty when I realise,
That you are holding back

To be real
Is to be yourself without fear.
You have a lot to give,
But you don't want to be seen as different.

But you different,
And that's a blessing.
Luyolo Mbulawa Jul 2018
I can give you everything else,
Except my heart.
It hurts everytime I think of
How we fell apart.

And it's not even the distance
Between us.
It's just our egos and the emotions.
We kept behind bars.

In a mind full of insecurity.
The reason,
We've never felt assured of our beauty.

We want others to see,
What we want them to see.
And so we show our best selves,
Instead of just being us.

Love yourself, before you learn to love me.
Luyolo Mbulawa Jun 2018
Like a fog clouding my thoughts,
Clouding my senses.
Making me feel lost,
Wondering where my place is.

Weighing down my mind.
Keeping me rooted,
Where there's no light to find.

Stumbling in the dark,
Wondering if I'll ever be free.
Or will I be a prisoner of my mind.
Stuck, not caring for anything.

I feel anti-social.
They don't understand though.
Maybe my existence is superficial.
Cos I don't know what I'm here for.

I feel like a puzzle with a missing piece...
Luyolo Mbulawa Jun 2018
You are sunshine hiding behind dark clouds.
And whether it rains or not,
I wanna be the earth that your tears fall on.

It's not easy to trust,
Nor is it easy to let go.
But the rains and thunderstorms will pass,
And then we'll see rainbows.

Cos you are fifty shades of beautiful.
And yet you do not seem to notice.
If only I could take a picture of you,
But I bet the camera would also lose focus.

Because even if a picture says a thousand words,
That's not enough to encompass you.
For you are like a wild flower
Floating in the wind,
Free and full of life.

They are like roses in vases,
Beautiful to look at,
But just there for display.

And even though you might leave,
For now I hope you stay.
Luyolo Mbulawa Jun 2018
You are no flower vase.
You have a bouquet of qualities,
That have bloomed into feminine charm.

I see you and I think,
Of the blue vast skies.
With puffy white clouds like accessories.

You are that blue sky,
And in your openness and freedom-
I take flight.

This is not mere flattery,
But a truth that flows within me.
Like blood in my arteries.

Like the stars at night,
In my darkest times,
You shine brightly.

Helping me overcome things.
That try to hinder me.
Luyolo Mbulawa Jun 2018
You truly are as beautiful as a rose,
Natural beauty stems from you.
Wearing confidence as if it's a dress you chose,
You are a Goddess that's true.

Admired by many.
Envied by quite a few.
You drive me crazy,
Got me lovesick as if I have flu.

But I'm not complaining,
Cos you brighten up my world.
Even when I feel as if it's raining.
With me, you never have to be scared.

Cos I'll take all your insecurities,
Bury them like a treasure,
And give you the keys.
Cos making you happy gives me pleasure.

I'll always be around when you need me.
Shining like a star,when days are dark.
Never worry about me leaving.
When you are down, I'll be your Noah's Ark.

Carrying you through the storms you face.
Even though you are not perfect,
You'll always be my number one like an ace.
So embrace your every defect...
Luyolo Mbulawa Jun 2018
I looked at the nightly skies and marvelled at the sight.
For what I saw before me,was the sky kissing the stars.
And oh,how the stars dazzled ever brightly
When they met the loving embrace of sweet darkness.
And all I could think of was-it should've been us.

Me and you,against the world like a pair of villians.
Laughing madly at the chaos and destruction,that our love has left in its path.
But no,the world crushed our dreams,like the weight of gravity which keeps us grounded-
unable to reach the dreams that we had drawn in the sky,with the phantom brushes of our imagination.

How cruel the world is...
Cause we thought that we had a fairytale,but the world drenched our dreams like a bucket of water,
As if to wake up someone unconscious.
And awaken us,it did-cos we were forced to face reality.
Unable to hide the curtain of fantasy,provided by our lofty dreams.

And as we fell deeper into the pits of darkness,
We saw no light at the end of the tunnel.And thus we knew,that the end was near.
Because darkness,is the absence of hope.
And as I saw the light in your eyes die,
I knew that you had given-given up on us.

And even though we had not said "till death do us apart" -this was written in the stars.
Cause what we had,was enough to swallow up seas like unquenchable beast.
What we had was bigger than marriage vows,
Bigger than anything words could ever hope to express.

But the world was against us.
We were like David fighting Goliath,without God on our side.So we had no Higher Power,
Which could help us defeat the giants that we had to overcome.
Because jealousy,insecurities and doubts,were demons that we had to face on our own.

We were supposed to be Romeo and Juliet that would make it.
The ones that would pierce the cloud of tragic love,like the sun during a cloudy day.Thus,transforming it into a fairytale type of love.

And so,as I look at this clear night sky,filled with the smiling auras of the stars.I can't help but think that- it should've been us...
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