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Luyolo Mbulawa Aug 2019
I want to expand my knowledge of you, by exploring places in you that we both don't know.
I want to make you smile like sunshine, so that your problems disappear like dark clouds over the horizon.
And if you don't know that you're amazing, I hope you find a mirror and really appreciate the person you're facing.

Cos if happy endings only exist in fairy tales, then I hope you realize that you're a story worth celebrating.

I want to trail my finger down your back as if I was time travelling into a paradise where only the desires of the heart existed.
I want to get lost in your eyes, as if rainbows were nothing but black and white pictures that could not be compared to you.

But you'd probably stop me...
And I understand, cause if we were to go too deep, then I'd probably leave memories of Heaven in your hips.
Drinking in your passionate desire like fine whisky, hoping that you'd take the chance to drown with me.
Cos if I were to take a dip into your seas, I would manoeuvre like cursive writing on blank pages.
Breathing art into your thighs, as my lips go down and sing praises...
Luyolo Mbulawa Aug 2019
I just want to write truth into the souls of those without a home.
Providing shelter to lost hearts, that have left broken pieces of themselves as trails.
For when they become strong enough to have the courage to find themselves again.

I want to whisper encouragement to the ears of those who have succumbed to the years.
I want to lift their souls, make them pick up their guns and fight the war.
Every dream is a noble cause, painted into our hearts by a power that could make you forget about your problems and pause.

Pause, just for a moment. Just enough to smell the roses...
Cause we've got infinite time, and if we can't appreciate the small things, then we don't deserve to chase the big dreams.
Luyolo Mbulawa Oct 2018
They said love heals all wounds
And I feel like I was a victim
Of false advertising

Cos not only did she look so enticing
I also thought that she loved me
I remember when we used to talk in the a.m
And I felt out of this world like an alien

Until I realised that I wasn't the only one
That she made feel this way
Now I don't know whether I feel like a fool
Or if I'm just in pain

What I do know
Is that I am beyond confused
Wondering,where did all the passion go?
Maybe there were signs to see, yet I refused

What do I do now?
Do I blame her or keep beating myself up?
Or maybe I should just move on
Even if it's so hard to...
Luyolo Mbulawa Oct 2018
I'm not talking about vertebrae columns
I'm talking about the fact that
Beauty is not skin deep

You have to dig deep,
In order to truly know a person
Cos if you judge others by the way they look
You'll always be misguided by appearances

Forever lost in a world of smoke and mirrors
Unable  to pierce the cover of illusion
Thus I always try to focus on what's inside
A person's skeleton, if you will

But it's important
That one has a backbone
In a world where everything is so false
That you never know who to trust
Luyolo Mbulawa Oct 2018
Colours of the rainbow
Cascade from her every word and gesture,
As if she was an artifact of Mother Nature.

She's like a black canvas,
That no man dares taint.
For her crystal clear expression of life,
Is like miracles befalling the mortal realm.

She's got the touch of Midas
For everything she touches prospers and shines
Or maybe that's her heart of gold.

Her words are like paintbrushes,
Turning sadness and depression into artwork.
Luyolo Mbulawa Oct 2018
Life's like an eclipse,
With a sublime mix of good and bad,
Light and Dark

Sometimes we lose our path
With no way of knowing who to trust.

We can't take advice from friends,
Cos they are stuck in the same boat as us.
Can't take advice from those who have made it,
Cos their lives seem out of reach.

But sometimes we also excel.
And we don't know who to thank.

Do we thank God and the people around us,
For helping us get this far?
Or do we blow our own horns,
Cos it was our hard work that got us here?

There are too many options to choose from.
That's why there is no recipe to life.

So to each, his own
Luyolo Mbulawa Aug 2018
I loved you like a summer day...
You were the light at the end of the tunnel,
In a life of dark clouds and thunderstorms.

and even though you see me often.
I am all alone just like an orphan.
I've traded friends and family,
For depression and isolation.

If what we had was love,
Then I hope I never fall in love again.
Cause once bitten, twice shy.
I can't help but think that we were living a lie.

I thought we were trapped in our own world
Our own paradise and oasis,
Yet it was just a prison of insecurities,
With a myriad of emotional phases.

Lie to me and tell me you love me.
Tell me that you never meant to hurt me.
Tell me that you were still finding yourself.
That you didn't know what love is....

Lie to me,
Cause I don't want to resent you.
Which is why I still make excuses for you...

Which is why I still hold on,
To the last goodbye that you left me with...
And to your aroma when you hugged me...

And most of all,
I hold on to memories of the time,
That you still loved me...
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