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512 · Jun 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa Jun 2018
You are no flower vase.
You have a bouquet of qualities,
That have bloomed into feminine charm.

I see you and I think,
Of the blue vast skies.
With puffy white clouds like accessories.

You are that blue sky,
And in your openness and freedom-
I take flight.

This is not mere flattery,
But a truth that flows within me.
Like blood in my arteries.

Like the stars at night,
In my darkest times,
You shine brightly.

Helping me overcome things.
That try to hinder me.
366 · Apr 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa Apr 2018
What is beauty?
The physical shape and features?
Or is this just another form of cruelty?
Us,not able to see the bigger picture...

We are quick to judge,
Without ever really understanding.
Our beliefs set in stone-don't budge.
That's why our lives are stranded.

We never appreciate each moment.
Always trying to get something,
So life escapes us like a gift stolen...

Beauty is everywhere but we are blind.

We only see mistakes and imperfection.
Cos instead of eyes,we use the mind.

The eyes are the windows to the soul.
Yet I see no love or curiosity in yours.
It's as if you have seen it all.
249 · Apr 2018
You were the death of me
Luyolo Mbulawa Apr 2018
Your words whisper sweet caresses of death as they flow into my ears,disguised as lullabies.Your eyes alight with treachery,like loki,the Asgardian God of Mischief.

You tugged at the strings of my heart,like it was a finely tuned instrument.For you enjoyed the music they created,cos my pain was nothing but a musical note in your ears.

My heart has turned cold,like the top of Mount Everest.Cos the higher you go,the colder it gets.
But to me the opposite is true.Cos the lower I sink into depression,the colder my heart gets.
And I wonder if this is the end.

Cos you made me feel like Superman.Until I told you the source of my power-you.
And you decided to take it away like Delilah took away Samson's strength.

How could you do this?
Blowing flowery kisses to my face,while you spewed poison behind my back.
And now as I try to analyse your motives,I can't deduce the lies from the facts.

By : Luyolo Mbulawa
244 · Apr 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa Apr 2018
Unless your heart is taken,
And it feels like heaven

Unless he brightens up your day,
Like the sun and its sun rays.

Unless the thought of you and me,
Doesn't feel the same as it used to feel.

Unless you've found a happy-ever-after,
That fills you with endless joy and laughter.

Unless our love ceases in your eyes,
And I become like clouds in the endless skies.

Stay, even though you do not feel the same.
220 · May 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa May 2018
Opinions are not facts.
No matter how true they seem.
No matter how much you justify them.

Your views and thoughts,
Are yours alone.
Yet you try and impose them on others.
So that you can be in control.

Force and Harmony,
Cannot exist together.
Synthetic and Natural,
Shall never be the same.

What's important to you?
To win an argument and lose a friend?

Difference of opinion,
Can either widen your perspective,
Or narrow your mind.
210 · Apr 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa Apr 2018
Dreams we dreamnt...

Dreams filtered by the sands of time,
Cease to be.
Because you are no longer mine.

I used to think,
That the dreams we wrote in the sky.
Would still remain.
Even after the clouds had passed by.

But dark days,
And storm weather.
Blew our plans,
As if they were as light as feathers.

And now,as lay,
Looking at the stars at night.
I kinda wish you had stayed,
For in the darkness,you were my light.
208 · Jun 2018
Dia Mond
Luyolo Mbulawa Jun 2018
You are as precious as a jewel.
A product of Mother Nature,
Nothing is as special as you.

Your roots run deep,
Supporting generations of humility.
The shade from your tree,
Is a picnic spot whenever you are with me.

Stay deep,
And let others be shallow.
Be free,
For life isn't like the gallows.

Those who are scared of death,
Forget to live.
While those who cherish each breath.
Have plenty to give.

And your beauty scatters,
Across the plains like sun rays,
Giving rise to beautiful roses,
That pollinate into inspiration.

For you are a muse.
You are North,East,West and South.
You are like the news,
Everyday I wanna hear you out.

For your words,
Are like earthquakes.
Causing cracks to appear in my cold heart.
I hope you never make my heart ache.

For I have grown to love,
The feelings you have awoken within me.
Let us free the doves,
To symbolise the peace we're keeping.
187 · Apr 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa Apr 2018
Like mother nature's strings,
Keeping us together.
Connected to all that is,
We are all but puppets.

Controlled by the flow of time.
Comforted by the cessation of crime.

Past and Future,
Two sources of ego.
Two strings that tie us,
To the mind-
Which is our goldmine.

But we have forgotten,
that it is a tool.
Now it is rotten,
From lack of us.

The tool has become our master.
Now our fate is to serve,
For we lack the courage to master,
The strength to fight all its whims and fancies.
178 · May 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa May 2018
Excuses,doubts and fear were like bullets riddling the body of love,I wanted.And how the earth cried,when the body hit the ground.
Murdered by villians hidden in the darkest depth of my heart
177 · Oct 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa Oct 2018
They said love heals all wounds
And I feel like I was a victim
Of false advertising

Cos not only did she look so enticing
I also thought that she loved me
I remember when we used to talk in the a.m
And I felt out of this world like an alien

Until I realised that I wasn't the only one
That she made feel this way
Now I don't know whether I feel like a fool
Or if I'm just in pain

What I do know
Is that I am beyond confused
Wondering,where did all the passion go?
Maybe there were signs to see, yet I refused

What do I do now?
Do I blame her or keep beating myself up?
Or maybe I should just move on
Even if it's so hard to...
171 · Apr 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa Apr 2018
Is this love i feel?
Because when i am around you,
I sometimes forget to breathe.

Is this love i feel?
Cos everytime i wake up next to you,
I feel like i am still in a dream.

Is this love i feel?
Cos you look like a portrait,
Whenever you are still sitting still.

Is this love i feel?
Cos my heart has always been yours,
To steal.

Is this love I feel?
Cos when you are not around,
I wonder,what is your deal.

Are the feelings i have mutual,
Or are my attempts at love futile
167 · Jul 2018
I can't be yours
Luyolo Mbulawa Jul 2018
I can give you everything else,
Except my heart.
It hurts everytime I think of
How we fell apart.

And it's not even the distance
Between us.
It's just our egos and the emotions.
We kept behind bars.

In a mind full of insecurity.
The reason,
We've never felt assured of our beauty.

We want others to see,
What we want them to see.
And so we show our best selves,
Instead of just being us.

Love yourself, before you learn to love me.
164 · Aug 2019
Luyolo Mbulawa Aug 2019
I want to expand my knowledge of you, by exploring places in you that we both don't know.
I want to make you smile like sunshine, so that your problems disappear like dark clouds over the horizon.
And if you don't know that you're amazing, I hope you find a mirror and really appreciate the person you're facing.

Cos if happy endings only exist in fairy tales, then I hope you realize that you're a story worth celebrating.

I want to trail my finger down your back as if I was time travelling into a paradise where only the desires of the heart existed.
I want to get lost in your eyes, as if rainbows were nothing but black and white pictures that could not be compared to you.

But you'd probably stop me...
And I understand, cause if we were to go too deep, then I'd probably leave memories of Heaven in your hips.
Drinking in your passionate desire like fine whisky, hoping that you'd take the chance to drown with me.
Cos if I were to take a dip into your seas, I would manoeuvre like cursive writing on blank pages.
Breathing art into your thighs, as my lips go down and sing praises...
162 · Jun 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa Jun 2018
Like a fog clouding my thoughts,
Clouding my senses.
Making me feel lost,
Wondering where my place is.

Weighing down my mind.
Keeping me rooted,
Where there's no light to find.

Stumbling in the dark,
Wondering if I'll ever be free.
Or will I be a prisoner of my mind.
Stuck, not caring for anything.

I feel anti-social.
They don't understand though.
Maybe my existence is superficial.
Cos I don't know what I'm here for.

I feel like a puzzle with a missing piece...
157 · Apr 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa Apr 2018
This is the life that we live.
With no options at all,
Besides to smoke on these trees.
I'm high so catch me if I fall.

I'm in my own world.
My mind disconnected from reality.
These are not my own words.

Bear with me as I reveal all.
In the hopes that you will learn,
To accept yourself and stand tall.
We all the same-all of us,man...

Struggling with different issues.
But there will always be people,
Around like a box of tissues...

Helping us through this journey.
This journey called "life".
Sometimes we wonder-if only
If only we could just have enough.
157 · May 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa May 2018
Try to be more,not to know more.Cos the higher the waves of an ocean are,the more likely a Tsunami is to occur.But the deeper an ocean is,the more likely it is that people will want to explore its depth.
154 · Apr 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa Apr 2018
See me as I am,my darling.
And not as you want me to be.
You make me feel like a man,my honey.
And that's why I treat you like royalty.

Love is like a dance that requires two.
154 · Oct 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa Oct 2018
I'm not talking about vertebrae columns
I'm talking about the fact that
Beauty is not skin deep

You have to dig deep,
In order to truly know a person
Cos if you judge others by the way they look
You'll always be misguided by appearances

Forever lost in a world of smoke and mirrors
Unable  to pierce the cover of illusion
Thus I always try to focus on what's inside
A person's skeleton, if you will

But it's important
That one has a backbone
In a world where everything is so false
That you never know who to trust
153 · May 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa May 2018
Sin has never tasted better than a secret love affair,on a night coloured by stars and a full moon.
145 · Aug 2018
You. Me. Dreams
Luyolo Mbulawa Aug 2018
I loved you like a summer day...
You were the light at the end of the tunnel,
In a life of dark clouds and thunderstorms.

and even though you see me often.
I am all alone just like an orphan.
I've traded friends and family,
For depression and isolation.

If what we had was love,
Then I hope I never fall in love again.
Cause once bitten, twice shy.
I can't help but think that we were living a lie.

I thought we were trapped in our own world
Our own paradise and oasis,
Yet it was just a prison of insecurities,
With a myriad of emotional phases.

Lie to me and tell me you love me.
Tell me that you never meant to hurt me.
Tell me that you were still finding yourself.
That you didn't know what love is....

Lie to me,
Cause I don't want to resent you.
Which is why I still make excuses for you...

Which is why I still hold on,
To the last goodbye that you left me with...
And to your aroma when you hugged me...

And most of all,
I hold on to memories of the time,
That you still loved me...
144 · Jul 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa Jul 2018
I want more.
Not because I'm greedy,
Or have an inflated view of my worth.

I want more.
Simply because you have more to offer,
And we should explore that.

I want more.
Because I feel empty when I realise,
That you are holding back

To be real
Is to be yourself without fear.
You have a lot to give,
But you don't want to be seen as different.

But you different,
And that's a blessing.
141 · Oct 2018
To each his own
Luyolo Mbulawa Oct 2018
Life's like an eclipse,
With a sublime mix of good and bad,
Light and Dark

Sometimes we lose our path
With no way of knowing who to trust.

We can't take advice from friends,
Cos they are stuck in the same boat as us.
Can't take advice from those who have made it,
Cos their lives seem out of reach.

But sometimes we also excel.
And we don't know who to thank.

Do we thank God and the people around us,
For helping us get this far?
Or do we blow our own horns,
Cos it was our hard work that got us here?

There are too many options to choose from.
That's why there is no recipe to life.

So to each, his own
140 · May 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa May 2018
She was like the clouds,going wherever the wind took her.I was like the tree,roots clinging desperately to the earth.
And that is why we could never be.Cos one of us,was never meant to stay...
138 · Jun 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa Jun 2018
You truly are as beautiful as a rose,
Natural beauty stems from you.
Wearing confidence as if it's a dress you chose,
You are a Goddess that's true.

Admired by many.
Envied by quite a few.
You drive me crazy,
Got me lovesick as if I have flu.

But I'm not complaining,
Cos you brighten up my world.
Even when I feel as if it's raining.
With me, you never have to be scared.

Cos I'll take all your insecurities,
Bury them like a treasure,
And give you the keys.
Cos making you happy gives me pleasure.

I'll always be around when you need me.
Shining like a star,when days are dark.
Never worry about me leaving.
When you are down, I'll be your Noah's Ark.

Carrying you through the storms you face.
Even though you are not perfect,
You'll always be my number one like an ace.
So embrace your every defect...
136 · Aug 2019
Luyolo Mbulawa Aug 2019
I just want to write truth into the souls of those without a home.
Providing shelter to lost hearts, that have left broken pieces of themselves as trails.
For when they become strong enough to have the courage to find themselves again.

I want to whisper encouragement to the ears of those who have succumbed to the years.
I want to lift their souls, make them pick up their guns and fight the war.
Every dream is a noble cause, painted into our hearts by a power that could make you forget about your problems and pause.

Pause, just for a moment. Just enough to smell the roses...
Cause we've got infinite time, and if we can't appreciate the small things, then we don't deserve to chase the big dreams.
135 · Jun 2018
Should've Been Us
Luyolo Mbulawa Jun 2018
I looked at the nightly skies and marvelled at the sight.
For what I saw before me,was the sky kissing the stars.
And oh,how the stars dazzled ever brightly
When they met the loving embrace of sweet darkness.
And all I could think of was-it should've been us.

Me and you,against the world like a pair of villians.
Laughing madly at the chaos and destruction,that our love has left in its path.
But no,the world crushed our dreams,like the weight of gravity which keeps us grounded-
unable to reach the dreams that we had drawn in the sky,with the phantom brushes of our imagination.

How cruel the world is...
Cause we thought that we had a fairytale,but the world drenched our dreams like a bucket of water,
As if to wake up someone unconscious.
And awaken us,it did-cos we were forced to face reality.
Unable to hide the curtain of fantasy,provided by our lofty dreams.

And as we fell deeper into the pits of darkness,
We saw no light at the end of the tunnel.And thus we knew,that the end was near.
Because darkness,is the absence of hope.
And as I saw the light in your eyes die,
I knew that you had given-given up on us.

And even though we had not said "till death do us apart" -this was written in the stars.
Cause what we had,was enough to swallow up seas like unquenchable beast.
What we had was bigger than marriage vows,
Bigger than anything words could ever hope to express.

But the world was against us.
We were like David fighting Goliath,without God on our side.So we had no Higher Power,
Which could help us defeat the giants that we had to overcome.
Because jealousy,insecurities and doubts,were demons that we had to face on our own.

We were supposed to be Romeo and Juliet that would make it.
The ones that would pierce the cloud of tragic love,like the sun during a cloudy day.Thus,transforming it into a fairytale type of love.

And so,as I look at this clear night sky,filled with the smiling auras of the stars.I can't help but think that- it should've been us...
134 · Apr 2018
Imperfect Wonders
Luyolo Mbulawa Apr 2018
Look at the beauty that a single moment has,
And you might lose yourself.
Lose yourself in the experience that God is real
And that His grace blesses us eternally...

How else can you explain the beauty of flowers,
in their myrid of shapes and sizes.
Infusing the earth with pollen and serenity,
Like sun rays breaking through clouds,
Giving us hope that Light will prevail...

To be human is to be broken.
It's to continuously try to find your way,
In a world that derails you from your path.
Cos whether we admit it or not,
We are not without flaws.
Just like there can't be Light without Darkness,
We cannot be perfect and still be human...

So embrace it all,
For there's a quiet beauty in being broken.
Imperfection is tainted by labels,
Yet it is fuel that constantly drives us,
Towards the road to self improvement.

For what would we strive for,if we were perfect?
Nothing,that's why we are Imperfect wonders.
133 · Jun 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa Jun 2018
You are sunshine hiding behind dark clouds.
And whether it rains or not,
I wanna be the earth that your tears fall on.

It's not easy to trust,
Nor is it easy to let go.
But the rains and thunderstorms will pass,
And then we'll see rainbows.

Cos you are fifty shades of beautiful.
And yet you do not seem to notice.
If only I could take a picture of you,
But I bet the camera would also lose focus.

Because even if a picture says a thousand words,
That's not enough to encompass you.
For you are like a wild flower
Floating in the wind,
Free and full of life.

They are like roses in vases,
Beautiful to look at,
But just there for display.

And even though you might leave,
For now I hope you stay.
130 · May 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa May 2018
Cos somethings aren't meant to be labelled.
Just like you and me,
We should just let things slowly be unravelled.
Maybe this is meant to be

But how will we know,
If we listen to what others say.
I just wanna see you glow,
As if you were kissed by a sun ray.

Let's take a chance,
And take the leap of faith.
So that we may never ask,
Why we didn't act before it was too late.

Beautiful encounters are rare,
Or maybe we just don't take note.
Honestly,I am glad that you are here,
For it is time to sail this boat.

And see where it takes us.
Cos love is an adventure,
And I wanna be your Christopher Columbus.
129 · Jun 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa Jun 2018
Give me a sign.
Not alot.Just enough for me to see where I stand.
Why are you stringing me along?
Please help me understand.
Cos I am like a puppet,dancing on the palm of your hand.

Continue,lead me on...
Even when my hopes shatter like broken fairytales.
You still won't be wrong.
Cos it's never your fault.
You had no idea what was going on.

And how would you know?
That your every smile,touch and joke-
Dealt me a fatal blow...
But it's not your fault
Cos you didn't know.
So I have to pretend as if I don't feel anything for you, and go with the flow
129 · Apr 2018
My Sweet Angel
Luyolo Mbulawa Apr 2018
Your cherry-red lips are to die for,
Your skin flawless like silk fabric.
You make me wanna see more,
More of your magic.

You are a gift from above,
And that's why I call you an angel.
127 · Oct 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa Oct 2018
Colours of the rainbow
Cascade from her every word and gesture,
As if she was an artifact of Mother Nature.

She's like a black canvas,
That no man dares taint.
For her crystal clear expression of life,
Is like miracles befalling the mortal realm.

She's got the touch of Midas
For everything she touches prospers and shines
Or maybe that's her heart of gold.

Her words are like paintbrushes,
Turning sadness and depression into artwork.
126 · Apr 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa Apr 2018
Why are we here?
Many have asked.
Like a debilitating fear,
We've tried to keep it masked.

Are we here through God's will?
Or because of a Big Bang?
Will we ever stay still?
Or continually try to move ahead.

The universe remains as it was,
A mystery.
While we remain behind bars.
This is our present and history.

The future is there,ever so bright.
And our purpose is to do what is right.
125 · May 2018
Luyolo Mbulawa May 2018
Her eyes were like a blackhole,taking me into another dimension.And I was glad,for love was a realm that I was not used to traversing.
122 · May 2018
Fragile Heart
Luyolo Mbulawa May 2018
Fragile heart with a strong mind.
Also blessed with a heart of gold,
That is impossible to find.

Your pressence is like sunshine,
And oxygen to those that need you.
You give hugs and butterflies,
To those who find you beautiful.

When you are excited,
You glow like a sunny morning.
Hiding behind clouds of shyness.

Let's sit on rooftops,
With our shoes off.
And watch our life unfold.

Cos you are a story that remains untold.
116 · May 2018
People Change
Luyolo Mbulawa May 2018
Yet our hopes stay the same
Always tryna convince ourselves,
That this time will be different.

Until the same thing happens,
Again and Again.
Repeatedly, we fall.

Yet we dust ourselves up,
And try to move on.
But the dirt clings to us.
Making it harder to get up again.

Everytime we are hurt,
We build up resentment.
Either we blame ourselves or others.

But all in all, people change.
116 · Apr 2018
Give Me More
Luyolo Mbulawa Apr 2018
That's what that girl said last night...
But,moving on-it's what my girlfriend said before I got dumped...

Seems like I am scared to invest emotionally...
Or I just thinks it's cool to have lots of honeys...

But tell me this,if lightning never strikes the same place twice...
Why can't I indulge in women,
when they are as plenty like grains of rice...

I'm moving away from the topic...
But once a snowball gathers momentum,
there's no stopping...

You want me to give you more?
Well,I can't because I am already giving you my all...

Maybe you are used to getting more than I can...
If that's the case,then I don't blame you if you want to leave...
115 · Apr 2018
If tomorrow never comes
Luyolo Mbulawa Apr 2018
Remember the talks we had,
Whilst taking walks in the park.
Remember the love we felt,
When Cupids arrow peirced our hearts.

You gave me everything.
Your love,time,attention and presence.
You made me feel like a King,
So,I swept you off your feel like a peasant.

I cherish every "present" moment,
Cos to me you are a gift.
And your love is so potent,
Everytime I catch a whiff.

I fall at your mercy,
Like a ship in the fate of a storm.
103 · May 2018
Nothing On
Luyolo Mbulawa May 2018
She strips away her clothes,
Like petals from a rose.
Exposing her body and soul.
What she wants,he knows.

But can he really take it all?
All that she is giving to him.
She's given herself to him.
But all he can give her is hesitation.

And his doubt chills her soul,
Colder than the cool air,
As it caresses her naked beauty.

She decides to get dressed,
And leave.
But he stops her.

Realising what a tragedy he committed.
Better to throw caution to the wind,
Than to live life overthinking.
And so he discards his clothes and his fears,
And loses himself in the beauty that is her.

— The End —