Lucia C Dec 6
The worst part of trying to forget you,

Is that every step is always a reminder.

I hope someday my toughts will break through

And reach for your heart, if I can find her.
Lucia C Nov 3
As time grows old so fast
Turning yesterday tought into blur,
My image of you will still last
So perfect, so strong, so untrue.

I wish I could recall not charm,
A perfect smile, nor deepend kiss.
But the time you let me down
Without a care, all alone in This.
Lucia C Oct 10
I wonder if you’ve ever tried
The way I struggle and denied
All feelings that invade your heart.

It’s wanting to cry, or more
Desperately searching a way to ignore
When disappointment tears you apart.

What would you do in my place?
Keep your eyes dry, a smiley face?
Time is the only one to say.
Lucia C Jul 22
Can love be just a temporary attraction?
A physical and mind in-phase reaction?
Is everything subject to change in time,
Or is for infinite 'your hand in mine'?
Lucia C Jul 14
Is silence modestly the absence of noise?
Or maybe an indifference you pose?
Might be a silent rejection, instead of a „no”..
Or is it more an indecision or so?

I wish I'd knew, since in my heart
It feels a little less than smart..
Lucia C Jul 8
Your lips are something
I would like always
To keep in mine. 

Your eyes make me
Loose focus easily, 
When our glance alignes. 

And when you smile
I just forget 
That rationality exists. 

Can you just be 
A little less
Of one thing that I miss?
Lucia C Jun 21
Sun is asking
For us everyday,
So early.

It does it again
And again,
Till it fades.

I crave for it,
Looking outside
Through a glass.

And I wonder
Why did we choose
THIS for us?
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