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Lucia C Mar 2018
I'm tired, and I'm not sure
If head hearts more than heart.
I'm standing still, waiting for cure,
But time is all alone in that.
Lucia C Feb 2018
What words can’t say

Heart feels much stronger, more deep.

It makes me mad, and weak

To keep it all inside.

How beautiful, how warm, how perfect

You are into my eyes..

I wish just for a moment

You see the same as I.
Lucia C Feb 2018
I say I like my freedom
And silence often too.
But can you break it,
Just sometimes,
So I can fill my mind
With thoughts of you?
Lucia C Apr 2018
I would have loved you without any doubt,
Knowing you step by step with acceptance.
How cruel is silence when craving just shouts..
I let you go, but keep your mark forever.
Lucia C Nov 2018
As time grows old so fast
Turning yesterday tought into blur,
My image of you will still last
So perfect, so strong, so untrue.

I wish I could recall not charm,
A perfect smile, nor deepend kiss.
But the time you let me down
Without a care, all alone in This.
Lucia C Apr 2018
I wish I could get used to you

'Cause every time I see you

It feels like I just saw you

For the first time.

I wish when our eyes do meet

My voice stops trembling,

My toughs stop rushing,

My words say more than they do.

But in the end, just thinking of you

Makes me forget all wishes

I have and I don't dare to have,

Or even dream they will come true.
Lucia C Jul 2018
Can love be just a temporary attraction?
A physical and mind in-phase reaction?
Is everything subject to change in time,
Or is for infinite 'your hand in mine'?
Lucia C Jun 2018
Sun is asking
For us everyday,
So early.

It does it again
And again,
Till it fades.

I crave for it,
Looking outside
Through a glass.

And I wonder
Why did we choose
THIS for us?
Lucia C Oct 2018
I wonder if you’ve ever tried
The way I struggle and denied
All feelings that invade your heart.

It’s wanting to cry, or more
Desperately searching a way to ignore
When disappointment tears you apart.

What would you do in my place?
Keep your eyes dry, a smiley face?
Time is the only one to say.
Lucia C Apr 2018
There is a distance
I cannot cover
Between myself and you.
I made it in my head
And I just try
To break it through..

It measures upwards
And grows bigger
Because you’re perfect
And that seems to me
So far away.
Lucia C Mar 14
My head is full with toughts
                                      of you,
Your touch I feel it still,
                       your kisses too.
I wish that all would stay
                                   like this.
Not more, not less, just simple
Lucia C Jul 2018
Your lips are something
I would like always
To keep in mine. 

Your eyes make me
Loose focus easily, 
When our glance alignes. 

And when you smile
I just forget 
That rationality exists. 

Can you just be 
A little less
Of one thing that I miss?
Lucia C Jun 2018
The way I look at you
Has no translation into words.

A wave of feelings
Is splashing in
When you come close,
My mind is mumbling
Irational and scared
Just trying to oppose..

And then I think of you
With warmth and crave
for days..

I wish that all of this will go away,
but would do anything to make you stay.
Lucia C Jul 2018
Is silence modestly the absence of noise?
Or maybe an indifference you pose?
Might be a silent rejection, instead of a „no”..
Or is it more an indecision or so?

I wish I'd knew, since in my heart
It feels a little less than smart..
Lucia C Jun 2018
I should just start to let you go,
And all what you woke up in me.
While all this process goes so slow,
It marked one of the strongest memories.
Lucia C Dec 2018
The worst part of trying to forget you,

Is that every step is always a reminder.

I hope someday my toughts will break through

And reach for your heart, if I can find her.
Lucia C Mar 2018
I want to hold your hand,

To squeeze it till you feel it

Down to the bottom of your toes.

I want to kiss you, until your lips

Are hurting, but warmth flows

Through all your body, and you

just wish to grab my hand again.

— The End —