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Ridhu Faran Feb 2022
Some songs are like
'time machines'
You hear them and
it takes us back in time,
when times were good,
simple, and happy!
Time travels are possible
yet in a flash, they fade.
It is called a music memory!
Ridhu Faran May 2021
This universe is magical
It always sends you signals
It sends you Cosmic messages
But we can't understand
But it's happening all the time
We can feel it somehow,
Something is happening around us
We may ask why?
But we won't get the answer.
Maybe later we may know
Or we might never know.
But the universe love us.
It cares for us.
It listens to us.
Love so pure.
The cosmic love.
Have you ever felt the universe constantly communicating with us ? Sending us signals to do or not to do things. Giving us warnings and cues. It always happens, if we closely watch we'll realise how it talks to us, loves us endlessly. Close your eyes and think and realise the cosmic love.
Ridhu Faran May 2021
She kissed and hugged me so tight
For the first and last time that day
She never saw me again after that
The feeling of her hands around me
Tight enough to hear my heartbeat
Was the last thing I was left with.

I bought her favourite perfume
So that I can live with her Memories
I had it by my side all the time
Thinking of all our times one by one
As the fragrance helped me with that,
I didn't know it was killing me inside
Smells is closed related with our memories. The perfume, brings not just memories a deep pain of lost love.
Ridhu Faran May 2021
I was sitting outside.
It was cold like winter.
I was shivering like a wet dog,
Yet I wished to stay there.
My cheeks were cold like an untouched pillow in the night.
Stars were my blanket.
Love was my warmth.
Lost in thought and time,
I tried to cuddle my memories.
I wished to close my eyes,
Close my eyes till this world was done.
Winds whispering a melancholic song.
Like no birds in the night sky,
I was thinking with no feelings inside me.
Sitting on the terrace under the stars wrapped with a blanket, stargazing I was lost in thought !
Ridhu Faran May 2021
As I sat over the edge of the terrace,
The sky and stars looked so close,
It was like just a walk away for me,
I believed I could touch them,
And pull them a little closer to me,
And keep them outside my window.
I wish to have look at it all the time.
I wanna have coffee looking at it,
I want my room lit with them at night.
Maybe if a star falls inside my room,
I'm gonna hang it on the wall.
Is my room too small to bring them all inside?
Will it be like a black hole then?
Or maybe I could trap them all inside a jar
And have a spoon of it everyday.
Now I raise my hands to touch them,
I can feel them, cold and soft.
Let me a get a jar now !
Ridhu Faran May 2021
As we tread past this cyclic days,
Filled with million of thoughts,
Unending chatters in our skull,
Creeping into haunting worries.

'Life is so simple to live' they said.
Yes ! Simple indeed to be 'unlived'.
Question of living at the moment,
Was unanswered all our mighty life.

Just a little hope of life that we carry,
Will save us till the 'end of the ends.'
Ridhu Faran May 2021
It was just a dream.
We were walking on the sidewalk.
Holding hands like kids to picnics.
It was dark, rains drizzling like in heaven.
Gentle breeze singing a love song.
Holding an umbrella we were walking,
Walking an endless path.
She told me secrets and we laughed.
Suddenly she started kicking me.

It was just a dream.
I woke up to a painful kick ever.
A cup of tea in one hand,
Laughing at how I got up awkwardly,
She woke me up, No! she kicked me.
Uh! It was just a dream !
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