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Star Stuff May 2
The wind, the messenger of rain.
The trees, the wind chimes of nature.
The rain, the nectar of every life.
The birds, the stars of the day sky.
The soil, grains of ancestral remains.
The mountains, giant sleeping elephants.
Star Stuff Apr 27
This feeling is like seeing my love after a long time
It's like a lightning had struck my heart.
All of a sudden, loudness turns into cloud-ness.
The rays are replaced by greys in the sky.
The hush, the rush and the winds gush.
Yes! It's Raining !
Star Stuff Apr 9
The beautiful moon,
The moonlit cloudy sky,
The gentle breeze,
And Me.
We are waiting on my terrace,
For you.
Star Stuff Apr 8
Can I take it more ?
Will I reach a shore?
Sleepless nights three or four
Is it my tears or a down-pour?

The sunsets and the gentle breeze
Killing me in this subtle freeze
The stars and me, did they sieze?
World around me fighting the wheeze.

Can I take it more?
Will I reach a shore?
I ain't a tiger to roar
It's stripes that I wore.

Can I take it no more?
We are 'each' no more.
To me, the world right now !
Star Stuff Apr 7
Aren't we all on the same boat? Traveling together.
Sinking together.
There's a hole in the boat
That we could all fix
Yet we search for life jackets.
It could just be a single wave,
That can capsize us
Into the deepest salty sorrows.
Aren't we all on the same boat?
Our ironical trust rusting
Every minute waves hitting,
Our beautiful floating boat.
Do we see a shore?
Or a beach we could reach?
We still sink in this salty truth.
Aren't we all on the same boat ?
Star Stuff Apr 7
It's a full moon in the sky.
I can feel a gentle breeze.
I feel like my mind is high,
In the clouds ready to freeze.

The skeptical feelings inside me
Up and down through my blood.
I search for escapades if any,
Out of all this confusing flood.

Silence can sometimes be a sad violence!
And yet sometimes it's nothing but a deep silence.
I ask myself, "Does this all make sense?"
Finding the answer, I end up in trance.
  Apr 2 Star Stuff
Sometimes I wish
You remained the same!

The conversations we had
The good times we shared
The words we said
The memories we made!

But sometimes I wish
WE remained the same!!
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