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632 · Apr 7
Full moon
Star Stuff Apr 7
It's a full moon in the sky.
I can feel a gentle breeze.
I feel like my mind is high,
In the clouds ready to freeze.

The skeptical feelings inside me
Up and down through my blood.
I search for escapades if any,
Out of all this confusing flood.

Silence can sometimes be a sad violence!
And yet sometimes it's nothing but a deep silence.
I ask myself, "Does this all make sense?"
Finding the answer, I end up in trance.
463 · May 2
Star Stuff May 2
The wind, the messenger of rain.
The trees, the wind chimes of nature.
The rain, the nectar of every life.
The birds, the stars of the day sky.
The soil, grains of ancestral remains.
The mountains, giant sleeping elephants.
323 · Apr 2018
Frozen fireflies
Star Stuff Apr 2018
Are these stars frozen fireflies
And the Moon one of the many apple pies?
They say times never rhyme
And planets do rime.

There's nothing real onto the horizon,
Just a dark room and fake voidness.
Maybe the butterflies reach there,
For some stellar nectar of meteor dust

A hole to a whole new place
Of mystic silence and surreal paintings.
Maybe its all inside one tiny jar
And its always a fading sight.

Forever its a dazed maze
For every soul that searches
For everlasting questions and
Forever fireflies stay frozen.
I was watching the stars in a bizarre black&white situation with no lights around except for a small fire red and orange and this!
307 · Apr 2018
Star Stuff Apr 2018
He was back from work
And I was excited than ever
I just hugged him and we kissed.

I couldn't tell him but
I loved him more than ever
We stood long with a hug.

He looked into my eyes
And he was beautiful than ever
He asked me "what was it?''.I smiled.

We were on bed with the lights off.
I took him over my chest
And I said ''Listen to it''.

He said he heard my heartbeat
And I asked, "Don't you hear double heartbeats?"
It was dark, I felt his tears on my chest.

The night stayed long
And we were happier than ever
We were now 'Three heartbeats!'
278 · Apr 2018
Star Stuff Apr 2018
Now what's with this rain and romance?
I could really hear all those drops,
One by one reminding me of all,
That I have all over me.
The dim lighted sky almost lit my long dark times.

You promised me a walk in the rain,
And I'm waiting here all alone.
I know for sure,
That those drops had already reminded you of me.

Think of me now,
And don't forget to touch those drops
Don't forget the promise you made!
There's something between this rain and love. Its always been inseparable. Especially the rainy nights!
262 · Apr 2018
Dear Mom & Dad,
Star Stuff Apr 2018
Dad its been years
Since you hugged Mom
Or maybe I missed seeing it.
Do you both remember
You used to laugh together?

You both used to share little smiles
And travel happily for miles
And now I see nothing in you,
Really nothing.

Mom, you just forgot,
What Dad brought on your birthdays.
Dad, you just forgot,
That Mom stayed awake despite her sickness for you.

I feared you both leaving me,
Beside all your ego and a better 'We'

You both had no time
And no patience for each other

I thought you loved each other,
I thought you loved 'me'...
At some point of time or constantly in life, we all would have felt a part of this.
166 · Oct 2019
Inseparable us !
Star Stuff Oct 2019
We came from the same place.
We belong to the same blood.
And yet we create vacuum between us
Where love can never breathe,
Where humanity will always remain void.
Why do we need fake crowns?
Losing all the togetherness
Losing all of us.
God could have kept us all in different places,
But he kept us together.
And it was meant to be.
Love and humanity was meant to be.
141 · Oct 2019
Found you !
Star Stuff Oct 2019
I never searched for the girl of my dreams.
Until I reached you,
And it's like I've got what I've been searching for thousands of years !!
139 · Apr 2018
122 · Jan 2018
That one night
Star Stuff Jan 2018
If you could know what I feel
You'll know that's its just you
Who could feel my hurt and heal
Me, living forever in you !

You aren't you and so am I
I lost you on the edge of no where.
If I could run back hours four or five
I'll be, with your hands in mine.

Is this a ironic dream
Or a little break till dawn ?
I could feel my blood stream
Warming with each seconds gone.

This ain't me, ain't never me
I could feel everything of you
And there you are, without me
Clueless, holding me inside you.

Maybe I forget you at times
And the next second I remember you
You haven't left me alone in times
When I had really no one but you !
118 · Apr 2018
Star Stuff Apr 2018
The words of hatred
Are to be burnt far up the horizon,
And the words of love
Are to be buried deep in the heart.
Forgetting what made you feel bad and never forgetting what made you feel good!
108 · Jun 2019
My World
Star Stuff Jun 2019
To me, the World is not just a word,
Its a WORD with a 'L' for her Love in it.
Playing with words !
73 · Apr 9
We are waiting
Star Stuff Apr 9
The beautiful moon,
The moonlit cloudy sky,
The gentle breeze,
And Me.
We are waiting on my terrace,
For you.
61 · Apr 27
It's raining
Star Stuff Apr 27
This feeling is like seeing my love after a long time
It's like a lightning had struck my heart.
All of a sudden, loudness turns into cloud-ness.
The rays are replaced by greys in the sky.
The hush, the rush and the winds gush.
Yes! It's Raining !
53 · Apr 7
Same boat
Star Stuff Apr 7
Aren't we all on the same boat? Traveling together.
Sinking together.
There's a hole in the boat
That we could all fix
Yet we search for life jackets.
It could just be a single wave,
That can capsize us
Into the deepest salty sorrows.
Aren't we all on the same boat?
Our ironical trust rusting
Every minute waves hitting,
Our beautiful floating boat.
Do we see a shore?
Or a beach we could reach?
We still sink in this salty truth.
Aren't we all on the same boat ?
36 · Apr 8
Wheezer World
Star Stuff Apr 8
Can I take it more ?
Will I reach a shore?
Sleepless nights three or four
Is it my tears or a down-pour?

The sunsets and the gentle breeze
Killing me in this subtle freeze
The stars and me, did they sieze?
World around me fighting the wheeze.

Can I take it more?
Will I reach a shore?
I ain't a tiger to roar
It's stripes that I wore.

Can I take it no more?
We are 'each' no more.
To me, the world right now !
31 · Apr 2
Star Stuff Apr 2
Under the bus stop roof
I sat with one leg over the other
Which made me comfortable to sit
Since It was cold around here
The sun light to ready pierce through the cloudy sky
Motorbikes, cars and buses
All of them rushing in this morning
With all the noisy horns and vehicles passing
My mind was super silent and lonely
Thinking of an answer for what I've been through
I wasn't waiting for any bus
Rather I was waiting for my mind to decide
What shall be done with all my confusions
All the lies that I've been telling the world
I know it's going to **** me.
A random bad day when I felt weird and confused !
23 · Jul 19
Star Stuff Jul 19
It was a deep sleep
I have no idea how long
That second when I open my eyes
The momentary confusion
If it's dusk or dawn kept me thinking.
But it doesn't matter
It's the same place where I wake up
At a random time
That voiceless me, thinking hard
Like a thinking machine.
I just wondered?
Why didn't I get up as a butterfly
From a cocoon?
Flying forgetting the old me.

— The End —