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Marie Jul 31
I fell in love with you sideways
Stumbling through
Blurry vision
But I saw you
I couldn’t walk
so I crawled to you
Into your arms
I was drawn to you
The only place where time moved fast
I tried to keep steady
I clawed into you
Covered my face in your chest
But I saw you
It took all my strength
I gave into you
Shattered to pieces
Picked them up for you
Stood up straight
Got back on my knees for you
Couldn’t face myself
But I saw you
Marie Jul 2021
Come lay with me
Tell me it will be okay
Like it was supposed to be
Come to me
Tell me you love me
It’s not a memory
It’s a meant to be
Put your hand in my hand
Let me put my face in your neck
Feel what you made of me
Limb on limb
Wrapped up in me
Like it was supposed to be
Pain for pain
Truth for truth
Marry me
I want to float you here
Next to me
Wrap up in you
Come to me
Ear on your chest
Your heart beat comforts me
If you can breathe I can breathe
Even if I can’t feel it on me
I know why you had to leave
But it doesn’t make sense to me
I just wanted it to be something that wasn’t meant for me
But it won’t stop me from imagining what it could be
If you’d just come to me
Marie Jun 2021
The love stayed
But the tone changed
I loved you anyways
I just loved you anyways
Marie Mar 2021
Tell me the secrets you hide
Push away your ego
Let me inside
The dark ***** things you buried deep down
Breath deep and let them out
Marie May 2020
You see the parts of me
No one was meant to see
I can’t stop you
You see through me
Into the darkness and you still dwell
On me
Watch me flop on the floor
You lay next to me
The time moves too fast
When your next me
The room is always warm
When you look at me
You make me believe
I feel the honesty
The way you fit next to me
Every curve
Every finger tip
Feels like poetry
I circle the thoughts of your mystery
You mystify me
When I push you away
Your still close to me
When you push me away
I wait patiently
There’s no stopping
This pull
It’s our gravity
Made my heart beat again
This gratitude has left your
Mark on me
For all to see
This you and me
Is the part of me
I never thought there’d be
And yet fits perfectly
And beautifully
With the worst of me and best of me
And was the missing piece
To make it all worth every ounce of misery
That brought you to me
Marie May 2020
I’m not *****
You’re not worth seeing
I love you
You don’t know what love is
I love you
listen you dumb *****
I love you
You are a *****
I love you
I don’t want no lying *** ****
I love you
You’re a ***** nasty disgusting ****
I love you
Marie May 2020
broken plus broken
The pieces felt perfect
And natural and beautiful
They kept falling apart
We tried so ******* hard
But we couldn’t make us sturdy
And we would crumble when the foundation shook slightly
The pieces scattered
Reflecting the light
We couldn’t keep still
Long enough to see
Through our darkness
We shattered beautifully  
You made us mess of me
You got the best of me
We shattered so ******* beautifully
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