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Marie 2d
Take the walls and break them
She wants you to
Hold her down
She’s asking you
Just listen
Maybe she’s a little broken
But not begging you
you can Stay awhile
If you could
Just listen
She just wants to be understood
Her language
Learn it
Her body
Take a minute to unearth it
Her heart wants to be in it
She’s ready
Just listen
Marie 6d
Everyone leaves
Everyone dies
Every heart breaks
One at a time
Marie Jan 27
Lay down baby
Don’t worry honey
I am not going anywhere darling
I love you beautiful
Marie Jan 27
Why I am I always the experiment for boys
Who don’t know how to love?
Everything is okay as long as their
Doing it
Every hurt is justified as long as
They’re not the one feeling it
They make up rules as they go
Call me crazy
While they break me
They are all the same
So ******* tired of this game
They move along
With another piece of me
I am just holes
Marie Jan 26
We don’t see the world different
You just stopped seeing me
When I strained myself to hear you
You weren’t listening
When I made self feel your feelings
You lost feeling for me
If for just one second while you were shaming me
I wish you would have heard me
Saw what I see
Instead you pushed your own on me
I dealt with your insecurity
And smoothed it
You didn’t trust me
So I proved it
We made this mountain
Let’s move it
Nothings right without you
Come back to me
You turned your back on me
I let you into the places no else sees
And you abandoned me
I trusted you
Not going anywhere?
You were just using me
You were my best friend
Why can’t you even tell the truth to me?
That’s where are difference lies
In honesty
Marie Jan 24
Truth always comes to light
Just give it a minute
No one is faithful
Loyalty drought
You need to understand what I
Am about
I will flip that switch
That’s it
I’m a bad *****
You are gone now
Never get it back
Block and delete
And I look good doing it
And I feel good doing it
They always try to come back to a good thing
You know I am just gonna let it ring
Marie Dec 2019
I don’t feel good here
My skin is uneasy
Chest tight
Tired of pushing it deeper
Sick of speaking in whispers
If I loved you
If you were mine
Oh, I wanted it
Ached in the deepest parts
Especially at the start
Left it in the stars
Kept it in those parts
Then the pain dissolved those sticky parts
Started floating apart
If this love was breathing love
It would feel alive
If this love was beating love
It wouldn’t have to hide
The borders broke and everyone
Came inside
Like ink stains
Never really fade
The mark left
And I feel it on my chest
I don’t feel good here
And it’s almost over
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