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Postman Oct 2017
Emerald emotions
as the sapphire soft twilight
floods the oceanic floor,
in celestial grace
smiles above
majestic marine magic
fans out in rivulets
thunderous liberation
in luminous wavelets.
Postman Oct 2017
Postman Oct 2017
Pain can paint extraordinarily well
and words can howl best
on a page with a poetic pen.
Postman Oct 2017
Let the wind be like
a horrendous hurricane
an earthquaking wave
of rebellious revolution.
Who has ever asked
her to blow only gentle?
Postman Oct 2017
Enticing entanglement enthralls,
profoundly profuses silken freefall.
Seamless twisted smoothness sways,
pitch-ink charm in extravagance.
Postman Sep 2017
Royal ruse of exotic glue
you skillfully brush
with your exquisite touch,
an adroit riverine Antarctic chill
enticingly relishing a spinal spin
lashes on the purplish Euphrates.

The violet sky at the fringes
darkening with the spree to mingle
to dive into the depth of a deeper shade
where the black and red connected
with a yellowish vermilion thread,
blooms a romantic ruby roof of brinjal hue.
Postman Sep 2017
Yellowish edges hugging the flamboyant red
before me unfolds the recipe to win friends
serenity soaked economic cacophony
in quest of political coup d'etat
steaming caffeine in a cool platinum evening
warm breeze shelling these shivering palms.

The delightful dawn craves to curve the lips
in semblance of a seamless smile
wrapped in bougainvillea
a window opens behind
bowing before the riverine road,
violence in a violin voyage
fades into the violet void.

Grace galore as the divine Rhine
in a distant quest dances ruthless
rushing fast towards her adolescent lust.
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