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There was no commitment in our relationship,
There was no believing in the other,
No trust.

You could not say you had my back,
Neither could I.

There was no warmth in our memories,
They were all cold and distant.

And as the days passed,
We teached oir end...

And you disappeared without a word.
He wanted to fly.
Soar through the sky,
Whilst feeling the wind on his face.

But I just wanted home.

He wanted to dream,
He wanted to travel...
Explore the unknown,
Find adventure.

But I just wanted home,
A place that was real...

Not some where unknown.

And before I knew it....
He was gone.

He slipped throgh my fingers,
Disappeared from the future,
And what could have been.

He was gone.
No good bye,
No nothing.


Zainab Ibrahim Jul 2019
Tired beyond compare,
I do not see you shattered eyes,
That look at me with broken love,
As I take another swig.

You hate my addiction,
You hate the fact that I'm dying,
But unlike you,
I have come to terms with my impending demise.

I hear you whimper
And I close my eyes.
Maybe I won't see you break apart,
If I close my eyes,

And maybe you won't see the pain
Within the tears that I refuse to let fall.
Zainab Ibrahim Oct 2018
And They Screamed,
They uttered words of chaos,
And predicted your demise.

They ranted and raved,
Lunatics all of them,
Yet their prophecies rang true.

You burned on the pyre,
A heroe,
A soldier who faught for your country.

Consumed in their madness,
They gave you a gift,
The gift of death.

A cruel eternal sleep!

And They Screamed,
Taking with them hope, freedom and joy.

There you lay,
Amongst the ashes of the deceased.

And there I mourned,
Consumed with guilt,
Engulfed in pain.

The flames of our design destroyed all you stood for,
All you had left.

And They Screamed!

God had shown no mercy,
The sins of mankind too much to bear.
Zainab Ibrahim Mar 2018
Beauty hurts,
A wound that leaves a scar.

A scar that leaves a wound,
A wound of the soul.

It causes bonds to be broken,
Love to die,
Greed to grow,
And worst of all,
It strips you of your identity.

Friends to enemies,
Lovers to haters.

Slowly creeping in,
Your gaurd forgotten.

The vanity kicks in.

Beauty hurts,
A wound that festers,
Growing and tormenting the mind.

Am I pretty?
Don't lie to yourself,
Beauty for you, does not exist!
Sing me a song...
Give me a tweet,
A sweet little tweet,
A song to sing.

Give me a tune...
A delightful little melody,
Something to whistle,
Something to sing

Give me a gift...
Just a small one,
One full of thought and love.
A butterfly appeared,
It's wings broken.

He loomed above it,
And as he watched it helplessly flap it's useless wings,
He smiled with his face stained with evil.

He could'nt help laughing at it.

And slowly, he pulled of it wings,
Cherishing it's pain.

The butterfly twitched in agony.

It died in pain and with a broken heart.
Can I lay by your side,
And watch the days pass by?

Can I hold your hand,
When my heart beats with fear?

Can I call you my reason for living,
When it seems there is nothing to live for?

Can I have your heart and soul,
And in return...

Can I give you my all?
Zainab Ibrahim Feb 2018
Close your eyes,
Count to ten.

Tell me of your story.

Close your eyes,
Count to ten.

The Phoenix has risen.

Close your eyes,
Count to ten.

War is upon you.

You thought you were safe,
You thought you were protected.

Growing from the ashes,
You were razed to the ground.

Born from the ashes,
All things must return.

Close your eyes,
Count to ten.

Something so pure,
But so toxic.

Close my eyes,
Count to ten.

I should have known.

He looked so harmless,
I thought I was safe,
I thought I was protected.

Caught unaware,
My heart ripped from my chest,

The claws dug deep.

Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust.

All things must return.

So here I am now,
Alone and shattered,
I return to you,
Everything I am.
Zainab Ibrahim Feb 2018
He died,
His life stolen,
No more pain.

She looked on,
Her life frozen,
No more pain

We died,
Our lives given,
All the pain.

Spring and summer,
Autumn and winter.
Through all the seasons,
I give you this heart.

A broken heart.

A son torn from his mother.

They were frightened.

No sympathy,
No compassion,
We killed them all.

Killed the mother,
Yearning for her son

Killed the son,
Yearning for his freedom.

Killed our humanity
And bathed...
In rivers filled with blood.

We took,
Gaining their resentment.
These innocent minds,
We have corrupted.

"Why spare the lives of the guilty?"
You said.

On judgement day,
You will not be spared

On judgement day,
I Hope,
I hope you burn in HELL.

No compassion,
No sympathy,
No freedom,

At some pinpoint in life, you realise that some people are not worth it.
Zainab Ibrahim Feb 2018
It seduced you, did it not?
It left you lifeless, did it not?
You screamed and begged.

Stop it;
   Freedom is not your!

And now you wander
Mourning for your innocence.

The veil between life and death,
Torn beyond repair.

Yet I still scream and beg;
No more a dimwitted fool.

Someone who has seen
Someone who has touched,

It will never stop.
Zainab Ibrahim Apr 2018
A beautiful burning of colours,
Flickering as the sun.

A warmth,
Hidden from the winter,

A warmth,
That sparks a life.

The fire within.

The flames that burn,
Waiting for it's long awaited prey.

It starts with the coaxing,
The false promise of safety.

Then comes the agony,
The reality,
Your surrender.

Surrender as sweet pain,
Sweet redemption are given.

For your flames of sorrow,
Your flames of regret,
Have engulfed all that is revealed.

A fire that Burns.

Your emotions,

The fuels that cause it to grow,
A fire,
The fire to end all
Zainab Ibrahim Feb 2018
Cold, a froze river
Barren landscapes
Withered nature
So what?
This is just the beginning!

Time forever lost
Forever unmoving.

We're frozen, and forever we shall be.

Never moving,
Never beginning,
Never ending.
Hello old friend,
It's been a while,
My dearest freind
I've missed you so.

I've missed the joy,
The emptiness and dark.

I've missed the agony,
The feeling of not knowing who I am.
Oh, how I adore thee!
Your luscious lips
And golden smile.

With your stunning visage,
That sets my heart aflame,
And your magnificient splendour,
You are the manifestation of beauty itself.

I adore thee to the moon and back
And with every second apart,
My heart seems to depart,
In loneliness and despair.

Oh, how I Adore thee!
My angle and my love.
Zainab Ibrahim Oct 2019
If I Know What Love Is,
I Know It Is You.

If I Know What Love Is,
It Begun With You.

The Way Your Lips touched mine,
The Way Your Hands Brought Me Comfort.
They Kept Me Warm And Safe,
They Made Me Feel At Home.

If I Know What Love Is,
I Know It Is You,
For If I Know What Love Is,
I Have Seen It In Your Eyes.

If I Know What Love Is,
I Know That I Love You
And just Like The Sun, Moon And Stars,
My Love For You Shall Last.

As I Love You Eternal.

"Te amo aeternam."
Zainab Ibrahim Aug 2018
Im a believer in love,

I'm a believer in hate.

I'm a believer in joy,

I'm a believer in pain.

I'm a believer in kindness,

I'm a believer in treachery.

I'm a believer in life,

I'm a believer in death.

I'm a believer in beauty,

I'm a believer in ugly souls.

I'm a believer in loyalty,

I'm a believer in betrayal.

And betrayal causes death,
It causes souls to taint and turn ugly,
It causes hate, pain and treachery.

Human nature is a believer,
It's a mistress to emotions.

A puppeteer...

And we are just the puppets!
Zainab Ibrahim Mar 2018
You didn't mean it,
You didn't mean the pain,
The agony caused by your actions.

You didn't mean it,
You didn't mean to hurt her.

You bullied and dehumanized,
Turned her...
Turned her into you,


She wept and cried,
You tortured and cursed.

You didn't mean it,
You didn't mean to hurt him.

You seduced and flirted,
Turned him into a lovesick fool.

He chased and romanced,
You left him heartbroken.

In the end,
Was anything true?

Were the sweet words,
Uttered by you lips,
True or false?

Tell me I got it wrong,
You did not mean to hurt,
You didn't mean to abuse,
You didn't mean to curse.

Tell me I got it wrong.

Zainab Ibrahim Feb 2018
The candle flickers
A breath racked with agony

Slowly the darkness fades
A battle of wills

Darkness and light
Heaven and Hell

The flame died
A last breath drawn

Don't cry she pleads

Is it not what you wanted?

I gave you what you want.

It's not enough, is it?
You want to **** me more?

I was never meant to die
Slowly and painfully
A wish not granted.

It was not enough.
My tears fell
You saw deception

I cried out
You heard lies.

False promises
False claims.

Your eyes tortured
More than your actions.

Your taunts were not enough
The wound that bleeds
The heart yearns.

A soul burned out...

Not dead, extinguished.
Never to return.

She suffered,
Why not let her go?
I was feeling depressed when I wrote this.
Zainab Ibrahim Oct 2018
Nothing lasts forever,
It always fades eventually.

Some fade quickly,
Others slowly.

Some are stuck within darkness,
Others are not.

Some are privileged,
Others are not so lucky.

So let it go!

They betrayed you?
Forgive but never forget.

They destroyed you?
Broke you?
Let time heal you broken soul.

Let it go,
Don't let them win!

Don't let them steal your true memories.

Let it go!
Life is like a puzzle,
A game you cannot lose.

It requires patience and perseverance,
It also takes understanding.

It takes years for the pieces to fall into place,
But just one little fall...
One measly little falll,
Can cause the pieces to fall apart,
And plunge you into the depths of hell.
Zainab Ibrahim May 2018
Did you hear her broken song?
A song full of hope and freedom.

Did you hear her broken voice?
Raspy and full of agony.

The words raged past her lips,
Her captors did not know.

To cage a Bird,
Is to rip a mother from her child.

Did you hear her beg for help?
"I Did, yet I did not help."

She yearns and dreams,
But what are dreams,
Behind a cage?

What is hope when it is broken?
What is life without a soul?

Did you see her crimson tears?
A pain untold that tore the mind.

Did you see her damaged form?
Arms broken,
Legs forever shattered.

Hair in tatters,
No life in her eyes,
Nothing to indicate,
That she was alive.

Did you taste the grief you caused?
You're malice and betrayal,
They consume you heart,
Corruption is birthed.

Did you taste her tormented cries?
You tortured,
You abused,
And left a deformed being.

Did you taste the victory,
The victory on the tip of you tongue,
Finally you've finished,
Finished you creation...


It's such a shame,
Greed has led the deaths of innocence,
Burnt it to ashes.

Let it cower and hide,
In the darkest corners of Hell,
Whilst you live a life,
That belonged to someone else.
Zainab Ibrahim May 2019
Love and hate,
Two different things,
Yet each with their own story.

Love; complex and full of warmth,
Joy and so much more,
But it can breed betrayal.

Hate; easy to awaken and easily given,
It is dark and full of sorrow,
Surrounded by jealousy and anger.
Yet it is sometimes with reason.
Zainab Ibrahim Jul 2019
Maybe one day the pain will disappear,
Maybe one day I won't shed a tear,
And maybe one day,
I will look in the mirror
And see myself for who I am.

Maybe one day I won't wish for death,
Maybe one day I will have hope,
And maybe one day,
I will finally smile
And find that I can really cope
With all my problems and my fears.

Maybe one day you will see me here,
And offer me a helping hand.
Zainab Ibrahim Oct 2019
Mirror Mirror On The Wall?
Was it really all a lie?

Mirror Mirror On The Wall?
Was it even love At all?
Or did I just hear,
What I have always yearned?

Mirror Mirror On The Wall?
Why does letting go always hurt?

She continues to beseech the cracked mirror upon the wall,
A mirror that can offer her no answer
And as she does,
Her heart continues to break
Forming cracks upon its surface.
Zainab Ibrahim May 2019
If I told you about the past,
If I told you about myself,
If I told you every tale,
If I sang to you my broken song,
Would you see my scars?

If I told you all my hopes,
If I told you about my shattered dreams,
If I told you every thought,
If I wove a sorrowful story,
Would you still see my scars?

Would you see my lonely self?
Would you see my tearfilled eyes?

Or would you choose to turn away,
And leave my soul to decay.

Or would you choose to heal my scars,
And fix this broken love of ours.
Zainab Ibrahim Aug 2017
You may look at someone and call them a "friend," but in the end you never truly know them.

You may call someone your "family," but in the end they never truly are.

She felt constricted; claustrophobic.

She felt dead; alone.

No one truly understood her.

She wanted to die but was scared to leave.

'Why was I born?' she asked herself.

My pain is a comfort, my joy a suffering.

She smiles for their sake, yet she never truly smiles.

'Why won't I die?' she asks herself.

The pain she enjoys.

You can see it in her eyes.

Turn out the light and leave it behind.

Turn on the darkness and embrace it.

You never know, you might just find an escape.

The crimson river is forgiveness.

Forgiveness for living.

Your soul has tainted the world.

Why don't you release yourself.

No more captivity.

Only freedom.

You never know, you might just find an escape.

Our stories are different.

But this is my story.

Yet is it really my story? or is it just another lie.

Don't touch me.

leave me alone.

Why? Why was I born?

Goodbye... Goodnight.

I'll see you in Hell.
As the epitome of evil,
He lays there on the ground.

And with not a care in the world,
He lays there on the ground,
With relaxation on his mind.

As the harbinger of death and destruction,
He does not seem to care
As he diregards all of his production;
Anger, envy and dspair.

And as he lays there on the ground,
With relaxation on his mind,
Their hatred and his carlessness becomes entwined.
Zainab Ibrahim Feb 2018
A young girl,
A shattered soul,

Torn from her freedom,
Torn without a voice.

She cries tears of acid,
They looked on and jeered.

The humiliation...
The agony...

A world without its light.

She looked on,
Her tears would not stop.

They forced her,
Forced her to her knees.

Ignored her pleas.
Ignored her broken heart.

She became a puppet,
An empty shell.

Returned to a false life,
Returned to the darkness.
So not let anyone pull you down, if they tell you to stop, work harder and never bow down to anyone.
Zainab Ibrahim Aug 2018
She with a pure heart,
A pure soul.

He with dreams
Dreams that flew,

They did not involve her!

She asked for his heart,
Nothing more, nothing less.

Yet she asked too much...

For she loved him,
Loved him with all her being,
She longed to see him smile,
To hear him say...

"I Love You"

Yet he dreamed of finding riches,
He saw fairy tales,
Pirates with their loot,
Wicked goblins and stolen jewels.

Yet he did not see the treasure,
The treasure before his eyess.

She sung songs of hope,
Her turned his ears.

She wept tears of sadness,
He walked away.

Never realising what he had,
Never once looking...

At the gem he had uncovered.

He chased false promises,
And came back weakened,
Into arms awaiting,
Awaiting to offer comfort.

She gave him everything,
Was it too much to ask for his heart?

Did he not see her pain?
Her agony as he pushed her away?

The silent tears that fell,
Fell from her broken eyes were there,
Open to no one but him.

But he does not see.

Again she longs for him,
Again she follows his every word,
Willingly entranced.

And again he does not see her.

For she Loves Him,
He Loves Her Not.
Zainab Ibrahim Oct 2019
Like the setting sun,
Rich hues of red blended with oranges, purples and crimsons.
She Walks In Beauty.
Awaiting the night sky.

Like the moon,
florescent and luminous,
She Walks In Beauty
Bathed in an ethereal glow.
Zainab Ibrahim Jul 2019
Somewhere Far Away from home,
Where war raged,
And death roamed free,
He lay there upon the ground;
Tired and broken,
As he silently weeped.

He wept for the friends and loved ones he had lost.

Somewhere Far Away from home,
My baby cries,
Yearning for what was left behind,
Left behind and shattered by war.

Somewhere Far Away From Home,
My brother dies,
An empty form of himself;
Changed and scarred,
No longer the brother I once knew.

Somewhere Far Away From Home,
A soldier is slain.

And somewhere far away from him,
A loved one mourns,
Drowned by their tears of agony.

They never got to say...

... I Love You!

For he is somewhere far away from home.
She walked into the room,
Sat down upon her seat and sighed.
A sound full of such sorrow and despair
I could not help but ask...
And there I learned the saddest news.

She had met the monsters.
The horrible grotesque beings that stalked the halls,
Hid in the shadows...
Ansld spouted their vile, poisonous lies
That made the unstable weep
And The thickest skins crawl in agony.

She had met the devil's
The terrible beings that lurked in ones nightmares,
Wove tales of spite and corruption.

And as the heartbroken tears painted her face,
I knew for certain...

She had met the bullies.
The ****** now walk the earth.
For Hell's doors are open,
And all its' creatures set free;
The condemed and the cursed,
The sinners and the wretched,
They now all walk the earth.

Tis why heaven has barred its' doors,
And no celestial blessing has shone through,
As the ****** now walk the earth.

And where angels should have slept,
Now lay serpents and the devil himself.
I don't seem yo recall thee
Yet your name I know
And as my lips move,
I know I will recall,
For my heart seems to quicken,
When I think of you,
Even if I know not whom it beats for.

And as I close my eyes to sleep,
There is a name upon my lips.
Zainab Ibrahim May 2018
It crept in,
Slow and tantalising.

A warmth,
That never before existed.

It, no he,
He made me yearn,
Yearn for something,
Something to love and cherish.

And l let him in.

I let him see the darkness within,
I showed him my fears,
My all...

He accepted me for who l was,
Showed kindness and concern,
Filled the void, thawed my frozen heart.

He's the thief who stole my heart.

The thief who cherished,
Showing me all the beautiful colours of love.

And here I stand upon your grave,
Asking for forgiveness.

You gave me things I could give,
For that I ask for forgiveness.

Our precious memories,
Our time spent together.

For all eternity,
I await you love once more.

For you are...

The Thief Who Stole My Heart!
Zainab Ibrahim Aug 2017
"Doctor?" She asked, "What is War?"
"My dear" He answered, "It is the cause of human nature."
"We humans are fickle things full of life and splendour.
However we can be cruel intentionally or unintentionally.
We can change just like the flickering of a burning candle.
A good man can go rouge in the face of greed and misunderstanding,
And a bad man can turn good when given love and understanding.
Just like the candle, we burn out.
Becoming empty soulless shells.


For when man thinks for his own gains.
He is no longer pure.
For when a man commits ******.
He has given up his broken soul to the devil.
Zainab Ibrahim Aug 2018
You were an innocent one,
Kind and pure.

So what happened?

You used to smile,
A gentle tilt of your lips.

So what happened?

You look so broken,
Scared, shattered even.

The twinkle in your eyes has faded.

What happened?

Your once tall frame is hunched,
No confidence in your stance

What happened?

So pale and withered,
The blood seeping from your face.

What happened?

Did her goodbye leave you empty?

Did her false love leave you haunted?

What happened to you?

Where did you carefree laugh go?
The wide grin you held,
The confident swagger you graced us with.

Your eyes look tortured,
Sunken with horrors.

A tainted soul,
Torn to shreds.

What happened to you?
And why do you weep?
When its over,
I'll come back to you.

When it's over,
We will re-unite,
And sing songs of golden joy.

When it is over,
I will say to you...

... "Welcome Home!"
Zainab Ibrahim Feb 2018
Your eyes clouded in grief.

A blank page,
No colour,
Just black and white.

Who do you mourn?
Who deserves such attention?

He left you broken.
He left you empty.

So who is it for?
Your grief,
Who is it for?

No one understood your pain,
No one...
But I.

Close your eyes!
I do not wish to see your grief.

For it is not for me,
Even though I'm dying.

I was a fool.
A fool unloved,


And forever mote it be.
Never stay by someone who makes you feel unloved, they have no right to keep you caged so break free and fly. Regain your freedom. Find someone who loves you for who you are.
Zainab Ibrahim Feb 2018
You were cruel,
You were callous.

A weight I could never get rid of.
Yet I stayed,

I enjoyed the inflicted pain;
Sweet sorrow,
Sweet redemption.

I held you too close,
You stayed,
In your silence,
I felt your fears.

So I opened my hands,
Let you regain your freedom.

The process was slow,
And you slipped away.

I watched you hold her hand.
The jealousy,
Ugly and true.

I watched you hold his hand.
The jealousy,
Numb and rewarding.

We couldn't...

We couldn't stay away.
So we a sang and danced,
Bodies entwined in a darkened room.

Don't let me see you tears fall!

Don't let me see the agony I cause.

Heaven will forever bar it's doors,
And in it's silence,
We seek our fragile hearts.

The cycle repeats.
I hope you enjoy
Your beauty was youe grace,
Your eye the doors to heaven itself.

So why,
Why are tou here with me in the depths of hell.

You could have anyone,
Anyone of your choosing,
So why?

— The End —