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Trout Oct 5
As a rich kid sentimental crucify
I go out lurking in the black of night
To see the moon and copy down the phase I lie
And forget it
It’s all lurid sky

My face is blurry till the scope reminds the world
It’s a jungle and you go home to bed
Insane men know, never understand
And achieve light like the bandit who stole
The girl that ran away with someone else
Trout Oct 5
What disguise?
Is it time to run around or could I just be a frown
No denying
Is contours and smiles
The shells on the avalanche, they’re such a fanciful spot
Should I be the cancerous one who links all insidious lots?
I’ll die
To die severs all living ends and counting files
And a winter cannot bite or see the light
Into its glowing sight
Oh, who will die

Too summery inside my shy
Two angry little flies
Two gambling anchors that live on and die
Can you recognize the meticulous, the move
Can you go
To the man who lives in the snow
And says who will die
Trout Oct 5
My sweet generosity is longing for sweets inside a fool
I can’t understand the multitudes of a launder coming through
And seven crises is the answer of the bedtime, can you listen anyway?
And I’ll sing curiosity to bring something everyone will think
Trout Oct 5
Just lie down, put your eyes on the table
Watch the parade from the sun
My new life is an apparition
Nobody can see my tongue
My machines are a gallery
Sometimes they never speak to me
And I can’t remember the screen
Where movies leak
Singing sweet bells to me
Trout Oct 5
I'm falling down a stairway
I never wanted to behave
I wouldn't love you either way
My eyes are fallen in anyway
I couldn't stay forever
The other ways are better
Oh, love me like you said there
You want to live forever
The times are never changing
The patterns rearranging
The gospel said it's all ours
Never believe it's too hard

My droning spire at night
Believe in tires to hide
A fantasy is rising
Never believed the sky beams
Undo the undulations
Forbidden conversations
Ecstatic violations
A good reincarnation
The sun receives a vision
To me this is all risen
I can't bother to listen
All saints, all sinners missing
The good parade ambition
I will not see you mythic
I cannot be a ribbon
Tied on the box of rhythm

Follow a sacred passion
Redo restore the action
Go like a churchbell hatchet
At night it's all reactions
Trout Oct 5
So I am going to write a song
Anyway I can imagine
I wouldn’t understand it
I feel that something is slightly off
But it’s not enough to save me
From suffering and working

I’ve got three hours to do this work
I want to start over badly
I don’t want to be judged free
Oh, all the clocks are ticking so fast
But I’m here thinking of you dear
It hurts my ears the breathing

Can I blast all of my screams aloud?
I know it’s so weird for you but
This is music to me cause
Even though there is no real melody
It gives me this sort of feeling
My brain is always peeling

I hear my mother’s snoring in the buzz of my old desktop
My mouth cannot be closed

Oh, just one more verse to make me happy
Everything is an illusion
Hey, when’s the last time I talked to Lucian?
I don’t know why we had such a bond
Now there’s nothing left in common
All imagery forgotten
Trout Sep 8
Suit of armor in the sky
The redeemed values conjure my eye
It’s a game, to be fair
Rotation to capture despair
A band of sea monkeys can capture my grenade
The funny feeling sits around and waits until it’s dead
I’m growing older, feeling ghostly bugs outside my leg

How time can pass so fast and leave you empty after facts
I’m going back a day ago when I could not relax
I’m solitary now but when there’s more
People, I feel alone

My birthday in a month
It’s great how my life is a joke
All I see are severed roads
How could you be so deeply soap?
You quit trying to manage me and blocking me all out
The truth is that it’s both our faults but you’re the one who broke
It’s just the way I am but you’re the one who hurt me most

I never realized how much I always think of you
Many things around my life were built upon us two
I never meant to look like such a dork
So you stopped all the work
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