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tranquil Nov 2021
She stopped making castles in the sky
And meandered along a river of sunshine leaking through clouds
In a sea ruled by no king.
tranquil Jun 2021
slept in ice for three hundred years
with three hundred tales to tell others of his kind
before tragedy struck
and the tardigrade was thawed out
by farmers clearing a forest with fire

tales of valor and despair
wisdom and knowledge
the last stories of his ancestors
forgotten and buried in time
washed away by holy water
in the name of a new diety

flickering lights on the last outpost
three hundred light years from what was once home
he wound his clock one last time
and released the beacon
unplugged from life support
sat on regolith, mesmerized with the view
of last star in galaxy going nova
tranquil Jun 2021
Icarus flew high
eyes closed with a dancing soul
wings freed from body
the sun relented
embracing his essence
tucked deep inside a motherly core
a cozy womb for a lifetime's dream to rest
tranquil Jun 2021
A broken mirror
Brings about misfortune
Stop pretending
That world isn’t made of glass
You don’t see right through it
If not with the mind’s eye.
tranquil Jun 2021
that what only makes some sense
is which your own senses make
wish to meet the truth of self
hear the sounds a silence makes
tranquil Jun 2021
Heavens can only be
seen when it's
dark all around.
tranquil May 2021
The air in a bubble
Scared of what surrounds
Should it feel liberated
With it’s body crumbling down
Does nothing to it reach
Or everything does it find
Upon reaching the source
At the end of Darwin’s grind
Stepped in lake of unknown
Holding the finger of eternity
The voice trapped in a bubble
Resonates through infinity
Opened, finally.
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