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tranquil Oct 2020
fireflies in jar
halley's comet in orbit
hamster on wheel
ant on a mound in winter
homeless family under flyover
goldfish in bowl
sand in hourglass
pendulum in clock
blood in veins
holiday weekend plans
fire in steel furnace
oil under desert rocks
water in a glacier
protagonist in a dusty book
character in a logged off videogame
larva in chrysalis
tree in unplanted seed
pigeon hiding in rain
stardust on earth
life in materialism
divinity in debauchery

tranquil Oct 2020
wish not to be
resoluteness of the giant sail
in stormy tides
but the innocence of
a paper boat
floating away in
in monsoon
tranquil Jul 2015
People who fight
their battles alone
either lose the battle
or lose themselves.
tranquil Sep 2015
don't rely solely on God
maybe God relies solely on you
tranquil Oct 2020
Born of spring
Cradled by wind
Little green leaf
Swayed merrily

Beads of gold
On sunlit folds
Little green leaf
Grew bright and bold

Shady smooth
Shelter from storms
Critters played ‘neath
Where merrily
Great green leaf
From twirly breeze
Hid them all cheerily

Sailed through weeks
In forest sea
Seasons changed
Great green leaf
Turned so pale
All but so

From gusts of fall
On an October chilly
Plucked from it’s home
The great orange leaf
Fluttered and flew

Turned and tossed
Flipped and flowed
The great orange leaf
Slipped under a willow

Its time to see
The world anew
From down in dust
Like others do
The ones which shed
Far longer too
And cheer with winds
Rustling through
The little brown leaves
With a napping few
soaked the sun
scrubbed the air
cooked for you
till i was up there

- great brown leaf
tranquil Dec 2014
How do you
love someone
who doesn't
love her/himself?
tranquil Nov 2013
it refuses to leave
a lashing soaring tide
the frozen etch of past
on ripples of my mind

the shattered reverie
forged into scripted moves
fading out as weeks
yet vivid i assume

which mirrors as a rift
between the sea of love
sandwiched reluctantly
with turgid smiles of

a pair of sunken hearts
dissected by the world
be lost unto our fate
as oceans conceal pearls

across the breadth of life
by breed of hailing wise
who pompously reject
shackle our maiden flight

constrain the gayle till dawn
repress the blooms of time
yet shadowed by romance
still dream along shall i

behope a spring of sun
which fills this yawning void
behold the scents of spring
beneath your cursive smile

to wait upon a day
yearning for misty greens
dressed up in coils of love
until eternity

to ooze a sight of heaven
to bleed a laugh again
even as stale horizons
fervently await

a day which breathes upon
brilliance of tranquil nights
surround a whirl of stars
and kiss our florid sky

as bristling autumns flow
from her dreamy eyes
my maestro shall compose
the adagio of life
tranquil Apr 2014
chiseled on the face of snow
winter sleeps in porous white
silent drift as frozen souls
swims in dreamer's tired eye
put upon a jilted mask
by who's hearts are made of ice

time to melt away the nap
split the coat of seedy cage
bloom into the tints of pink
spring and blossom, seize the day

these resplendent mosses wild
curl in lush of ferns asleep
toe across the floor of dark
but with feather'd pixie feet
swooning babble by the noon
step a breathing melody

while slippery rays of sun
torn and terrified
do fall in forest seat
melt at pleasure's sight
when shadows sweep the air
challenge the greatest heights
through steepest layers of dream
its time the mind shall climb

stumble shed the cloak
fly or run in deep
journey past the forest's
verdant canopies
as seasons paint upon
canvas of crimson trees
in while the hollows sing
to those fallen asleep

i'm yet to find myself
through misty layers adrift
journey's far across
and into abyss

lone below palatial mounts
secluded outcast
the twilight dives in echoes
in layers of shadows past

a sound of broken trails
hunted waned or lost
scorching blood and sweat
never once forgot

she rises holding breath
swims in heavens high
no one's come this far
swooning to her sky

as dancing glint of stars
laid upon its smile
the adagio of dream
my gift to you is life
tranquil Oct 2013
on beds of fragrant sights
through charms of sourest deeds
it rains away all spring
all when my heart bleeds


i­ know not who i'll be
or what i really am
an immemorial soul
in nimbler storms which swam

among the crowd of flowers
so sickeningly sweet
would lie the boldest aphids
upon the roses feed

my feathers trod on winds
challenge His modest grace
through marching fleet of life
in ****** shadows laid

with semblance of a calm
in grooves of wilderness
in arms of ecstasy
which life stands to confess

but how shall these two feet
embark a lonely trip
perhaps find love so still
as dew on roses' lip


in faintest of moonlights
on dewy grasses seen
inscribed upon my palm
is meaning of my being.
tranquil Oct 2020
drops of paint
smeared on a sheet
rejected by peers
painting's soul
brushes washed
in a jar of water
that accepts
essence of every stroke
be water
tranquil Oct 2020
in an antimatter universe
with abundant anti love particles
orbiting anti smart dumbotrons
was perhaps where humans
originally belonged to
tranquil Oct 2020
love is a cage
that nobody breaks
a heart thumping below ribs
our connection to the world is so faint
tranquil Sep 2020
forest yawns
tucking itself in a cozy bed of fallen leaves
readies itself for a sleepy winter
tranquil Oct 2013
like a rounded piece of ice
shrouded by the cloud
gentle beauty, kind and wise
splendorful and proud

over quiet waters still
and shiny ocean leaves
riding autumn air's chill
few kindred spirits meet

on a blossomy sky of silver
they trace the tree of stars
mesmerized with sacred splendor
delight spills from guitars

its resplendent propinquity
does my sky rephrase
as this glorious moon above
gently takes new phase

you and me as drifting tides
pull from shore to shore
like a dream which lover's confide
and yet wander alone

shine alone o solemn moon
for drowsy stars are gone
but shower upon me light from which
i shall be reborn
tranquil Aug 2019
A bulky cloud shouted and made noises at me.
So, I threw a stone at it.
The cloud spat in my general direction.
It ruined my day.
tranquil Oct 2013
in gleaming starry night
believe in tranquil dreams
fly through prussian clouds
express yourself with breeze

when clear blue rivers chime
by sleepy forest trees
slip him into your heart
and to his will agree

for there's nothing rarer
essenced in vitality
when genius of a moon
loves imperfectly

may million seasons pass
all endless moments be
and lined with purple carpets
may shimmery nights you see

its just another day
in life of ones who dream
for those who always love
shall live eternally
tranquil Oct 2013
schemes of naked solitude
engraved in storyline
as broken wings unsure
of blizzards lost in time

in different senses we
find dreariness alone
how ficklest root of us
strikes wilderness unknown

and know how hard it seems
to let go of your eyes
in mind of throbbing veins
in sifted crimson smile

feels as blessed we were
or cheated if it be
fallen to tricks of time
as treasures rest in sea
tranquil Oct 2013
without a care in world
dancing with flirty breeze
she plays along with life
as chirping birds in trees

bathing in sunlit dew
fondling with light i see
in arms of listless wind
you bloom so lazily
tranquil Apr 2014
my sweet little bird is dead
wide afar free at last
hovering alight moves
to rhythm of the dark

through passing open winds
from foamy feather clouds
its fiery serpent wings
preened away by doubt

and breaks into the blue
shallows of a brook
to find a mirror gaze
anchored crystal look

my sweet little bird awaits
eyes perched on marbled moon
nesting sight of promises
spouting beak a croon

lost in shrubs of distant arms
leaves of plunging dreams
steering tweet a call of night
and grip the shade of trees

though when its frigid heart
may trace a sunlit path
a glancing summer shower
shall spring a velvet bath

my sweet little bird will fly
to blooming meadows ripe
rejoice at warmth of love
and span a tranquil sky
tranquil Oct 2013
in deeper shades of red
in memories slipped away
as book with pressed flowers
remind you of today

of treasures hid in dark
as lights do celebrate
in jolly remembrance of
all things you appreciate

with steady blessed rains
and showers of love pure
create a world so which
we'll cherish and adore

for crafted delicately
if handled with belief
will shine your jubilant soul
brighter than diamonds be

in nights of dreamy hues
which softly pave your way
a light of blessing true
welcomes a brand new day
tranquil Oct 2013
in the tiniest house of time
i go and search for her
amid a strike of midnight chimes
neither souls infer

in that little house i live
with fate which He ordained
for what once has gone from it
none can be regained

infinite is thy mansion lord
what faithful men do seek
walk upon time's narrow sword
on years which seasons leap

beneath sky's golden canopy
as wind winds round my neck
with a look into your eyes i feel
your breath inside my breath

into the horizon where all immerse
i've reached the brink of eternity
see all fearless slumbers disburse
into your singular immensity

see how empty lives drown
into your ocean grand
while the gulfs all wash me down
i await your touch of hand


adapted from R.B. Tagore's poem - Brink of Eternity
of love which clothes our world
shadows which meets the sky
dipped in each others fullness
shall always be you and I
tranquil May 2021
The air in a bubble
Scared of what surrounds
Should it feel liberated
With it’s body crumbling down
Does nothing to it reach
Or everything does it find
Upon reaching the source
At the end of Darwin’s grind
Stepped in lake of unknown
Holding the finger of eternity
The voice trapped in a bubble
Resonates through infinity
Opened, finally.
tranquil Nov 2021
Learn from everyone
Follow on one.
tranquil Oct 2013
enwrapped in ornate flush
are seven colors of rain
bear me in your memory
behold this little pain

to blurry shades of sky
we'll throw our stars again
but pangs of sooty love
watch them few remain

from prisons of solitude
although perhaps in vain
just hint me through this cloud
in tears my love remain

through burning dreams at night
and fiery shadows lain
bear me in your heart
behold this little pain
tranquil Nov 2021
She stopped making castles in the sky
And meandered along a river of sunshine leaking through clouds
In a sea ruled by no king.
tranquil Jul 2015
there is no song which time could sing
no chords of reason memories string
and though our moments bittersweet
could gnargled **** amusingly..

to kiss the knives in dark of nights
that cut us up in wrongs and rights
carve us into plainer shapes
homely, drier, commonplace..
remember each and every stance
by whims and fancies or by chance,
what drives us part is neither stars
or vague and placid fate of ours
in solace ; peace amid the pain
and spirits worming in embrace
what does soar high in tops of trees
in flash of silent tranquil breeze

through greens of promised merriment
while branching arms in wonders spread
lets close our eyes and find the rhyme
but not in stars, in heart this time.
an old poem
tranquil Apr 2019
Act 1

Drunk wispy clouds keep falling over the blue tarmac
Refusing to take off
And make way for a sun too shy to show itself

White Sea gulls tear warm winds apart
Flocks aimlessly meander along curves of the green isthmus

Toes of rocks along the shore
Play with bedsheets of ocean waves
Pulling and pushing layers of shallow blue waters

Our sky is an open air theatre
Where two kites chase each other’s tail
Dive deep and soar high
Overflow with dizzying adrenaline
While an old faithful sail on a fishing boat
Bogged down, tied to the command of ocean winds
Envies the freedom
Held by two fragile pieces of paper

Act 2

First three stars peek through purple curtain of sky
It is a cue for the Sun
To abandon it’s shyness and take a dip
Before tucking itself in seabed
He admires his reflection for a bit before
Waves break it apart into million glistening yellow diamonds
Shining, scattered over an orange ocean carpet

Sea gulls perch on rocks covered in seaweed
Sharing epic stories of victories and despair
Un-ashamed, in a loud communion

A lighthouse far in the distance
It’s bright eyes pierce an ever-growing darkness
Resolutely, dutifully
Guide the clueless in search of shore
Towering above fishing vessels docked by the bay
Our sky is a painter’s palette
Getting muddier with each dip of the brush
Before an artist gives up

Act 3

Gentle clouds cradle an infant moon
It’s distilled halo percolates down to wet beach sand
One light wave at a time

Sea is in a trance
Oscillating between extremes of anarchy and tranquility
Hiding in it’s depths the worst of pains
And mountains of hope

A fog laminates the seascape
Pulling up a curtain over naked chores of nature
For she has done enough for the day
Bathing in it’s own grandeur
Advertising itself to whole existence

Summer constellations peek over emerald green mangroves
Mythical heroes and queens come to life
Ready to command armies of bears and bulls
Summon dragons and centaurs
Ride chariots along the milky way
Before a truce is called again
And everyone slips into a slumber
with Lyres played in background

Our sky is an open air theatre
That mirrors itself in your dark eyes
And a whole cosmos of imagineered tales
Takes over mind's stage
When the curtains fall.
tranquil Jun 2014
nervous blossoms seal the fate
of dreamy tulips red
swim across the lights in skies
in layered words unsaid

a mind of fluttering breezes pure
when dabs on screens of night
like smells of distant drops on earth
it blossoms at her sight

though needs to live a certain way
does heart of beating rain
while clouds do part from showers yet
they shall meet again
tranquil Oct 2013
as a cloud slips out
from hands of mountain queen
it questions its existence
it questions its belief

with one hazy walk
feeling all it sees
flies it through the sky
curious of its being

but world's a stranger yet
in lesser realms of sea
a shiny pearl of glass
on edge of floorless being

in mystery that pervades
did often wonder he
standing still in awe
what does freedom mean

to all of what it asked
and all what it sees
closed both eyes and heard
the call of its belief

"in all which forces flow
in all prayers which heal
into your song of life
purge my lonely being"
tranquil Dec 2013
is there a reason why dreamy voices spill out
of every breathless breeze tracing
the mystery of her fragrance?

what causes the moon to yell its name into
a golden softness of her aura
permeating my desires?

why does the sun set fire to the tranquil sea
whenever her eyes shimmer down to
daring depths of allure?

where does the beckoning rhythm of gentle chaos
lead into a pool of humble familiarity
drenched in swirls of art?

why do cold nights whisper her prayers while lullabies
sing to the rolling raindrops upon eyes
in a season of romance?

how does the turbid murkiness of her silence
shake my soul as raging roaring tides
wrapped around a noise of lies?

when do scared footsteps of gripping regrets mould
a future laid upon mortified ashes
as snowflakes lost in blizzards?

and above all..

how does it all end for the both of us?
tranquil Sep 2014
in imperfect creases on fabric of time
like colours jostling about in a kaleidoscope
and in eyes of seamless auroras
we all long to be freely blooming dandelions
tranquil Dec 2013
in fires of its breath
gardens with misty wings
be left upon the stars
which ashen mornings bring

a sight of heavens rich
the golden rain of old
from corner of the eye
through sieve of drowning souls

as wet of earthen stories
she drinks away the hours
broken but gentle still
volleys the passing showers

and wistfulness of past
the summer's broken dream
as pressed love in pages
may haunt a roses' sleep

to lip a life's desire
destined to bleed the night
which husky secrets share
do spying ears of time

i lean upon the frame
of tender springs unseen
behope the oozing light
through rosy tinted screen
and call out to the might of my darling muse
as leaves of life fall one by one
until a spring dawns upon
one of many more
tranquil Oct 2013
blended in my dreams
confessions made in mind
wrote to you so clearly
and still so unrefined

as this life mimics
the gloomy clouds of heart
and honors your friendship
in moments when we part

but just before you go
remember once again
times which left us by
just as we chose them

memories when we teased
played ourselves to sleep
and wondered how once ran
these tranquil waters deep

in tales of olden shared
in talks of joy and pain
when everything was said
with single smile plain

when wrangling's over all
eclipsed our days and nights
trivial yet implicit
as something else might

though while i recall
of which is now past
my soul dreams of a time
of a lie that didn't last

and here i am now for
everyone to see
what comes of a man
too afraid to be

all so brittle and coarse
in your soft smother
i used one bitter lie
redeemed it with another

to the last question my dear
blunt as this cleansing rain
you answered in three words
with unspoken pain

you have no idea
of my gratitude
for these shall serve excuse
to always be with you

be with you in heart
be with you in mind
to see you dance in rain
through foliage of time

just few of many reasons
or talks i came up through
before the cunning lie
that i never loved you
bit by bit you leave
a hazy memory's shade
was i sane or not
there in the first place

only you shall know
who i really am
a man without the courage
to share his silly plan
tranquil Aug 2020
Life defies entropy
Like a soap bubble defies wind
tranquil Aug 2020
"Life" (noun)
\ ˈlīf  \
plural lives\ ˈlīvz  \

War between evolution and entropy going on for 3.5 billion years.
tranquil Mar 2015
when the yarn of rain weaves a carpet on grass blades
the loudy birds move for shelter
in pages of a book skipped to the ****** of night
in hope to start afresh with another journey

silently as spirits hum through my lips
and unspoken words wait to be heard
the stars spring a mesh of destiny
*fighting with demon clouds
first collaboration with a young budding poetess, Bhoomika Rajput.
tranquil Sep 2020
mediterranean winds sowed it
in a windswept dune
and the sky's veil
bejeweled with infinite stars
layered light upon
the moon planted underneath
desert's parched skin

once a month which bloomed
into a white rose
on night's backdrop
amid distant howls
of awestruck wolves,
and mesmerized lost travellers
without creating a tide
on warm sands
then faded away
to a void which never speaks
tranquil Oct 2013
what sits in vicious throes of time
her silver shiny face
quivering from infernal forge
obscured away in space

enigma of this starry gloom
labyrinth of fantasy
dissected by her loneliness
seamless as tranquil sea

the opus of my nightingale
and chastened sounds of glee
sure as a stolen sight of gods
reveal our destiny

a life of defunct voidness
the land of phantom trace
in fraction of the infinite
she finds a sweet embrace

of what is filtered through her eyes
it rains through silver hair
all in the moments autumns float
and thunders sweep with care

for those of us who shall be praise
or bring repose upon
hers is the love so often missed
and seldom ever won

for coldest warmth of molten dreams
may spiral passing by
and mark a mortal woman's love
for a man who could not die
born of the wind
              velvet blue rose
              as inescapable as
              the piercing armageddon
in a time where hymns get sung
                    to the fond desires of
                    my darling muse
                    the paradox of her jubilant soul
tranquil Oct 2013
i saw this sky's mirage
in layers black adrift
of scattered circuits stark
a gilded hallowed gift

and then i saw a smile
entrancing mystery
which eclipses all time
pervades fathomlessly

know how a clumsy sky
loses its grab on stars
as shadows string a lyre
be melt into life's art

if tulips indiscreet
dare touch your blooming lips
bestow a million earths
and envy years of spring

some overzealous hearts
may still light up a night
may trade a soul for love
to behold you in sight

just flow into my heart
as meadow mist engulfs
and fill into my veins
as throbbing nimble pulse

hear melody night plays
beneath the starry sky
you are the reason i
am certainly alive
tranquil Jun 2014
love is rebel

when maddening rush of waves in sea
pound upon rocks obliterating all reverence
and meekest lilies bud in deserts to destroy
drowsy, shrivelled spirits of arid expanse

winds hum a song

and ballad of crimson bleeds from skylark's beak
as millennia of smoldering agony melt the furnace
of a gasping heart stomped upon by boots of time
weary, tired of burning for this world

i turn to you

chasing the merriest dream shut against an eye
of a frail romance, seeking a moment's solace
in tender touch of your silvery hue
lest my soul discern emptiness of my being

and turn blind without

caress of blissful light streaming down divinity
of a paradise which shall be home to lovers
in a moment something akin to blossoms fair
and be named the marvel of a moonlit sky

but how you only part

with moment lapsing into oblivion like a stream
housing ripples which fade into obscurity
as you flowing ride seaward along noiseless breezes
only to rest in nethers of a watery labyrinth

and doomed to burn

i part ways till my beloved's sleep grieves upon
dark stillness of heart as garish rays burn alight;
fill the land with a curtain of longing;
await your blissful countenance at twilight

beyond a chore of night and day

indulge in gleaming splendour of a festival
witnessed by angels and mortals alike
amid fleeting tenderness that paints our wispy sky
with a rosy blush, we seek each other

wriggling along

emptiness of space and hallucinate
a glittering spread of stars half asleep or coy
while celestial arena dumbfounded by our mutinous flight
gazes at two Gods sailing, sinking in each others arms

do humans plead and pray

wrought with sorrow, wish away the ill omen
turning glorious light to abominable darkness
as if life betrayed the vanquished spirit of
terrorized souls shouting, beating pots and drums

should someone tell the world

and those beseeching mercy from heavens
escape is a wing endowed to dream
through eyes of a lover which turn to riot
illuminate the darkness of a lifetime's longing

tell them dearie, tell them now

to the chanting, screaming vengeful barbarians
we're a tangle of coldly breathed sighs in lonesome nights
a mad rush of blooming desire grew tired of servility
wrapped inside the ring of black burning passion

we are the embrace

frozen in background of a singular nothingness
for which seems like an eternity but which shall
only last for a desperate twinkle of time
while savoured feasts of memories brew in our being

but long as we are bound

baited to the hook of grand order
crunched and gnashed under weight of divine province
we will part in an eye's blink again
like melody turned to a moan

-- the sun
faint and pale, vague as mist
in drowsing depth of shaded sky
gleaming sweet between the hills
you bless me with eternal light

tracing out the spiral steps
tresses silver pave the way
out in garden of my stars
beams of gold do so convey

tales of shiny mistress knocking
a door of white, still rustiness
awaiting night's crescendo
a valiant saviour - nothing less

though momentary interludes
fleeting glimpses, passing glances
shall slip away in an eyes blink
with churning spell of nature's dances

while night sighs of nostalgia
beckoned by call of time
reluctantly we submit
tremble with solemn goodbyes

as slender arms of dreamy beams
leaning dwell in treads of clouds
we'll dress the pitch of emptiness
all in eager lonely shrouds

-- the moon
tranquil Nov 2016
What can win against time, someone asked me
reminiscing the journey which started eighteen months ago
with me and him philosophizing intricacies of life
and human emotion
relishing the daily luxuries of satisfying debates
when little did I know that we would walk all along
fighting demons in our own being
surviving closed ends of fate
and loneliness

The man I got to learn of
his real, gentle and calm soul
comforted with the truth of a warm heart
eventually knocking out the dread
of long distances between us
relinquishing the storms in our minds
embracing sparkles of different weathers

Shall it really last forever
or burst out with emotion
it really is us
and our love fueled by faith in search of its way
which outlasts time
a shining beacon
in midst of an ocean of crowded wilderness.
poem requested by a friend
tranquil Oct 2013
amid love's needy hour
on tiring eyes unclosed
fills as sight of flowers
this night silent and lone

this one beast of moon
which peeks into her being
with its swerve-less tune
through sky twirling be seen

blossoms her soul of life
do sing her lips such song
be melt into twilight
and be forever gone

yet know in heart does she
hears drama of a sky
in arms of cypress trees
her love will never die

this tranquil town hillside
on bluish giddy slopes
on this cold starry night
she wraps herself with hope
inspired by Van Gogh's starry night
tranquil Mar 2021
they buried a poet
sprinkled his words over coffin
tossed a book into dirt alongside
and waited few decades
to have a leaf sprout
for winds to carry his lines
to one with open ears
another circle in a world of squares
have phrases strain down the cheeks
into ink smeared on paper

buried in a trashcan
in a diary
in a library
in dirt
everywhere really...
tranquil Feb 2014
Unknown to what's in store
The wind
Directs a wave
Onto the shore-

When patience falls apart,
Left with an unfinished start-
It departs.

But as anticipation for more
Grows confident than before.
It returns
Washing a conch ashore

To entrap the sweet murmurs
Of such a magical bliss
Making emotions to quiver
As the melodious message
Waits to be heard.
(c) Farheen Nabi, August 2013.
tranquil Aug 2020
dewdrop swinging on grass blade
drunk in its merriment
in shape of a perfect star
whose pale rays condense
in a drop of water
surrounded by friends
critters of the night

among many alike
earth is a dewdrop
a tear on the cheek of creation
destined to be dried away
by breeze of temporariness
in meadow of eternal time
tranquil Aug 2020
A blank sheet of paper loses it’s beauty
Once it’s been written upon
After which it’s worth
is decided by the ink smeared upon it

Our society talks about equality
And values the beauty of limitless possibilities
but judges something
As soon as it is quantified
In beauty, price and usefulness

An equal world is one
Where a blank sheet
And a masterpiece
Hold the same value
For they’re both beautiful in their own way
tranquil Jan 2014
distances which speak,
of minds which never met,
posing for the world,
customary and yet

we seal the fate of hearts
in molded nimbleness,
amidst world's curious eyes,
exploring restlessness

and as torrents of time,
shall wash upon our being,
we sail a wayward tide,
but into stranger seas

to dream a poet's day,
and wake a lover's night,
breathe in a halo pale,
perhaps a transient sign

hinting a life of dreams,
bestowed upon our souls,
we walk eternity,
all so unexplored.
tranquil Jan 2021
struggling to hold on
to the raft of hope
over waves of anxiety
tranquil Jun 2014
when tempting scores of breath
inlay the lips of clouds
as winds burn in through east
as ambitions grow loud

a touch of aimless sight
pressed so close to mine
i wait upon my muse
as mortals seek divine

to slip into your thought
in musings of your being
as pouting tulips grin
ensign a twilight's scene

with wishes etched in sky
when moon rides into dark
you land into my dreams
my breathing evening star
tranquil Jul 2020
The evening moon is almost full
My feet sink in porous shores
Little toes peeking through sea foam
Cotton candy coloured beach house
Behind my back
Voices call me for a snack

Tangerine sky warm with dryness of day
And dreariness of night
Stars punched through holes
Wires connected to nebulae
Housing purple dust
My gaze drifts innocently
To the heart of stardust looking into my soul
Voices of those I love make me shed a tear
And pray for my lost moon

Petrichor and monsoon
Soft greens between hard rocks
His smiling countenance melting shield of self-doubt
While my vulnerable seed lets go of
It’s protective shell
My wings grow in these turbulent times
I set sail to unknown winds
For my moon is almost full

I have my heart
I have my wings now
To gaze at destiny’s mirror
Along with him
Maybe discreetly, maybe pompously
Walking upto a window and open up
Fearfully, fearlessly, angrily, lovingly

My strings join to the cosmos
Thumping of heart heard in supernovae
Tears in conches turned to pearls
Sweat on my brow turned to morning dew
Gushing Blood in veins turned to glowing magma
I hear the moon say
You are your own light
Burdened, free
Adulterated, unadulterated
Tell this to your mirror and let it sing praises
of your mighty soul

When my eyes look into a mirror
The mirror gazes itself through them
When the moon is almost full
And even when you hide it somewhere
I find wishing myself a happy birthday
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