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Jan 22 · 65
Mind control
Torin Jan 22
I tell myself...
A million flashing screens,
And ringing phones,
And broadcasts signals,
Check your local news,
The media cycles,
The endless coverage,
I tell myself....
Fear **** on the front page,
Voices from all devices,
Talking heads.
I tell....
And ur local programming
                        Mind control,
I tell myself..
But really.... do I?
Is any thought my own,
And dreams or indecision
My destiny....

Is it just what people I've never met have made for me?
Oct 2021 · 87
Torin Oct 2021
Fruit on the vine
So many emotions pouring into me

Sounds of the horns
far off in the distance so deep in my soul


I felt so all alone

I can only gamble now
And it's all house money
It's all lose or break even
Even I Heaven affords me the greatest of benediction

Starts in the soil
Buried deep under the detritus of decomposition
A seed

Warmth of the sun
Heavenly blissful rays onto a soul


I was always alone

And taking chances
It's all house money
My compounded debt until tomorrow
Tomorrow still brings a sweet sunrise

A smile

If heaven can forgive me for me and my sins
If heaven can forgive

Fruit on the vine
Ripe for picking
Before she spoils
And all is left as rot

Fruit on the vine
My hands are busy harvesting

Sep 2021 · 98
Torin Sep 2021
The headlines are always bad news
Screams pull the night apart
Low tearing an old would open
To never heal
He said he loved her
I can't blame it on the the Tetons

What once was beauty
Colors change then fade to black
art becoming nothing
I don't even know how to story goes
Lions and lambs
But this autumn growing colder

The Frontlines inside my head are raging
Dreams fail down around me
Sorrowful September
With leaves falling
I never knew her favorite band
I can't blame it on the Tetons

It must have been Hell
Those eyes so cold
Those eyes which once were loving
And even the angels cried
He said he loved her
I never knew her favorite band
Rest in peace Gabby Petito
Rest in peace Gabby Petito
Jul 2021 · 140
Censor My Fears
Torin Jul 2021
Im not even allowed to hold such thoughts....
S     E                       I scream in silence,
   C      A                   Fearful of lurking listeners,
       R      M              Eavesdroppers when dreams are not
                    S       allowed.
                                    Dreams are not allowed,
                                      I say a prayer out loud,
                                    Dreams are not allowed,
                                      I say a prayer out loud.
I see death even from many thousands of miles away,
I see it forming lines under a dragons eyes,
I see it loaded into trains by loaded guns
Just a commodity to be shipped off,
Forever away...
To a place that even the hopeful close their eyes,
Because to look is to see no hope,
Just starving dogs,
And swarms of flies.

There is a black hole at the center of the universe,
But im not allowed to say,
A finger pointed in the direction of the darkness,
The rotten corrupted evil,
The truth that is the hatred that can live in man's heart,
When life implies death,
And you only feel yourself as a stranger in the world...

I was never allowed to say,
Just shouted down and told to stay,
                                                           ­  in silence.
To even censor my fears,
As they grow in the east.
I've been called so many things I forgot my name,
I forgot my name,
Just a stranger in the world,
Who wants love when love is hate,
And good is evil,
And truth is fiction.
My fears grow in the east and grow in the land,
And in the streets,
And the sorrow is a flower dead on the vine.
we have always been at war with eurasia! What would you have done in the 1930s as bolsheviks killed millions of Cossacks? What would you have done in the 40s? What do you do now? Do you even know there are millions of people in a country that has proclaimed a future of global *******. Millions of people in camps being forced into slave labor. Millions of people who are not allowed to have children or are sterilized. Millions of people being ethnically cleansed. Did you know that if you speak up about it there are actually people who will defend that country and simply accuse you of racism? The tech companies censoring is one thing. Powerful billion dollar entities, oligarchs. of course its wrong for them to control our speech but we should expect that. Its always been the same people doing the same thing. But....when its gotten so bad that even political ideas you disagree with are shouted down by everyday people...
Jun 2021 · 291
The Rain
Torin Jun 2021
How could learning how to let someone love you be so personal
When its like the rain?
Everyone feels it fall
But not everyone feels it the same

Some take no notice and move along
Some hear the rain falling on the roof as a song

Some see the lighting before it strikes
Some hear only thunder
But still others...

Some scurry for cover

And still others
Still there's others that dance

So howl at me wind if you would like
Bend the limbs of the trees that line the streets
Move swiftly as you must
Soft upon my skin
I've been waiting long before
The storm ever began

And I've been dancing ever since
I've been dancing
Its been too long since I had an onion ring. I like the big thick ones that are fresh cut. Flaky yet crispy, the crisper the better. And I like when they are fresh out of the fryer and very greasy. Maybe some thousand island dressing as dipping sauce. Mmmmm sounds delicious. I could sure go for some about right now
Jun 2021 · 81
Torin Jun 2021
Science explains why we bruise
And even tries explaining why we hurt
How can I make it through tomorrow?
There will be no flowers blooming
Not in the spring

I guess its just metaphorical suicide
Reason doesn't come in to play
Just agony
The recollections of when I knew the sun would rise
And forgiveness
The squall of it all

What would wisdom tell me?
Both hands
I grab so tight I can't hold
Even wisdom won't help me now
As I delve deeper into darkness than I knew one could go
What would the future tell me?

As it dawns on me
Like the sun from the east
The world is flat
The heavens are a blanket
And seals are on every one of the stars
Unlatched but if he says they are

How can I accept?

But to know

I am strong
But not strong
Strong enough to accept
Not strong enough to control

Still these bruises on my heart
These bruises
There is not a science on earth to explain
The pain I feel right now
Jun 2021 · 83
Torin Jun 2021
When the day comes its surprising the sun still rises

Well, in the east as it has always done
When even in the morning I see the sun set

You have been warned of the times ahead
Again and again
Though that voice has been silent for some time
You never forget

And a new law spreads the land

A law that demands you be alone
Only the lost and ****** may live
A law that demands you deny the only truth you've known
Demands you submit

Lightning bolts shot from heavens
As the dark one moves in shadows
Controlling the interest of earth
You are not of the the earth
But instead chosen from out of the earth

There's only one thing to save us
But there's war
And rumors of war
And famine
And earthquakes
And natural disaster at a scale of nothing before

Would you

Would you submit

And deny the only thing you know can save you?
Jun 2021 · 81
Torin Jun 2021
Only creatures of our own condition
I dont even sing any more
Only silence
Not even the voices that reach through the void
The void is too large
Not even the glimmer that is hope reaches
All is silence
I've loved everything beautiful in this world
I have loved the ugliest....

How quickly the end can come to both
As quick as the night
When the stars are thrown from heaven
And all is darkness
This is one day promised to us all
But I feel it now
Feel it in the depths of my soul

And there's no easy answer
There's no answer
Theres nothing at all
Just you
And a song

A song you can never hear again

And all you are
Nov 2020 · 166
now it is winter
Torin Nov 2020
Now it is winter
When everything is so big we cannot overcome
I don't even know what to want
Not that it matters anymore
I can only hope there is an angel still
Watching over me
How much im needing now
It is winter
Nov 2020 · 144
Torin Nov 2020
A wall as many miles wide
To cover up the sun
We all see clouds
We don’t see silver linings
The storm and rain
The window panes are tearing at their hinges
I’m sitting at a window
Watching clouds coming in
Closing the horizon
And I’ve opened up my eyes

We need the rain
Days of old we prayed for rain
Those holy men, temple priests and shaman
Sacrifice was made for rain
Our crops may grow
And yield a holy harvest
That with the love of god
This next year will be better than the last
Our thirst may quench
Our hearts find love
And I’ve opened up my eyes
Nov 2020 · 105
Torin Nov 2020
I was seven
Sitting in a sandbox
Playing with words

And a kid would scream
"Tag, you're it"
And I would bleed
Because I was

I was drunk
Delivering my daily diatribe
About symbolism, and feeling, and energy, and


And the cop would pull me over
Because I was driving in two lanes
Talking to a ghost
Who couldn't understand

I told him
"I've been waiting for you,
And I didn't even know it"

Mr authority who I deplore
Was inspired by the poet
He let me go
Just like I did before

And later I thought
How senseless it really was
To be sensible
Nov 2020 · 103
Torin Nov 2020
Weight don't fall on me
I carry so much
As a lost and lonesome pilgrim
I venture with empty hands
This my blessing
This my burden
My heavy heart
My hopeful oath
As I do not know tomorrow
As friend
Or enemy
I only know the sky is looming
With promise and deception
I still must carry on
Knowing some day must bring a dawn
Some days become the night
Sometimes to hold together
Others to fall apart
heaven help me

I still must carry on
not knowing if you see the stars when I do
not knowing the moon
forgetting the meaning of the scars
was once my dream
has always been my curse
my broken heart
my beating heart
I can see pain is my friend
she has always been there for me
I see the writing in the stars
I can see your name
the promise and the hope
the lonesome feeling
the creeping melancholy
the gloom that lingers long
I know I have to live without
I don't know how I can
heaven help me

Weight don't fall on me
I carry so much
A lost and lonesome pilgrim
My empty hands
This my blessing
This my curse
My loss of faith
My hopeful oath
I journey on
I do not know tomorrow
I only know the sky is looming
With promise and deception
Some days bring with them dawn
Some days become the night
Or forsaken
Heaven help me
Sep 2020 · 149
Torin Sep 2020
It’s more a greyness
And inch by inch the the greyness spreads
Covering the sallowed ground
It’s inch by inch then foot by foot
Steady aiming at my heart

But I found color
And even as the world is doomed
I find a flower blooming
A light that shows in darkness
The colors shine

my favorite color
something beautiful in this ugly world
give me any hope
show me I can dream
this life is bigger than it seems

And no space there ever could contain
Even planets move to sing your name
as if the music made us
Loving you where words can only fall behind
Loving you outside the scope of time
Aug 2020 · 156
The stars shine
Torin Aug 2020
Don't the seasons end in spring?
The time we use to sew our seeds
The tree we used to know won't grow
Not how we tear at the roots out
But I wish the flowers bloom
The way that May moves into June

The wisdom of the mob
The wisdom of our God
And as the city is burning
The city is burning
You help me know the world is turning
The world is still turning

Don't you make the star shine?
It was written on our skin before
The heartline
And even in the dark times
The midnights without moons
The twilights
Don't you make the stars shine?
The stars shine

Don't the days all go away?
The graceless hours
We deny the history of the sun
And paint it over with a advertisement
But I still wish the sun would rise
And bring the light that shines within your eyes
Into our lives

The love of the mob
The love of our God
Who set the cities to burning
Cities are burning
But our hearts and minds are burning to
I burn for you

Don't you make the star shine?
The unknown and uncharted
The beyond time
The bloodlines and mankind
Every step we've taken
And even when we fly
Don't you make the stars shine
Just so much brighter
Jul 2020 · 512
Throwing pebbles
Torin Jul 2020
We went through the red light
The red lights flashed over smoke that's rising
A broken shattered window
The streets are changing names
In pockets of defiance
And violence

We could see the bright light
The bright light
But we could see the wide view
The panoramic
And I'm seeing both directions
At the money changers temple
We flip the tables  

We could see the red light
It's screaming, "stop", and when
                     the dragon flies both wings wide,
Upon the clouds within the east
That are advancing
And steadily
But you would never see a thicker rain

But we would see the bright light
The twilight
Within this darkness follow white light
And keep fighting
Against forces at the castle gate
Self reflection
At the battle for the worlds end
We're throwing pebbles

But you have never seen a thicker rain
May 2020 · 723
Torin May 2020
I watched you begin,
no one ever filled the space in between so beautifully,
as every place you reach becomes the future,
as right now is every moment,
I watched you move,

I wrote my songs for the dead

The sun
I watched you rise,
nothing ever as pure as the way you shine,
no darkness can withstand,
every star is the center,
I saw your light,

And wrote my songs for the dead,

spirits hear my voice,
carry me on the wind as a feather,
and melody,
it's possible,

as morning breaks over you,
over the land, I hear you breathe,
and melody,
it's possible.
Apr 2020 · 235
Torin Apr 2020
You don't know
What hell is
The way
I do

I do
The weight
What help is
I don't know
Apr 2020 · 183
Torin Apr 2020
Bones and dust and dissonant notes
Only what I believe
With that whimpering hound in the street
Hungry as he is afraid
And covered in mange
I tried to look away
To the peddlers on the avenue
Fancy storefronts and window panes
Where I could hide away
Lord I had no hope
Lord I hid my faith
With the jewels and meat and wine
Knowing what I believe
Is a starving dog in the street
Beaten on and defeated
I could only look away
To the mages and the court jesters
Moving men become images on screens
To occupy my mind
when there is no hope
Lord what is my fate?
Is it fires and bullets and the grave?
Is it anger controlling the world?
Demons whispering in our ears?
Pestilence and war
as we do as they bid
Keeping that dog hungry
Keeping that dog afraid
I only look away
Don't feed that dog
Not even the bones that we leave in the bin
Lord is this my fate?
I ask aloud with no one around
Save for the spirits that occupy the corners of the room
Of light and dark
Of truth and morality and a fire that starts from a spark
But with the lights on
Lord I show my faith
Because the energy flowing trough a cherry tree
That makes the flowers bloom
Should be the springtime of a life
and we shouldn't look away
We should give
As we give thanks for this food
It can be bitter but it can be sweet
With this bustling restaurant
With families and businessmen busy with their lives
Hustling and hurrying
The wait staff rushing food to hungry patrons
Food upon my plate
And I will pray
Lord I show my fate
I've fed that dog long ago
Took him in from off the street
Cared for him back to health
And gave him warmth and comfort
And he gave me love
and we should give
Maybe a little incomplete at the end. Idk I took like an hour on it and I'm tired now so maybe later I'll come back and change or add a few lines at the end. That's just how a thicc rolls
Apr 2020 · 220
Morning comes
Torin Apr 2020
Pale horse
From dusk til dawn ridden
Not reading constellations
Stars from our eyes
How many moons?
but still riding on
From dusk til dawn
Destination unknown
Under the black reaching night
No one tells us to sleep
There is no end
Only the miracle
The sun will rise
Stars from our eyes
How many moons?
My empty hands are growling hounds
From dusk til dawn

Our hands
Cities and instruments
Gardens where flowers grow
And I know if I can make it now
Highways and silver mines
Dawn comes
Bird song
And I look to the west
The miracle of morning

Our hands
Sun up to sun down
The harvest in the fields
The glory in our labor
The consecrated charge
The duty that is our land and our faith
Our hands
Held open to the sky
Competent and capable
To build
To protect as is our chore
To eat
We feast and we repent
Wake up to a new day
And celebrate our blessings
New triple stack Big Macs. How about that? I wonder how burger kings gonna come back from this one.
Mar 2020 · 307
Torin Mar 2020
From the grand expanse of the sky
To the unreached depth of the sea
Every stone, every tree
Every bone, every seed
That I know is hard to fathom
But somehow you must believe

Pathways right through the middle of town
Lead directly to an open door
But we were not worried that the rain was falling
No we were not worried if the rain was falling

Sometimes dealing with the truth is painful
But in the truth there is love
Every word despite the world
Every word and each heart beat
That I know is not so simple
But somehow you must believe

Arrow shot forth in a million different ways
Aimed directly at your heart
And a moment you could feel that the rain was falling
Take a moment we can feel the way the rain is falling
The rain is falling
felt cute, why not?
Mar 2020 · 365
Ode to the ground
Torin Mar 2020
We can stop and see the leaves
stretched out above our head
Our heads are not so high
And it's only ground we tread
My favorite part of life
Just to breathe
As I lay and watch the stars
I feel the ground beneath

Connecting me
We can stop and see the leaves
But what's connecting me
Like roots spread out in all directions
Our heads are not so high
It's the simple ground we tread
And in the soil
Our lives we toil

Yes our blood is in the soil
And I just breathe
I thank God for food to eat
I feel the ground beneath
As I lay and watch the stars
Stretched out above our heads
Our dreams are powerful
It's the simple ground we tread

My favorite part of life
Connecting me
The stars up high in heaven
The roots of mighty tree
And I just breathe
Our lives we toil
I thank God for food to eat
And in the soil
I don't know. Show the ground some love yo. We all stand on it.
Feb 2020 · 148
Torin Feb 2020
The sky may not fall
But I watch it drop lower and lower
I think about horns
I think of the bull
His flesh rippling on the size of his muscles
Yellow eyed
the earthquake I can feel
The trumpets blow
When I think about horns
I think of Gabriel
How many have set foot inside his vision
The heavens I can feel
He has you in his sight
Glaring you down with menace
The bull stomps the ground
The earthquakes
The bull lowers his head
When I think about horns
The sound of ten thousand trumpets
As the sky opens up
And light floods in
We've always talked about ascension
And we begin


But only after the war
I think about horns
The sky may not fall
But i watch it get lower
Nov 2019 · 221
Torin Nov 2019
Like a tidal wave coming over the shore
Swallowing the moon
And all I’m sure
Come too soon
Once bright citrus groves
Dulled now by hue of anger
Raging swirling water
The life promising bringer of destruction
The parking lot is flooded over
The elevator won’t leave the bottom floor
Stands the innocent accused
The madness of the mobs

And point your finger
If you’re needing someone to blame
In cycles of the strange
The seasons still will change
And comes the winds
And brings the rain
Will you be left out from the storm then
Riding high and mighty on arrogance?

Voices will shout
As this madness grows louder
Voices will shout you down
And voices gone silent
Do we look at the sorrow we now breed
The sewing of the seed of undoing
And all I’m sure
Come too soon
Dissidents snd dissonance
The division, the distrust
And all chaotic matter
Once was order

And point your finger
Oct 2019 · 167
Notre Dame
Torin Oct 2019
An animal wounded
Disconnected from its past
Roaming alone, cruel
Wicked with sin and set not to be moved

When you do not seek
You’re bound to stray
And only go as far as you’ve fallen

Night becomes a home to him
Prowling in the darkness
Hungry and fearful
Howling but unheard in empty night


Too prideful to plead to help

As the cathedral burned
It was death
Oct 2019 · 175
militibus iustitia socialis
Torin Oct 2019
The roots don’t grow from the trees
They have no
And we
Saying what we will make them be
But even the words don't matter
Its always tossed
                                              up in the      wind
We watch it float up higher until its

Paid actors on a stage
Animals rampaging both directions
Different colored animals
And the sound of a songbird can’t last long
Inside such anger

And I can’t free myself
Inside such pain
Torin Oct 2019
I grew up in darkness
In darkness I would find the heartless
The heartless
Found out that it’s empty
My bones break
Burning towards daylight
And my life
My life

I would start a fire
To feel warmth
I ignite the city
Its my choice
And my voice
Shouting to the heavens
To feel love
To find love
As the city burns around me
So hopeless

And there never was an answer
A dancer
Moving the the fire
The fire
But I was born in water
And the coast
Is waiting on the sunrise
Its alright
I step into the daylight
The daylight
Shines into my eyes
Its alright

I put the past behind me
Im new now
Lifting up my hands now
The most high
I’ve never been in my life
In my life
The only thing that matters
Is the truth
The truth that never changes
And changes
Sep 2019 · 172
Torin Sep 2019
Times were always changing
I guess we were changing too
Hanging on bent curves
And straightened bows
Our eyes wide open and seeing
We couldn’t see yesterday
But do the walls go up?
The slings and arrows
The battles in never-ending war
Rattling sabers
Not gonna save us
We open our arms
As dark as it sounds we open our arms...

And take heart
Take solace
Find fortitude in the truth
Times were always changing
I guess we were changing too
Its universal
Its the particle unto the dust
The shine and the sheen
The rust
Its all true

There is no poison I can live without
Not even love
Sep 2019 · 614
Plato and socrates
Torin Sep 2019
Breaking point
I want for you to suffer with me
Taking note
Its only miles into the nether
Shake it off
I want for you to understand
my aching heart
How many miles until it breaks
Aug 2019 · 153
Torin Aug 2019
I see in you a sunrise
Youth and welcome to the new day
A way to keep the dream alive
Because everything is so broken
And I don't know what I’d be without you
Not the greatest philosopher
Not the working class hero
Not even
Not all
I see in you the moonbeams
Still a light of hope even during darkness
And driving the coast to the hills
To see the city lights
Were always shining
Thats the weight I feel when I look in your eyes
The greatest dreamer
The greatest lover
The greatest
And I have to
I have to see in you the future
Because my past is all dried up
Dead, decaying, rotten on the vine
But theres a seed
And planted in the nutrients of
The seed must grow
Even after i had given up
When I tasted sugar before
It never was this sweet
Jul 2019 · 920
Ode to the Ant
Torin Jul 2019
I don’t like the ant
Or that is to say
There is something about them I don’t like
They are unthinking
They lay chemicals at dawn
And don’t stop searching until night is strong
They are unthinking
Moving unmercifully
The hive mind their meaning that I despise
Something about them
This ant will never know freedom
In nature
This worker ant both night and day
In nature
Being for the benefit of the queen
There is no laughter
Not in the cities
Not in the sprawling farms and endless roads
There is no laughter
Just hands hardened by toil
On cast iron tools and heavy machines
I don’t like the ant
They are unthinking
They searching blindy restless legs forever seek
With no imigination
The ant is just a slave
A slave who doesn’t want freedom

They are unthinking

The ant will never know laughter
In nature
The ant is just a reminder
In nature
Jul 2019 · 293
Just holding on
Torin Jul 2019
What are we holding onto,
Something ungolden,
And I take it I pray the day away,
We’ll never be saved,
We can never be saved,
Even if it’s broken,
Something to hold onto,
My fingers may bend or they may break,
We needed it now,
We need it somehow
                                     I can’t explain,

One for the rain,
Stumble on the rocks,
We’ll never reach the coast,
Not when these guiding lights were ghost,
And we needed it most,
stumble through the rain,
But things won’t ever be the same,

And what we are holding onto,
It’s too much pain,
And we’re praying you take the pain away,
And with love we may say,
Love save the day,
But there was too much hate,
Something to hold onto,
our lives forgiveness is gone to ghost that haunt you,
It was our strength,
That was our weakness
                                         and that's the way,

Two for the rain,
We stumble through the years,
We know which way to go,
And every step just leads us closer,
Our road lead us home,
Once we’re past the pain,
We find our truth again,
And things wont ever be the same,

Things wont ever be the same
Press F to pay respecc
Jun 2019 · 568
The Rocks Below
Torin Jun 2019
I am

Heavy noises crash into me
the rocks below
Heavy heavy sound
We can’t see you
I am
And there is no corner nor quarter
the rocks below

Openly the fields
the meadows
the heavy ending
And I pray
Through this white noise
Evil the empire
That freed us

Heavy the hand that feeds us
Denies us just to need us
heavy, deaf, and blind
She’s yours to take home
And sorrow in blood
is my own

My own the seas
the oceans and shores
Water crashing in
wasn’t fair at all
Take away the sand
as all I know
Closing my eyes
Avoid the slaughter

Heaven descend
as I forgive
  One could never understand
the rocks below
  I am
  It’s heavy in my blood
  Magnetic molecules
and memory
The rocks below

Break apart the waves
and terminate the fall
The pain that’s left to feel
wasn’t fair at all
heavy as it was
it isn’t ours to judge
The rocks below

I am

And i could never be
Even clouds have faces
As faces have names
And they chant and proclaim
It wasn’t fair at all
But not a victim
to the fall
The rocks below
Exclaimed hallelujah

I am
Jun 2019 · 344
Torin Jun 2019
It took a thousand years to feel like me
Blood as I’m laying on the floor
Lives are forever changed
And I saw a dancing woman
As I saw you
I flew over the hills
As I saw you

It was loss

It was losing everything to know this love
There was no flower to hold
It was the flood waters rising
And I feel this way
It was cruel intentioned lighting
And I feel this way

The waters of the flood
God willing the creek won’t  rise
But as is does
I accept it as it is
As punishment for sins
As a way to wash me clean
And the water rises over the rooftops

It was repentance  

It was religious vision led me to you
Death and resurrection
I give my life away
And I saw a the wings of angels
As I saw you
And I found a way to Heaven
As I saw you

It was salvation
May 2019 · 217
Everything within lies
Torin May 2019
God willing
The creek won’t rise,
Everything within lies,
Father of mammon
The ***** of of Babylon,
I turn my eyes up to the skies,

And I know I can’t be whole,
I only know I set my foot on the road,
But its a never ending path,
Once the first step
You cant go back,
You cant turn back,
         Everything within lies,

Now I know
The strength of my hand,
Took a lifetime to understand,
Despite the darkness
Light still shines as it can,
Shines on the life of a man,

And I know I cant be whole,
I only go and feel the weight of the the load
But to this burden I am strapped,
This is my sin
this is my chance,
For salvation,
            When everything within lies

And lo
There is a truth set to behold
And find your soul,
Find your weight
Define your hope
Or you’ll never know,
Never hold what’s really golden
Give it up,
There is a most high,
There is a truth,
When everything within lies

When everything within lies
May 2019 · 195
Torin May 2019
West was a flower
Life growing from the feet and the hands
Reaching up into space in favor of god
In bloom
That the king may answer us when we call
A flower
Vines and roots
And sweetest nectar
With petals of radiancy and perspective
Of many thousand years
Colors and perspectives
But I don’t die when I’m supposed to
Only when I’m meant to
And the years of blood are not an issue
Surgery and scar tissue
Still blissful
Because the flower was plucked and left for dead
But at the stalk near the root
There is new life
And it will grow in the light in the favor of the lord
And it will grow
May 2019 · 193
Torin May 2019
Heaven hold me open as I throw my soul in this
Because it's much too far to fall
I need that light to lead me on
And even as I walk again still even as I breath
the path of the enlightened
As enraptured by all bliss

From when the horns begin to call
I needed strength
I heard the song
And even as I walk again

Still even as I breathe

Not lead me far from home the only truth I've ever known
Shelter from the storm
Keep me comfortable and warm
Still even as I walk again with each and every breath
The path of the most wicked
The misguided and the sinful

Yet the horn began to call
I needed strength
I heard the song
And even as I walk again

Still even as i breathe
Jan 2019 · 654
new moons rising
Torin Jan 2019
When I wake
Its you I want to see
When I am
Its you I want to be
When I dream
A light gleams far away in your eyes
When all I see
Are new moons rising
Jan 2019 · 279
Torin Jan 2019
and as for grace
there are angels in this place
and they sing
only blessings that they bring
fruits unto me
my holy protectors
I know of grace
as a brilliant light which you've waited to see all your life
the most inspirational light
as though all your pain was worth it
just for the chance to see

this was my grace
and even the delicate leaves that dance in the wind
move in a way that I believe
it's a softly pulled thread
it's being in love with everything
everything in love with me
she moves with grace
into empty minds and hearts
through city squares and darkened halls
dancing through all of life
with incredible beauty
impeccable flair
and as for grace
once I felt the touch
I knew as much
if ever there were something to save me
Jan 2019 · 230
soul; beautiful
Torin Jan 2019
love will feel  
heart life time  
the eyes  
the light  
the hands  
the pain  
the night where I find hope
the stars that hold our meaning  
sing forever
Jan 2019 · 197
on the side of angels
Torin Jan 2019
we go so deep
to find its written in the stars
and in the streets teeming with life
and the walls are painted red
in this holy experience
we find concrete covered miles
where we once found fruit
and the sound would ring so clearly
we always sang a song
I sat and listened
to what now is just a story
and on this pavement where we live our lives
these memories make me cry

just concrete
stretching and growing
spinning webs as veins
and parking lots
and highways
I chance to discover
this lovely growing flower
beautiful mind
sweet head
honeyed skin
seraphic mouth

and worlds aren't impossible
because I can hear music again
the changing lines
the forest
where fairies once again existed
and smiled upon this blessing
this glorious creation

beautiful mind
sweet head
honeyed skin
seraphic mouth
Nov 2018 · 677
now i know
Torin Nov 2018
maybe theres a way
to save me from these blues
I don't go anywhere I want to
I don't choose
can't keep my head up to the stream of cosmic music that is blissful above my head
I never find the answer there
and its dark everywhere
and even a breath is poison

now I know

this'll be the thing to save me from these blues
these blues
until the color on my walls
is bright and shining
from the window an endless wave
of purples, greens and yellows
I know
when the stereo won't play a somber tune
sounds wide and vibrant cascading through the room
until the heavens chime in and sing along

now I know
Nov 2018 · 465
Torin Nov 2018
Like we're going off the edge
And if it matters to you
It matters to me
Doesn't matter at all
Matter at all
Looks like we're hanging on a ledge
And I can't hold on
Even if I'm strong
We're going down
Going down
Like we're dancing in the fire
No safety nor savior
All eyes appear
To watch it burn
Watch it burn
Oct 2018 · 343
Georgian Star
Torin Oct 2018
needed love
it was now
the moon wanes again
please let the tides shift
if ever I needed luck

hunting the heavens
I know the way delicate hands hold the stars
graceful fingers
slender wrist
donning the summer sky as the sun hangs low

the summer day becoming night
but the time was never now
it was everywhere
even in the darkest part of space
where there was never sound
there was chaos

the colors painting pictures of when we close our eyes
comes to life
and I needed love
it was now
hunting the heavens everynight
the moon wanes again
Sep 2018 · 13.1k
she moves to me
Torin Sep 2018
she moves to me
whether in a picture or sat against the sea
as a cloud she floats gently above me
the currents and the streams
her neck where sections sit
the way her necklace rests ever so delicately
her soft brown skin
through all this land
she moves to me

she is
sunshine on a crystal morning
and pearls

she moves to me
whether its a mirror or stood against the sky
as the music the cosmos makes in our silence
the stars and the planets
her neck where moons beam
the way her necklace follows her collorbone
through all this space
she moves to me
whether its gravity or we as entangled particles
and we are in every moment as we are together
our quantum dancing
her neck where time begins
the way her necklace falls so gracefully into place
through all this time
she moves to me

I kiss her just below her right ear
and I know now is everywhere
and everytime is now
the sun and the moon
the spiral galaxy
the walls that hold in time
I kiss her just below her right ear

she moves to me
whether its the wind or impossible odds
as the dreams we hold dear and our hope that keeps us strong
our faith and love
her neck which i caress gently
the way her necklace seems to retire when she does
I kiss her on the eyelids
she moves to me
Sep 2018 · 404
Torin Sep 2018
i just remember her lips
the way that every word could be made sweeter
as the soft air that forms
is held on her velvet tongue for ever mili-seconds
and is pushed forward with her breath
that gives me life
Aug 2018 · 405
Torin Aug 2018
I looked to her to be an empty city
empty houses empty roads
ghost haunt the royal palace
in the garden no flowers grow
I looked to her to be
I looked to her and saw an angel
a radiant creature come to me
who blessed the fields and rivers
In my heart a revery
I looked to her and saw

my only best chance to make right now last forever
and I don't
no, I won't have to worry any more
I'll be with her
she with me
I won't have to worry anymore

I looked to her to be awakened
eyes reaching deeper shades
both the stars they held
universes in my head
I looked to her to be
I looked to her and saw it all
and took it and cherished it
held it close to my heart
learned it and loved it
I look to her and saw

no, i won't have to worry anymore
Aug 2018 · 661
Torin Aug 2018
bring your hands that make the spring
now the seeds are new plants breaking through the surface of the soil
unwinding, spiral tendrils reach and hold
as when the sky becomes jewels above verdent land
flowers are now blooming
in my heart and mind

that dog who has his bone
the one you may find, manged, raoming in alleys or parking lots
half deranged, holding only to what he knows
dog and his bone
he is happy now
for him, right now will last forever

never could believe in the future
until I saw a movie about a maid
and it was only moments
switching places
we travel as witness
unindentured to the day

would only relief last forever
as when those grey clouds on the horizon
finally break over me
and all the world I know
Aug 2018 · 426
Torin Aug 2018
and as for grace
there are angels in this place
and they sing
only blessings that they bring
fruits unto me
my holy protectors
I know of grace
as a brilliant light which you've waited to see all your life
the most inspirational light
as though all your pain was worth it
just for the chance to see

this was my grace
and even the delicate leaves that dance in the wind
move in a way that I believe
it's a softly pulled thread
it's being in love with everything
everything in love with me
she moves with grace
into empty minds and hearts
through city squares and darkened halls
dancing through all of life
with incredible beauty
impeccable flair
and as for grace
once I felt the touch
I knew as much
if ever there were something to save me
Aug 2018 · 435
her hands
Torin Aug 2018
I, no longer drowning
hold fast
current around me
tried to pull me under
but her
I, I found a way to hold on
how to be strong
I found a way
her hands
its almost everything I need
when I dont speak the words to say "I love you"
I dont have to
because everytime she looks in my eyes
she can see she is saving me again
not wave nor rapid
her hands
Aug 2018 · 1.0k
Torin Aug 2018
I won't worry with the sunrise
I've spent nights carving my name into rocks
One for the moon
Two for you
Three for the stars that still find a way to sing
After all these years
My ever-loving reminder
To trust my fate
And keep my faith

Haven't my feet traveled the lands?
Raging. bold, and confindent
Though winterland
Steel and bone and cold
She dances like Aurora Borealis
As I trod on
Steadfast, determined
Through heat scorched deserts
I find you in the sands

I play with you
Beautiful thing
Beautiful dawn that I rise
Sweet honeysuckle on the vine
The flower, held in my hand close to my chest
The seed
The tree, the plant, the vine, the fruit
All significant
You are
And I know I told you I believe that you are water
You are water to me
However you arrive
In storms or gentle rain
You become rivers to me
Where I go to quench my thirst
To quell my fire
Subdue this spirit, soothe this pain
Love this soul
Bring me to the ocean
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