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Toni Lynn Whitt Aug 2010
The love of a mother starts with a tiny flutter in her heart.
Then it starts to grow, even before she meets you.
She loves you with out boundaries.
She held your hand when you were scared.
Wiped your tears when you cried.
She stands with you during your proudest moments
and holds you during your lowest.
She gives without asking and sacrifices without fear.
The love of a mother is endless and timeless.
The love of a mother shines through the foggiest of days.
The love of a mother is a piece of your soul.
Her love never ends.
Her love lives on, long after she is gone.
Although it's hard to tell her goodbye, don't be sad
she is with you no matter what. In your heart. Where she will stay
Toni Lynn Whitt Apr 2010
You like to call me names
So what. It's not like you got much going for you anyways
You make fun of my breast
Do women with big breast pose such a threat
You called me a Owl because my glasses are thick
Who cares, what makes you different makes you amazing
You called me a lesbian
Because I'm not the town *****
You call me a nerd
Why because you're jealous that I can actually read
You single me out
But that is okay. I'd rather be alone than with a bunch of losers
You call me ugly
My beauty must make you cringe
I'm not athlete but at least they treat me like
I'm a human being.
No I do not have a clique who needs fake friends
Yes I have insecurities they make me feel alive
Yes I have imperfections but who doesn't
The Ugly Truth is that you try to be something that you're not
When a intelligent and smart woman  just so happens to come along
You ridicule her and try to make her feel ashamed
But this is one woman who is proud to love and be herself
So go ahead try to bring her down
You're only making yourself  look like a idiot
Toni Lynn Whitt Apr 2010
Who Am I
That is a good question
Well I'm nothing too special
and I'm nothing too great
I'm just simple
Who Am I
I'm just a girl
I'm not a high matience Barbie
I'm not a slouchy Tom Boy
I'm just your down home Kentucky Girl
Who Am I
I'm a girlfriend
Who loves her boyfriend very much
and would give her life just so he could live another day
Who Am I
I'm a daughter
Who tries her hardest to make her momma and daddy proud
Who Am I
I'm a sister who keeps all the ***** little secrets
Who Am I
I'm a aunt that is the best in the whole wide world
Who Am I
Simply put I'm just me
Toni Lynn Whitt Apr 2010
You black my eyes
You break my bones
You burn me with your cigarettes
You kick when I'm down
You throw me into walls
You beat up my mom
You call me names
You tell I'm worthless and you wish I was never born
You choke me
You slap me
You feed me feces
You make me beg for my food
I'm just a baby
What did I do wrong
Why do you hate me
I'm a defenseless child
Do you feel more like a man
When you bruise my fragile body
Do you feel like a man
When you're shaking me
Does it make you feel better about yourself
When you see me broken
I'm a gift from above
But yet you treat me like I'm a mistake
Does it feel like I'm speaking to you from beyond
My premature grave
Maybe I am
Maybe I haunt your dreams
Maybe I'm the voice inside your head
Maybe I'm that guilt that eats you everyday
But don't worry you will get what you deserve

(This poem is about some of the horrific acts of abuse I read/seen on the news. It is so sad what some of these kids go through before their young lives are put to a tragic end.)
Toni Lynn Whitt Feb 2010
I'll never forget the day I met my Macy cat.But a little kitten she was.An outcast amongst her feline siblings.Like me amongst my social peers.She was a bit scrawny and a bit odd looking too.Then and there I knew we were pals.Shy and timid like me.My Macy cat knows all about me.She probably knows more than her human counterparts.My best friend through thick and thin.My Macy cat is always there for me.All my secrets she will keep.When I'm sick she will never leave my side.She listens to me when I talk.She cheers me up when I am down.Why have a dog when I can have my Macy cat.
Toni Lynn Whitt Feb 2010
Usurping feelings of disappointment hit me like a sea of daggers. These thoughts uncontrollable. My doubts hold me back and I am scared. Your thoughts of her. They hurt. They cut me like a knife. Am I not enough to keep her out of your head. These doubts make me feel like I am not good enough. Will I ever be? I cry on the inside every night because I love you so. But my fears weigh on my shoulders like heavy mountains. Will she always be a third wheel in your head. Will she consume your love again. Please don't push me out like you did once before. For if I lose you I lose my world. Please don't let me drown in these sea of doubts. For they will **** everything that you made good. Please leave her in the past and move forward with me. Let me feel that you love me and pull me out of this fog of doubts. Make them all vanish. Ease my aching heart.......
Toni Lynn Whitt Jan 2010
A lonely old man sits in a lonely little park thinking about his wasted years. Thinking about the cruelty of wars and the blood shed he helped cause. Looking back at his young adult years he wonders why he hurt his wife. Thinking back upon his kids  he asks himself why he neglected them so. Now you see this man was once a hero of sorts and had stories longing to be told. Now he is a washed up has been. He wonders why he turned to alcohol to numb his haunted memories. The wife and kids he never noticed left him years ago while he never blinked an eye or tried to stop them. Alone for years he has been. But his inner demons prohibited him. Then he got the news the worst news that a man can get. This old alcoholic has cancer and days are limited. The doctors say it could be months or even weeks before his clock stops. They say the cancer has progressed and treatments can't cure it. Looking back on his sorry life he wishes he could have been a better husband and father. But most of all he wishes he doesn't have to die alone. As I'm passing by I notice him setting on that bench like a sign or a omen just waiting to be read. I go over to say hi to him and as I reach to shake his weathered hand I realize that he has passed away. The only mourners at his funeral are a few little sparrows. Some people say it was the alcohol that killed him others believe it was indeed the cancer but I believe what took his feeble life was the loneliness he had endured for years.
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