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Oct 2016 · 962
Natural selection
Tom Peace Oct 2016
Dream of good impressions,
A false advocate of a positive outlook,
Predicting attitude will get you locked up,
In a prism of dishonourable desire.

The deal is,
Five assorted personalities,
Assault every aspect of yours,
Run you dry,
Then have the audacity,
To question your lack of faith.

And on that note,
You disappear,
Your personality dissipates,
And your motion merges with that of the sour voices,
That you thought were constructive.
Oct 2016 · 169
Cause of war (possibly)
Tom Peace Oct 2016
Over-rated defected opinions lay dead to my ears,
As i trundle through my own personal hell,
Otherwise known as a well established society.

We all have our own opinions,
Mine are just painfully ******* plain.

Never been one to agree or disagree on any strong matter,
Probably because i'm either too wise to see it in one light,
And too naive to see it in another.

— The End —