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Apr 2015 · 371
Conceptualcat Apr 2015
A cat is a chaos landmine sweeper.
He may or may not have tripped that mess,
but he doesn't care about an alibi.
Apr 2015 · 374
Saint Crispian's Day
Conceptualcat Apr 2015
There are Long Things in the days
That have neither words nor ears
nor do mythologies tie them
to normalcy.
Spared we few who neared but
not going in bear
the marks of tribal ascent;
trophies of glory
turned scars of
silent defeat.
Apr 2015 · 670
Conceptualcat Apr 2015
{To have your head stuffed full of memories that FEDERAL LAW forbids you to talk about}

"YOU're OKay"
I say,
right before
Apr 2015 · 326
{ }
Conceptualcat Apr 2015
{ }
The unspoken
between us
is a library
that never opens.
I stand on its stairs and wait.
Apr 2015 · 212
Conceptualcat Apr 2015
Apr 2015 · 324
{closer to being}
Conceptualcat Apr 2015
Closer to being right here
than cast out of memory
the scent of early summer
brought you back.
There among the tombstones
a small resurrection.
"Love never dies" you said
"but lies here waiting".
It's too soon to mourn
for what we've never lost.
Apr 2015 · 160
History and Physical
Conceptualcat Apr 2015
Because I always
Miss You,
My Pain Scale
Starts at Two
Apr 2015 · 265
Haiku #1 and #1.5
Conceptualcat Apr 2015
Wisdom of Haiku:
Say only what must be said,
leave the rest silent.

'Merican Haiku:
If it don't fit just break off
A piece and force it.
Apr 2015 · 535
Conceptualcat Apr 2015
A Sparrow crashed against my window
as I was writing this line.
Outside, soft and warm
in my hand it disappears,
leaving behind only metaphor,
which I put down
for later use.
Apr 2015 · 571
Road Signs
Conceptualcat Apr 2015
If there were better signs along the Road
Fewer people would get Lost.
You complain to the Government
But hear Nothing in reply.
No one ever Said
Life was a Democracy.
But wouldn't it Be nice
To have a little Representation
For what Taxes us?
I've been in the Ditch too many times
To Drive with my eyes shut anymore.
All you have to do is Pull over
To the Emergency lane a few times,
See the Look in the faces of those
who have no idea Where to go next
To reinterpret the Directions
of the Maps you've been given.
Just one good Sign might be enough.
If you're white knuckle Staring
Down an empty Road
Apr 2015 · 229
Space (see cavity)
Conceptualcat Apr 2015
Some things, like a hole in a tooth cause pain on reflection.
Best to just let it be.
Yet the mind has a tongue of its own.

Filling your day distracts but is no remedy.
The cure for a root canal
Involves lobotomy.

At least until you learn to live,
with what's Not there
Apr 2015 · 173
Conceptualcat Apr 2015
among the rafters of my subconscious

on the floor of my brain.
Apr 2015 · 260
Conceptualcat Apr 2015
Why have a bite to eat
And then **** yourself?
One would think
Even that small fete
Might be pleasure enough,
Your hand gripping the spoon,
The knife in its proper place.

— The End —