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  Apr 2015 Conceptualcat
Jonny Angel
Pictures of dead people I know
are smiling and are so full of life
hanging on my wall
reminding me
to seize this day,
because it's not cliche,
and it won't come again.
Conceptualcat Apr 2015
Conceptualcat Apr 2015
Closer to being right here
than cast out of memory
the scent of early summer
brought you back.
There among the tombstones
a small resurrection.
"Love never dies" you said
"but lies here waiting".
It's too soon to mourn
for what we've never lost.
Conceptualcat Apr 2015
Because I always
Miss You,
My Pain Scale
Starts at Two
Conceptualcat Apr 2015
Wisdom of Haiku:
Say only what must be said,
leave the rest silent.

'Merican Haiku:
If it don't fit just break off
A piece and force it.
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