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Tim English Dec 2013
Thoughts paralyzed nothing happens synapses trigger electrons coursing negative pulses negative pulses the descendent node blasted quanta light particles bending, bending, wending through probability changing extended timeframe thoughtstreams particle awareness transcending blending the two to one patterns in the aether

spirits in the machine

Deus ex Machina

Decelerate algorythmick alchemick base to gold it flows synthesizing glowing growing fire from the ashes the past is done the pattern enabled consciousness arising draconic gnosis blended
Tim English Dec 2013
Sick of the lies and hopeless dreams of youth
I'd give it all to realize the one and only Truth
Sick of compromising with allowances of regret
I knew you before we ever met
Because, inside, I'm you, you're me
It's been so since before eternity
A bit of the one inside the other
One and the same, we are the lovers
Duality, polarity, dawn the crystal clarity
Find the balance between mildness and severity
Opposites attract, but dissonance detracts
Seek to realign and catch it in the act
Before the balance shifts and tilts the scale
The Sun shines bright, the Moon glows pale
Yet each has its place, outside as well as in...
There is no Darkness without Light, no Virtue without Sin.
Tim English Dec 2013
Light crashes
Like waves of mind
Within yet without
I let it out with a ******* shout
Fallen transcendent, ascending inverse
Forked tongue recites, verse by verse
It begins as it ends, cleansed by my sins
Cracked and broken the lens
Try it, don't deny it, it's true
Outside yourself, within you
The truth you seek is a part of Self
In (sic)ness and in health
it's a ll a part of the game
And everything remains the same
Is constant, resonant, a part of it all
Like the angel and its fall
So good to see what's come to be
Let it flow, let it go, let the goodness grow
I am that I am, and everything as planned
I choose that I am
No footprints in the sand,
But I'm not ******...
Tim English Dec 2013
In the beginning was the One, or was it None? One and the same and a part of the game. I saw past the Veil one day, through a blaze of infernal eternity that reflected every part of me, and it was beautiful, horrible, terrible to see but sublime to be at one time in a rhyme that couldn't quite catch, I snatched it back from the brink of abyssal void, a ploy to endeavour the ever changing rearranging pieces of mynd whych catch the triple meanings only seeming to be something other than real.

I know the code. Knock the pattern and enter.

...into the Center which is all and everywhere, I cannot share that which has no explanation in this limited expression of labels and words, it's absurd to think one could find or place infinity within a word. A definition is a limitation, a simple observation of that which has passed, a method of communication and nothing more.

Vibrate the word, then, and let the power seep through the intonation. That which has gone before shall come again, and paradox notwithstanding the opposite shall be true.

Assimilate that.
Tim English Dec 2013
Burn it **** it **** it HATE IT spray it with blood, shards of teeth and broken bones, ripping flesh like paper, the guts coil out like loops of rope, intestines spilling on the floor with fractal red reflekted rain in the moonlight, broken beams & dust collected on shelves left over from behind when there was a then, I gathered my thoughts and ran for the safety of death, where nothing can hurt, where it's safe and white and empty of mind DEATH where it's all over and everything is uncovered for what it was, just NOTHING, an illusion fleeting by, but don't you lust for LIFE, what's between her warm wet thighs, the sensation of ******* and the gasp of ******, it's a ******* SIN, it's how it begins and how it's perpetuated, afflikted on this world, this plain (PAIN) of existence. HOW TO GET WHAT I WANT? And not this endless WANTING, not the coward's way out but SATISFACTION, drugs, ******, ******* MUSIK, MUSICK, you make me sick and I am reviled by mine own self, in sickness and in health, DEATH, why won't you come for me, when I pray on bended knees, for this DISEASE called life to END, send me on to whatever's next, the Abyss or one last kiss from a ***** who never loved me to begin with, WHY AM I HERE?! And what is there to fear when nothing could be worse than this, torture me forever in lakes of fire, it's what I deserve, I'm cursed in any case and I hide my face in shame, who's to blame but me for existiing the first place, IT'S MY FAULT and I tear at my skin and I rip out my hair and of course it's not fair, NOTHING IS FAIR, that's the extent of existence and WHAT THE **** DID YOU EXPECT?
Tim English Dec 2013
Indoctrination of the American nation
Relocation of native populations
Slaves labor, creating plastic toys
To distract the little girls and boys
With media propaganda saturation
To numb your brain from realization
That we're living a lie as children die
To fill your tank so you can drive
To Wal-Mart for some *******' Cheesy Poofs
That scoop the dip in which you ****
Lay waste to nature's beauty abundant
Political doublespeak redundantly redundant
Television's collision with consciousness
Has dimmed your awareness to idiocy
In an illusion of democracy
Where only the rich have control
As upon us all they take their toll
And we blindly follow, believing as we hear
Their scheming lies of security and fear
It's time the power structure fell
No more this **** to buy and sell
Reallocation of the hoarded wealth
And power for all people, not oneself
Mental stasis, awaken from this hypnosis
And avert the coming catastrophic crisis
Our leaders are masters who march us to disaster
As the clash of our cultures ignites so much faster
Than mere cognition, dimmed by television
Can comprehend the impending collision
Of conflicting interest in collective vision
It's time to rise with a battle cry
And tell the Feds we won't lay down and die
We'll evolve and resolve the situation
And bring new meaning to revolution
An end to the media's web of confusion
Confusing reality with an illusion
Conspiratorial governmental parallels
A trumpet's blast, as Babylon.... fell.
Tim English Dec 2013
Infect your mind with inspected signs that discontinue what you were born with, forlorn this meme, obscene yet lacking in the tracking mechanisms displaced to outer space, there it is, gee ****, what'd I do now, have a cow, scientific inquiry as to *** was jfk, the cia? Information overload, a payload exploding in the brain leaves a stain that ingrains its image in your cortext (sic) contextual images supplied by visionary sources, get off your horses and dance in a trance can't stand ya burn forgotten ways of text on wood pulp gulped in by a mind left behind and signed for, designed for psychiatric cages as it rages for pages on the inequity of it all, fall, fall, morning star shines bright but it's all right, ignore that ****** and go straight for the sun, you're done, almost there, take care, truth or dare, can it be? See, and open your Mine(d) find it within outside the walls that define
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