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Dec 2013
In the beginning was the One, or was it None? One and the same and a part of the game. I saw past the Veil one day, through a blaze of infernal eternity that reflected every part of me, and it was beautiful, horrible, terrible to see but sublime to be at one time in a rhyme that couldn't quite catch, I snatched it back from the brink of abyssal void, a ploy to endeavour the ever changing rearranging pieces of mynd whych catch the triple meanings only seeming to be something other than real.

I know the code. Knock the pattern and enter.

...into the Center which is all and everywhere, I cannot share that which has no explanation in this limited expression of labels and words, it's absurd to think one could find or place infinity within a word. A definition is a limitation, a simple observation of that which has passed, a method of communication and nothing more.

Vibrate the word, then, and let the power seep through the intonation. That which has gone before shall come again, and paradox notwithstanding the opposite shall be true.

Assimilate that.
Tim English
Written by
Tim English  Earth
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