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jess Jul 2019
you're my weakness
even though you make me feel stonger
you're kisses opened the gate
to a place
I thought will be locked forever
the keys hidden underneath my biggest fears
you're my biggest weakness
but you're eyes touch my soul
I won't fear anything at all anymore
an abundanced aspiration
of a demanding soul
an abundance of passion
lingered by two lovers longing
a love
that opens long hidden places
a love
that makes you feel weak and strong in the same way Ying & Yang is balanced
a bond given by the ancestors
held together by the universe
two souls
you're still my biggest weakness
but I won't fear your love anymore
An unprotected love
Hands Down
the flowers in my garden guarding the gates of my fragile heart
lost all their thorns
Hands Down
tearing apart the sidled ivy
tossing away all heavy stones
holding my pure heart
in you're bare hands unprotected
and protect it
jess Jun 2019
I'm afraid that one day you'll wake up and you're tired of waking up next to me

- insomnia
jess Jun 2019
we were strangers
we were strangers until we decided to see each others universe
to see how your soul fits into mine
and how my palm fits perfectly into yours
we were strangers
until you kissed me for the first time
and I had the chance to taste stardust on your lips
lips I couldn't get enough of
lips sweeter than any chocolate I'd ever tasted
Sweet, bittersweet
A bittersweet feeling
knowing you'd fade away
like a shooting star in the night sky
knowing there comes a time your fingers wont touch my skin anymore
they wont make me feel having a whole thunderstorm in my body
we are not strangers anymore
but your fingers wont touch my skin
my lips wont taste your stars
your soul will forever complete the universe you once discovered
jess Jun 2019
there are places in my body nobody discovered yet
because I used to play hide and seek with my emotions
you're hands touched my heavy heart and it feels like heavy turns into heaven right after your eyes searched for the universe in mine
there are places in my body only you discovered
Because I dont play hide and seek with you anymore
jess Nov 2018
Deep down I was broken
like the ship that capsized
broken into two pieces
a heart releases a spell
waves could whisper
and shells would keep forever

Deep down my emotions became motionless
calm like the waves
while the sky
was dipped in light blue
ablaze with light that
hartdly ever seeps through

Deep down all tell breaks loose
Deep down I barely lose
my stormbound soul
my capsized soul
picking up the pieces
the shells kept forever

Deep down I can't decide
whether I'm the
falling tide or
the rising light
Or just another drop in the ocean
jess May 2018
thunderstorms in summer
remind me of the night you left
because it was warm
and calm at first
but I had this feeling
deep down my heart
that peace turns into war soon

the rain started quietly, soft.
I was prepared.
I should've been.

loud and still unexpected.
unquiet but quick.

and then the rain stopped, gentle and noteless.
closeness made it hard to breathe.

but I had this feeling
deep down my heart
that war turns into peace again
jess May 2018
i am losing parts of myself
at night
drinking five shots of *****
while pretending to have the time of my life

i am losing parts of myself
at four a.m
walking home alone
starting to feel the ache
i've tried to numb
with another shot

i am losing parts of myself
at breakfast
eating three slices of bread
but hating every inch
of my disguisting body

i am losing parts of myself
at two p.m
home alone
hoping for better days

i am losing parts of myself
in you
cause you are the only one
who could save me
but you safe her instead
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