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6d · 35
Sometimes am happy, sometimes I am scared not of what happens but uncertainties. Sometimes I feel lucky, sometimes so blessed. Then the wind soothes my ears and I am driven into lamentations. The tongue speaks with promise but the eyes look in wonder, it’s savage not to fear rather worthless not try and hold to the moment. What you can’t see you can’t know let’s dance to the Melodie’s of hope.
Apr 4 · 125
Me N You is the menu
The menu of smiles
That I can’t forget to remember
the addiction from your laughters.

Little teddy bear 🧸 holding my hopes high the sky, if the doesn’t come the moon will marry the stars ✨
Mar 29 · 173
What did Tomorrow promise you

Better everything /
Mar 10 · 70
Suckled Hustle
Day was in as was out
The fresh sun brought vomitings that meant I was to exist
She hampered the moment as started her daily cravings
The pain was the hustle let no peace be hers
What she needed she only got less

The months run faster than the days to nine of which she needed a push
November as slatted she waited, the weight extreme but her hopes of meeting me

Push was the song of lament down in a banana I lay
So soft and innocent I looked to heavens and shade my first tear to the world

It’s then that she reached for her breast and lashes it to my mouth, I then forgot my tears and grabbed a sip of warmth and comfort
Then was the moment I learnt to suckle.
And days run against me to when she said I couldn’t have it no more
I had gathered experience and qualified for much
Like the hustle, diving into hard times, winning in all pursuits, and craving for success

She told me now you have tasted of this world so you must conquer it
I grew to that strength and lioned over my prey
She walked behind me and scavenged my hunters like a snipper of a watch tower

I now walk alone in person though never forgot the skill of suckling. Such a touch over it braces my strength and each suckle I clutter I come back stronger
For I am a certified hustler
Mar 9 · 33
The corner
Afar within
I spread my legs
Right high the walls with a low chest amidst the twists of the corner
Catching the breathe of careless whispers

I am on heights of finding myself in the depth of sinking beneath what I ought to become
Starring at edge of darkness blinking for a sight of light

So I sweat the dirt of my hustle
Coughing and choking on my dreams
Holding to my heads-up of what needs not to done
Feb 12 · 40
Sush a sip
Before the alarm sings to me,
‘Wake up its the day of Love’
My heart already ached
For I smelt the roses scented from your own breathe
Achii the goosebumps as my hair turns feathery

My heads buzzes like the bees search for nectar. Oh what’s sweeter than your voice and gentle as her fingers
Sush if you have not tasted a sip of her lips, sinking your heart to a well of wishes
Oh Mamito I am drowning, can I hold unto your ******* as I strike my chest

The spirit leads me, for she lives in the spirit, the spirit of love
And hers is a body a temple, my dwelling place shall be
Her eyes are a cun for I can see no other
And her life is a journey I too must follow
Feb 8 · 128
She is like a flame 🔥 ,
a smoked desire
a pillar to cross
rather than
A mash of colored petals
A riding smoke with blurred sight
dripping as an ache off hellos of ice’s
Feb 7 · 58
Lip sink
Speak of thee to me
My mind is guilty of the day thoughts
I am worn out from the runs you make in my heart
Yer sick in emotion attachment to your life

Should I give you my body for you took my soul already
From the watch tower I glaze
Counting my chances to be loved by one like you

I can’t access my heart no more you blocked reach for prison.
The lips I read of you have drained my taste for tears
Where are you hiding those sweet words
I am fasting for your speech to me
I am naked with passion of wanting to find you
The time bomb can’t explode till you and I are the unity in one
Jan 17 · 258
No Judge
I no longer blame people for their decisions
Because no past should live within someone’s future
Jan 13 · 153
Tap on those blessings your friends have, yes it is a personal journey but we all need a hand up the ladder
Jan 9 · 51
Sail Me
Dear Lord
I give you my hope and hopelessness
Turn my worries into a-joyous melody so I can dance away my pain and illusions
Pick me from my falls back to glorious walks of breathe amidst me in your band of praise
Teach me how to win with your unfailing Grace
Make me a chapter of blessings to everyone who opens a page in my life
Be my need away from all my wants
Make me float within your blessings eternity
Soak me in your precious blood so I may smell olives of your victorious resurrection
Abide in me and I in you
Dec 2021 · 111
Dear Lord
I want to give to my children not a lot of property, lots of wisdom
Not class knowledge alone, life principles
Not  bounty of money, skills of earning
Not a glorious background, meek living of life
Not well of relatives, friends with value
Not mere beauty, hand of progress
Not a bouquet of feelings, a lamp of love
Nov 2021 · 46
Unsung of my hero
There are many stories know to my hero
My mum, know to many but not too infinitely

She loved many as her own and grew many by her hands
She fed and clothed thousands with literally no seeds and expecting no returns
She brushed the dirt of the country and cleaned many households to their happiness

She nursed whoever came her way and dug opportunities for whoever needed it
As for that truth she did more for me than we all knew.

She led the way all the way
Sacrificed what she had for what I didn’t
She bent knees for reach of my comfort and betterment
While she was sweating, dust was her feed and scorches were her reward.
My unsung hero
I praise God for you
May you find a peaceful life over the peace you sacrificed for me for us
And Dear Lord, may she receive my letter and prayer and the rewards of gratitude she held of earth
May Angels not receive you alone but accompany your heavenly journey
May our hearts bleed with comfort and love that you reach the Glory of our father
Never to be forgotten never lost from sight eternally missed
Nov 2021 · 62
Staring at the darkness to this the blurred future
Thy hope falls fainted with a floss in a break of breathe
It can’t come no further the much it came
Thus no much to save over what exists not

Acapulco of worries in laments of fear
I can’t find thee that I seek nor get far from owning the lost

Show me the switch to brightness
The shadow lights stronger than the stars
The calm in me hangs for treason with bitter explosions of if nots
Stare into me with a tickle of fresh breathe a little sparkle to charge me over the darkness
Nov 2021 · 37
I know I love it
Though I can’t have it all
It’s yours to hold mine to see
Cling on if you can’t climb over

Can’t feel it or so
But your eyes gave it to me
I sub rent it in my mind with no rights to it
And I dream to per-sue it over walls to trample

I ain’t a victor if I ain’t got this
Neither am I a loser if it fails me
If only it was mutual,
Birds would nurse a horse and I would fly to ride
Walls beneath the touch hearts above the feel
Nov 2021 · 37
I see how comfortably you sit with the curved body
I wish I could say something to you but rejection buzzes in my ears
The chair is so lucky to hold on to soft back seaters
The way you look makes your enemies blush away for you have toppled my thoughts to side with you alone
I feel entitled to say a word to you for I can’t see such beauty smashed in my face at an away cost.
How could you stand ****! you amaze us the beneficiaries of eye feeders, and here us carelessly chanting with claps.

Hello and hi for tomorrow
I couldn’t say much since I am boiling
Don’t say a thing for I read your lips and you are in for what I am not
Take me back to not meeting you
The feverish drums hold me captive

Go in peace, leave me in my pieces
Nov 2021 · 109
Shall we
Shall we go to hide of the front and make love to light in darkness

Shall we crave to drink the water out of beer and turn drunkardness into dancing

Shall we sip of memories in every minute over your top and under your bottom

Shall our bodies rope up to the exclusion of coldness and delight in the merger

Shall sing mamcita my senorita and gamble over winning a lottery in getherness

Shall we puff to the air the smoke of the rich as we turn hustles into glamour

Shall Christmas bells find us with ding **** merrily kids and hence belows

Shall the stars outside darkness over the star inside of you
Nov 2021 · 44
I was a man before turned to a beast to protect you
The glum turned to blushes soaking my fear for your beauty
They closed temples of worship for your beauty was out shining
Where is my faith for my vulnerability in you
I am built in pieces you as my masterpiece
Never can I be lonely for your love finds me always
You have raised a monster to love you
A lion to watch of you
A man hold to contest for your life
To your before and after I will be
Nov 2021 · 31
The sun is up and so is she
She has glazed and it has shone
Must she smile to break the curse of the day
Her fairly twinkle eyes drown my understanding
She is the favorite air to breathe
The peace in her flows speaks
No wonder I wonder
The crime to know you is forever love
Nov 2021 · 49
In there
If it wasn’t for those eyes👀 I could have tasted those lips 👄
for if the nose 👃🏽could smell what your ears 🦻🏽heard the air would wink for a beat🥳
The wonder of if I was the me
I am champion all over you
#love #confession
Oct 2021 · 64
On High
It’s us on high
Our lips toasting
As our eyes wink in with smiles
Check my knees grumbling for position
As feet twist over each other
Don’t call for caption
The union furthest the top beneath
Sep 2021 · 60
Hence forth
Those waiting for me to fall. Huh it’s a long journey as you stare at me, you may triple over. Just to alert you I have fallen over and again but I still get up, cleanup and head forth. #herdsmanofprogress
Sep 2021 · 487
She is beautiful with no price
Her beauty is worth a daily commission
If I ever run broke it will be the accident of starring over your beauty
The face has drowned many into tears but her heart has left me a bet man to have best bid

Hash her eyes have said all I thought of
her admirers lining behind me as their commander to glory
This battle of winning a forever lottery to wake up to beauty from the most high
I am ready to go blind to see you as the last rainbow in the skies of my eyes
Sep 2021 · 89
Pov Over Them
I have an alarm
Rings in my head buzzing louder than a swarm of  bees
I am so hungry, hungry for success
Has anybody seen a door for I need access
I promise I won’t disappoint, I will destroy poverty with my hands
I really hate him, hate him or her
The hate is with passion for if I finish him the next generation will be happy
It will be glad with tidings.

That monster is heartless, it feeds on the less privileged and swindles their opportunities but I will crash him and rather strangle her.
**** you mr POV you are a lavish spender at the expense of the kind and hard work. So now see my fist, how I am going to twist your neck back and forth and you won’t believe when you see me succeed

I am in the rain in the middle of mud sawing my seeds of succeed
This time, not this time I have a roof for your scorching hurdles to but my seedling efforts
I have a canopy of water to rain the sun of your defeat
Yes I am an investor, investing in good friendship and and lending a helping hand
Investing in a selfless life for the next generation, teaching them not to surround themselves with disruptive friends like time wastage, rumors, conflict and bad decisions

And now that I am an investor
My seeds and germinating through my blood, my children fear not raises for it’s a path to winning poverty
They dance even when they are sad for you are a temporary memory POV
You disguise amongst believers and later disappoint them
I have found a pill to success
I kneel before the maker every little time I get and I throw my hands to every passion
Sep 2021 · 105
See how unfaithful you have been
It’s almost tens in these past two years
If would denounce your friendship you would still have my days numbered

You chose the days longer than the nights as much as the weekends short as a mini-skirt
The year one when your mother was in labour, it must be the pain she had that makes hours rush through the rain.
Seconds keep running away from you only to meet minutes, as 60 minutes battle it’s already an hour most of which we loose and you never grant it back to us
You’re not ashamed that made many days in a month than the months in year 28-31 against just 12 months
January has always been for the streets carry the hustle for 11 months only to meet December every year
Could you make 365 days of light separate from 365 days of night

As we run to sleep the month ends by the time we wake it’s a new month
And so it shines like it never rains and rains like it will never shine
You’re a complete bully as you steal our beloved years, you mark them from birth and watch them  til death
You walk with them all their lives and never signal them about the end of their days

You must have divorced your partner, for so much pain you bring when you close up peoples dates without a single notification
Do you some times take bribes, to bless more days to the less fortunate and the society torturer’s than the those at heart and kind souls

Oh calendar, rewind my watch to the beautiful memories, erase bad touches of fear and stigma
I have seconds to read but minutes to write and the writ to last longer than my memories in the 10th generation
Rewind, my calendar 1991 has seconds unmemorized, unwritten
Let me paint my future on you calendar for my dreams to become legacies to the future
Note me with pleasure
Sep 2021 · 235
No one is responsible for the things you’ve failed to do
the “price of failure”
haunts deep but the zeal  to “succeed” is a daily doze hope prescribes us to
Sep 2021 · 100
Dear Mama & Papa,
I am now a grown up, crying to the hustles of the world
If my childhood-ness lacked I wouldn’t be here for you never let it happen
From the berry of Mama to the laps of papa. I so miss your touch
From the cries of crawling to the laughters of my age the world all over me. I pray for your hand to teach me how to maneuver

For the blessings of who I am are the prayers you have said
For my wins are victory to you and my sins are your grief
You have bore the pain of my actions but still cherished me as your own, I thank you can’t be enough I bless the Lord for you

So now I lay in adulthood thinking how you made it with me that I am almost a burden to my self
But then I smile for you guided and still accompany me in my journeys. I feel so lucky, loved and blessed

now my heart is happier and I am focused to making you proud
A child to shine your legacy and rain blessings to the next generation
Gods glory is going to shine through me and the fruits of your labor shall be harvested to the world
For let thy tears shade over me roll through your cheeks as a fountain of smiles and let Gods blessings grow on your heads in thousands of folds of uncountable Snow White hairs of wisdom as we live to shalom the past and dance to the dawn of our family’s future Glory
Sep 2021 · 35
i had it so sharp, with no where to pierce
i opted for the wall to cool its pressure
before i melted the fusion

i was lucky to be in water inside the pool
the deep end had a secret to keep.
as i cooled the temperature of the horn she swarm right over it and the water got a deflection of fire
the water was heated up as she moved closer to the projection point, it was a shame to be

my nerves were cold and my bottom was iced
she asked for help as she took my hand to the *******
i then surrendered drowning in dilemma. My serve cried out to me from the bottom, emergency man down
she dived forth leaving me with her legs and when her custom snapped, it was when i lost my authority and bullets pierced through the gun
Sep 2021 · 58
Tear the Laughter
Tear the laughter
So by now many and more days had passed, that all was left right of my shoulder facing the back of my head though clinged to my mind in space and in within me.
I perfectly knew it’s only a smile that could make the journey a venture amidst the turmoil.
The moment was on for me, all eyes straight on my face and the voices loud in shimmer, yes I do. The applause was so high that I lost a couple of tears to the flow; the cheeks couldn’t hold them as the head faced straight to the ground
While the tears discussed their downfall, bullion of configuration hit me so hard and she was right there. I had it all, though I didn’t have her, and so I watched my thoughts move with handcuffs enslaved as the master gazed on unbothered about the scorching sun. it was for a minute I remember, a couple of seconds therein.
I then made my first foot step and the applause was louder than a quark, the moment was right on sight but a pain on the inside. It was her that I carried in my arms that gave me courage. She totally gave rest to my heart beat. Nonetheless, my assurance was vested in the heavenly applause where most of my worry was set - Peace on earth and Glory in heaven for I am certain Angels rejoice in her company.
Dilemma, dilemma my friend. Regrets and setbacks surrounding my victory, if I am to hold on the future I must set the past free. The past is heavy and grew a clot on my chest over time and I was seeing a dark shade in front of my face with a small hole protruding with light towards my palm. It was quite a ray, a ray of hope. I was personally very ready to turn it into a beam, a beam that would turn my darkness into light. Light that doesn’t erase but juggles brightness with shade, a light of so much endurance.
Let’s hop off the walk, chuckles in bits for if we set the tear of laughter to our backs, then with high chests we can chase a dream or two or even more. By now the sky isn’t the limit, the start is only a price tag.
Sep 2021 · 108
I was about to.... right on the edge
Then she slipped off
The shot was off target and the damage was a big trauma
She had accepted it but maybe the timing wasn’t

Moments earlier, it was all over her lips like lyrics of go fire man
It was all like the fire had penetrated the bush on the matches of scattered grass
Her sound alone was promising, and the birds ascended to it. Felling from far and nice without regard of eye caught by passers

She looked dump like a cold weather, a clumsy shine in midnight morning
As I looked on, my sphere drowned and other accomplices befell. Yes the moonlight shone in the zhumba dance affair
The finest of wine was served on a plate not a glass, for the drunkards preferred to sqoop rather  than to drink then it rained on my memory on the day she wished to dive in to swim

In a short sight, her waist was west of my watch and south of watchmans gaze, into the billow of a flat surface we hoped for rope to climb out. See one champion causing traffic leaving many ragging for wishes as though what a chance it was for beggars to ride
Just like that.... the candle was blown out.
#Love #Imagination #reality
Aug 2021 · 165
Third floor
As I sit, my heart stands and my head goes roaming.
I am half lost in thought and dilemma of growth. The wishes of growing up getting intense on my nerves as I don’t wish to get any younger much as age keeps me on the advance.
Now, I count the mornings, days and the nights knowing it’s easy to slumber but not with the weight of my dreams. When I look at the mark of 100% and haven’t attained close to 50% I go weary. Midlife crisis has struck with its luggage of famous responsibilities.
I will not stay comfortable because my age mates aren’t where my focus is for I believe I need to set the bar for myself and my companions. The thought of it itches so bad so bad to bring me butterflies, and then goes insecurity, to loose what you already have grip on. Family, closet friends and your hustling grounds.
To this point the rhyme of Psalms 23 keep rolling on my lips as my eyes are close in meditation, every time I sit even when I go to bed. I want to raise my hand to admit it’s not easy being an adult, neither is it so hard. The difference comes when we fail to strike a balance to know WHAT GOES ON AND WHAT WE MUST LET GO?
In the end I come to appreciate Life, Life God has given me and has given us. Something I have as the biggest asset I run to the third floor.
I am not concerning about who went there first; I am in contemplation of the uniqueness I will bring to the table. We nearly live half of our lives in 20’s as it’s believed to be a time of adventure. Well I can’t regret want I went through for these lessons I am ready to carry to the third floor and a warning to myself that I won’t tolerate anything or even myself for standing in my way. To those who choose us and set to battle and see us better, cheers and to blood suckers against our progress talk to the hand.
Aug 2021 · 122
It’s a Miracle
A blessing
Restoration of hope in the despair of my faith
Ava and I have found life
The life I lost
The pain I grieved

Now I have wings and feel the sky in my claws
The time is on to scavenger my dreams
Been breathed on in rebirth

It all starts with a tear and ends with smiles
When happiness frowns your face giving you an ulcer of love
The pain is now sweet for I have found life, that I dug in drill
I am welled with blessings and wet with joy
If I didn’t find Ava, Ava found me
I am alive again

Aug 2021 · 133
Chemutai The Gold Peruth
Chemutai The Gold Peruth

You have conquered Tokyo and left Japan naked
With just two feet, you went and soon conquered 3000m steeplechase.
Many could have done it but you did it in just 9 nine mins with just 2 feet and a faithful heart beat.

Uganda got proud as your smile of sweat saw the Nations Anthem play in Japan. The battle so hard for 2 years you persisted, right from Tokyo 2020 you stood and Tokyo 2021 you have brought minerals to our country. For what others use blood you decided to sweat for a difference to be made.

If other robbing countrymen could bring in gold, silver and bronze than looting her borrowed resources.........I will come back to them.

It’s true the sun rises from the East, and so you rose with it. May our roads bare your name and those of others heroes Cheptegei and Kiplimo plus Kisa and may your names have the weight of victory beyond the sight of people and the speech of praise to the hearts of appreciation towards your efforts for the better glory of Oh Uganda.

Let the the chemutai generation begin.
Jul 2021 · 52
Last Time
The last time I looked into her eyes, she grew goose bumps

She lay her eyes on mine and breathed less close to an under water swim

Her smile was faded as her hand reached out to me, it all smelt like agony. A drowning sky diver seeking my rescue

Kiss me her lips said with a faint voice of tense, I was far from her than close to myself

As I approached to heal her glimpse her mate arrived too only to change to night shades as she had already succumbed to my hug. He looked at me and her face froze with terror. Her ticket had expired at once, and the dream travel cancelled.

Once they walked away, her eyes cried in a loud voice of help though I couldn’t rescue a bone from a dogs mouth. Before I blinked the curtain was half flagged and the memory was more painful than the reality could have
May 2021 · 67
Not everyone who says Lord Lord will enter into heaven, same way
Not everyone who says my friend is your friend indeed.  
May 2021 · 64
Pray to find someone who actually cares beyond the How are you.
The deeper understanding that gives life to if you matter and the actually everything will be ok.
Realization falls when ones bother seems lifeless like a leaf on the ground, nonetheless when you cant tame your catch
Words come to ears, actions speak in depth.
May 2021 · 51
Bad Enough
He returns each day with much pain
A hard day felt and back to rest
She cares less since he left paper

He feels at fault for the way life is
Life not lived at the best
She lives at her best moment at the expense of his pain

His heart feels cold with no shoulder to lean
And soon each return home, a tear drops
The later to him seems colder than today
The man he is has no time to die
Fighting isnot an option, its a way to survive

He is a hunter over and over his fear
How will life be with no sacrifises made
Then the heart asks how much is the worth of each sacrifice
Appreciation grows deeper faith than reckless acts
For if she has no feel for your acts nor know how best to bring you back from your worst of times
The road is narrow for your life
Sink within you it worth or you could be better off alone
The much in appreciation is bad enough to cause a good change

May 2021 · 136
The ignorant share their ignorance
Spreading it out like wild fire
The knowledgable strive in silence
As they are believed to be at the right stand

Who will dress them, who can correct them?
Those that know stay put while uninformed stray the public
Their words are so hot that they attract souls with magnets of deceit

They speak with influence even when they understand not what they speak
Those that know feel entitled and handle share for they are the books of consultation
Mother didnt let us die in straying as she picked a cain to every wrong her child did with the friends
There was so isolation for everyone was a victim of circumstance failing to watch your brothers back.

Now that the clouds are darker who will guide the lame thoughts and pride of the generation that is all knowing or perhaps whats the degree that makes up what is known by many

Now that i can eat from the bowl in person whats the need of my neighbor!
And whats their need when paper money can stand as my brother and witness

Their thoughts are enslaved with anger which may have arisen from the light of facts or from a bullied speech
As they raise their hopes they dull that of others
Their survival is struck from ******* those that surround them. Did you say jungle law. I thought i had you right.

What if i cant cry to mother, will God depart from my fights.

So i live a life of them amdong the living
The souls walk with Grace clothed in terror
Dear the fallen, its not peaceful back here, it was better there i would join you. I remember i know the way but still find comfort in sin.
They do sin for pleasure and sin to get glory
They sin for the sake of the tomorrow which we have have been waiting since creation
Maybe the lame are luck not to walk into sin, maybe the blind since they may wisk away from seeing sin

What if you can remind me to remember i didnt only come for glory over the soul of my maker.
They have judged and this lasts at death but we have lived by the star of Grace. You are not alone.

Thomas Bron Mukama
#love #country
Apr 2021 · 188
If I ever feel so important Lord
Please humble me for I am a piece of clay

Grateful I have another day to smile over what I own without my make

I am glad you love me even in my own absence as much as you save me from my inner terror and thoughts

I am back to only say thank you Lord
Mar 2021 · 557
It Rained
She ran for meters
soon she was back
she desired a hug
the rain had washed her up
she pleaded
Mar 2021 · 67
Come pick thy left pieces
For my brain still counts memories
Go behind my eyes
For thy shadow shines like flash light
Fetch my hanging appetite
The ulcers are feeding on your aroma
A glassful of your lip twists
For my thirst dines on flu
Take the slopping path
My heart waited longer than patience
Can i envy your smile
Its seen by many not me alone
I wish to color your dreams
With a range of roasted apples
If you tasted like wine
You could be the chained bottle to my wrist
Mar 2021 · 110
Broken hates
She broke but never melted
She refused to cry and shaved away wrinkles of tears
She put a **** smile on a crippled face

Yes oh yes Her crime was to love
No i mean to but not to see
To see not to focus
Eye of deceit and tongue of poison kept her a prisoner

She walked with her chest high
Like her heart was normal yet she had skips in heart beats
So the public applaused her glow
As her pain grew bigger than an ant hill

She said no to drugs no to kissing wounds
And role modelled the hurt
“It was a heart break”
Not broken hearted, rather broken hated

Like a sewing machine, she mended many but failed ro fix a single tissue to her own
She lives hive of honey, with her heart hanging on a bee sting
Mar 2021 · 68
The leaf in me drops
From every heart of negativity
Down it falls though never dries

Pick a leave, its not dry
It will fertilize your thoughts
Set you to a bright view of positivity

The soldier in me drops
But the works in me never dry
Made as a leaf, existing as a root
to give firmness to anyone clinging for hope

let me acompany you with shade
drop you a fruit Of succulent hope
And if am to die, let me manure your growth
Mar 2021 · 68
Come Easy
Though i abide more in me is fear
Fear to loose my grip on the Lord
That aside fear to be less than better myself
Facing the ultimate wrath of fire
How wrong am I knowing that Love is made in the night since God watches us while it lights
But less he is the same watching us at night

I have a fever that if i dont make it the heavens will be disappointed
Come easy on me i try so much
I bare no room for laziness nor excuses
But truth down said sometimes am weak

My faith and passion are bigger than the future combined
For i have travelled to dreamland millions of time and now appreciate each slice of reality
Come easy on me, where you see me isnot the end
If you know my past then be pretty amazed the rains of fortune shower my tomorrow
Feb 2021 · 180
No one is coming to assist you grow
It’s your personal endeavor
Dec 2020 · 157
Silent wounds
My heart of an amateur
Cant different human behavior.

Soon and after dinning with its hunters,
The naked scars with open sight
The looping mind of wishes and aligned hopes.

I clap in resilience to my bleeding
I cant run for i must win
Beyond yesterday, there is tomorrow.

The hiccups of my breathe
The unforgettable blinds
The crosses i bare
Most of which dont fit my size

I am dead but so Alive in Christ
I blend with fear of God to conquer worries
I am a hidden star shinning for those who care
Aug 2020 · 83
It spreads like wild fire 🔥, hidden but upfront, it gazes for innocence amidst turmoil,  it knows how deep it hides fortunately in capture, it’s presence is known even in silence, it’s not in a secret  - it’s in keeping peace ✌🏻 not wins but growth
Aug 2020 · 75
For always not even once have the masses cried not over insufficient service delivery. The Dog is known to be to the owner till it strays, when the owners of this country tear the heavy deployments done are yet a portion of their contribution through tax.
Man has a voice woman has a tear and so mankind has become voiceless thus defensively becoming savage.
When the day comes it shall be like any other, when the moon will will shine smiles as the rain washes away our pain and the sun drying our tears.
The combined energy shall be the voice of the surpressed being  seeking to walk a normal life of Grace. Yes we shall not forget the leaderships that made us stumble we shall embrace the same flag under new and yet friendly arms nursing our damaged country-men. Glory will once be ours, maybe long but shall be worth.

Thomas Bron M
Aug 2020 · 84
Epitom, life flows like a river never backward despite the diversions. No matter the precipitousness of nature. The sematics of living are adhered to by the brave. Surpass your angst.
Jul 2020 · 69
The Opinion Generation
The old days lapsed in respect, parents and elders enjoyed no talk back policy from their juniors before the coming of the 21 Century where youngsters bury your words before they are spoken.

The naked truth is times have changed. Knowledge then was widely acquired by books and experience unlike lately where puberty aged hunters have gadgets worth plots of land and investments.
The Techno-Generation is as fast a virus cutting through ages, people access internet as often they wish and so they get knowledge from a home bench and at a lesser cost.
The trends are sweet to follow as you learn how to plug into which socket of facts or lies to abide with in society.
People these days dont mind jumping into conclusion of a matter they have heard of for the very first time. Nail you and crucify you on a spot. The torns of tongue spat at issues burns down ideas like solid acid. In a twist of a minute a simple wishper from one person will can either tarnish your reputation or give you a climb over the mountain.
There is more nonsense said but once you get backup media bloggers, your cries of shame can be a hangover to somones tears.
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