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The tap water isn’t cold enough, so bottled will have to do
The crickets and cicadas mock me for even having a mere thought of you
The cold sweat on my skin matches the love we used to feel
Shivering, damp, and innocent; can one say this was even real?
Weak for a week,
Because of no eye for an eye
We both saw the truth
But I'm so far from the sky.
I eat a petal off the flower
Of the flower of your love
But otherwise forgettable
This aint ab you charlotte i promise
I flipped all my cigarettes over:
lucky is only lucky if you reap what you sow
I am a dog
Praying Mantis Boy
Tangled limbs, 50 floors up
Love: for a minute.
Love is the river
of life, but a flood will hurt
and a drought will ****.
The snow today reminded me of you,
and all the things we used to do
It came so light and delicately,
like the way you fell asleep on me

But tomorrow, the snow will melt,
just like it had a week before
Yea I miss you, I’ll admit it,
but there will come a time when I can weep no more

Rain and snow will come and go,
that is a given,
but loving you for two whole years
is something that I never wish that I didn’t

And next winter, soon enough,
the snow will cover the ground
My love for you will have rooted itself,
beneath the frozen ground

You said that you will come back,
and I hope to think you should,
because, surely enough, every winter,
the snow drapes the silent wood
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