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 May 2013 Teresa Kay Dockery
Back then
I bought you some cigarettes.
you always craved another
Even after a few hours had passed.
The smoke dove into your body
And flew back out into the air
As your lovely lips
Set it free;
I was always so fascinated-
But I swore to myself
I'd never get into such a habit
Because I would hate to get addicted
To such a silly thing

I no longer have someone
So alluring to observe;
I picked up my first cigarette,
brought it to my mouth
And held it the way you taught me to.
As I inhaled my strain
And released my tension with the smoke
I felt the hum of relief travel
From the top of my head
To the tips of my toes--
I had only held it once
And I knew I'd become addicted
To such a silly thing
much like the way I had gotten addicted
To you
 May 2013 Teresa Kay Dockery
Ever since you left
I've been trying to go back
To how I was before
I ever met you

I've been trying to smile
And I've put extra effort
towards being happy

I've been so deep
Inside my mind
That I've nearly
D r o w n e d
Searching for the shore

But as I lay on my bed
And listen to the guitar strings
Plucking from my stereo
I sense a familiar feeling
Of sadness

Perhaps I've always been this way
And you were simply

A distraction.
some are hidden
by long sleeves
and baggy sweatshirts,
behind bloodshot eyes
and stale breath
written in light graphite
on crinkled sheets
in shoeboxes,
therapy sessions
and 2am text messages
last night
I sat in the passenger seat
as we hit the road to nowhere
just like I used to
we sang cliche radio hits
at the top of our lungs
just like we used to
I giggled at everything
that rolled off your tongue
just like I used to
we looked each other in the eyes
with goodnight but no goodbyes
but that's not what we were used to


— The End —