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 Jan 2017 tarma-de
PC classic
Of course there are lies you keep telling yourself but how else will you keep
the bones fierce and electric
as sombre reality tries to swallow you whole
the usual dragging of the usual yourself back home
the killing of cockroaches with rolled up old notebooks
the same old bars and aimless conversations
the slow realisation that love or no love are two sides of the same torment.
We go to the lake and listen to the madness of the mosquitoes as they get drunk on human sorrow.
We keep searching for that part of the brain where the right words hang
because after a while it just gets tiring trying to hurt people.
Anger is a faded dice held by a blind man.
Maybe life will always be about thinking twice from now on
locate the words that help you or me or anyone
aim and blast
keep on going even when there is no kindness waiting for you behind closed doors

soldier on
as long as life flows red
 Jan 2017 tarma-de
Amethyst Fyre
I think I might know what it feels like to be adopted
You know where everything is in the kitchen and how to work the dishwasher
You walk the dog, you're a part of family movie night
You're accepted and loved
But some quiet part of you
Desperately asks to go home
Even though you know there is nowhere left to go

— The End —