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Tara Fear Jun 2013
Internal Strength of a wolf,
External strength of a child.

Hearing the cries,
Of her families demise.

Stark *****, hiding; all alone,
Watching the wolf's last howl, last breath.

Stark ***** may not have died,
But under the wolf's moon she experiences death.

Stark *****, possible queen of the throne,
With an enemy for help, Stark *****'s fate is unknown.
Tara Fear Feb 2013
You have acted so strongly,
Given it all of your might,
Now let this matter settle,
You are too weak to fight,

Do not pursue this,
Just let it go,
Defending you, aiding you, your strength shall soon grow,

I will not leave you,
When unstable on your feet,
I will stay through victory,
I will stay through defeat.
Tara Fear Feb 2013
Pit walls...
I despair,
I'm cold, I'm alone, I cannot draw air,

You knew angels were going to leave me,
You said God was my life's key,
You fail to see, my lock only opens to reveal more misery,
You made me believe me my heart would soon mend,
You led me to the beginning of my weary painful end,

My heart has not mended, my wounds have not healed,
Yet my fate is not over so therefore it cannot be sealed,

You promised me love!
You promised me you!
You promised me your love was equal and true,

So why have you left your footprints in my heart and not the sand?
In this pit, I hold onto hope, can you not see me holding out my hand?
Please grab it, please hold me, please love and adore thee,


But here I am, cold, alone, my heart stripped and bare,
Where the angels have left me *like you they don't care.
Tara Fear Feb 2013
You are my Kaleidoscope,
I look to you for change,
You are my Kaleidoscope,
Vivid, beautiful and strange,

I look to you for star dust, half moons and golden suns

You are my Kaleidoscope,
A wild array of colour,
You are my Kaleidoscope,
I stare through every blissfull hour,

I change my life, hope and dreams,
To reflect your ever-changing themes,
You are my Kaleidoscope,
A visit that is exquisite,

You are my Kaleidoscope,
I will never tire of what you show,
You are life and air to me,
To my eyes you are all they know.
Tara Fear Feb 2013
In love with the idea about love,

but not in love with love itself
Tara Fear Feb 2013
Chicken wires under my feet,
I can hardly stand but there is no retreat,
I'm caged,
I'm haunted by the ghosts before me,

I'm voiceless and hopeless,
I have no feathers to keep me warm,
I have only a cage,
To this cage I am sworn.

I will never meet my children that I lay at my feet,
They will be something for these creatures to eat.
I have no identity, only others like me I can see,
I hide and shiver with other sufferers for company,

I have no comparison to any other life,
Is this what it is? Life?
Am I complaining about nothing?
Does everyone feel such pain?
I sit here, I wonder... If this is the case
Who are these creatures that take my babies away,
They have no cage, unlike me I'm forced to stay.
Tara Fear Feb 2013
Like the leaves,
I fall from trees,
Fallen autumn memories*

My love, we can have the life we wanted,
We will sail and find Dragon Pearls,
We will revive and survive,
Be all, side by side.

Can you not see,
We are sailing happily,
With our daydreams to power us,
No rough seas to discourage us,
Only Bliss in our Abyss,
Sealed by a warm kiss.

Storms appear, loud and clear,

There is nowhere to run or hide on our boat,

Then the clouds swept over,
Removed the sun from our shine,
We were held at gun point...
We fell into line,
As you fell my love, I followed you,

I died,

So now I shall wait for you,
Here in heavens tide.
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