Tapan jena Nov 2016

Audaciously adequate is the sweet little grin of her,
Hiding the abundant anguishes and sorrows that no one can cure;

Once in a while, a knight in shining armor comes around,
Effortlessly liberating her from the fortress of the beast resembling a hound;

Nevertheless, the temporal loop continues whatsoever,
As if she is destined to be with the hound forever and ever.

Tapan jena Jul 2016

A travelogue of my voyages
A narrative of my adventures, my wanderlust
All of it begin from you and end at you

These chronicles of my escapade
Are not merely a fictional account
All of it echoes my search for you

Through the seven seas and countless nations
I try to unearth the happiness to be with you

Couldn’t find any trace of you,
Punished for seeking you

To find you, I’ve walked around the whole world,
Still walking, still confused, wandering across for you

Tapan jena May 2016

Cease this moment for a while
Let me allow this heart to reconcile
Sleep is my lover now, my forgetting, my opiate, my oblivion
How to not recall those memories of yours, which can still silence my inner demons
While your world is moving on, flowing beyond the rivers and oceans
My life’s still stuck in your love, yearning for your return

Tapan jena Jan 2016

Everything you say, feel so right, feels like heaven,
What I was, what I have become,

Quite a strange feeling, so much unknown;
Life's no more what it was before,

Though there's no future, I can't turn back, there's no detour,
Neither there any wish, nor place for any hope,
Up in flames, all I care for.

Tapan jena Jan 2016

There goes our story, far from where eyes can behold
There goes our story, which is no more a story; instead call it memories,

Tapan jena Jan 2016

Hope there won’t be an end to this very moment,
Hope you would be right next to me all my life

Hope there won’t be a time, I would be far from you,
Hope you would never leave, as I would rather die than live in a world without you;

(but "Hope is a dangerous and oftentimes lethal expectation", so let the whole thing be fiction smile emoticon )
Tapan jena Jan 2016

Your smile so surreal, so satisfying,
Would always hug me when I am hurt and crying

Your embrace would wipe away my tears
In those moments so broken, your love would calm my fears

Whenever the pain would get unbearable, agonizing and awful,
Your affections would save my soul,
Oh mother, you made me believe in miracles

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