Tapan jena Nov 2017

Beginning to think is beginning to be "undermined"
To take the final flight, away from light
Into the dark environs of one’s state of mind

Just a careful analysis of letdowns or mere trickeries of deceiving soul
What sets off the crisis is almost always unverifiable?

An act like this is decreed upon within the silence of the heart.
As if a great work of art.

Sidelining hopes for a better tomorrow,
the man prefers a fatal evasion

Powerless to realize the transcendent,
Incapable of exhuming the depth of experience

The man deify what crushes him,
depriving him forever from the divine existence
Sacrificing his intellect, the believer immerses within darkness
In his failure, the believer finds triumph

Tapan jena Oct 2017

Hiding the real you beneath a surface so deep
No one can ever find your true self anymore
You are no more what you used to be
Instead, you are what you are hiding

Stay there
Be as quiet as you like
But don’t forget all the lies you’ve told the world
If it would have been truths, you won’t have to remember anything.

Yet, you preferred the lies
Don’t you get entangled in your web full of deceits
Things would finally come out
Revealing the real you from what you are portraying.

Tapan jena Sep 2017

How wonderful it would be to write a letter to you!
To feel like conveying my thoughts;
to put those thoughts into words.
Isn’t it splendid?

Tapan jena Sep 2017

What I believe, what I think and what I see,
Are they real or just a portrayal of my fantasy
How to prove their very existence?
People say, you see what you want to see.
Was all of it then, just a trickery
Will it vary if I change the way, the way I perceive things

Does nothing in this world got any meaning at all?
Is all this a façade?
The more I try to see, why the less I comprehend?

This consistency amazes me as well
There’s so much uniformity, there are so much sameness in our lives
Why all these things are the way they are?

So many people, limitless interpretations
Yet, what prevails is just a function of power and deception

Where we are heading, if nothing being true at all
Why we are robbing ourselves from having a point of view
Why someone else’s opinion takes precedence over our own?

So many questions, so little time.

Tapan jena Sep 2017

Feeling so weak
I’m dying as if
There’s no willingness
to survive

Gotta try harder,
need to endure
the aches which I’m going through now

Great thing would come
only when old wounds would heal.

Be patient.

Tapan jena Aug 2017

Amid the darkness
In the midst of gloom and misery
She is contemplating life’s essence.

Between Light and dark,
Are any of them wholly good or bad?

There’s the darkness that frightens
There’s darkness that calms
It also quietens
All those fears of distress which we've

In those long nights of trepidation
By savoring our isolation
It exposes us to our own bygone reflection

likewise, light brings joy by illuminating the world
In the form of fire, extinguish everything as well
With an unmatchable wrath
It silences everything, shutting all of life in a split flash.

The world always stays in balance
Both light and dark coexist in congruence

It’s us who manipulate.
They become, what the bearers always wishes it to be

No one but night with tears on her face
Watches besides her
Witnessing a world filled with forever despair

Life burn, souls get humiliated on its funeral pyre
Ashes intensified the darkest desires
She immersed herself in fire to let the light grow
Fire doesn’t hurt her anymore
She is blessed.

Deep in the dark, the gleam would fight the endless night.

Tapan jena Aug 2017

Beyond the beautiful forever
Untouched by the slithering mores
She rises,

Leaving behind the temporal obstructs
She rallies past the towering walls
Unhinged like raw power
Full of resilience, she would move forward

Rehashing the past won’t change a thing
From the ashes of her past begin a new awakening
Fear cannot shut her down anymore
She embraced courage, dispelling the herd

Rising above the cloudy vow
Up above the land of chaos
Only way she could live; if she would grow
Now it’s the dark’s turn to be afraid

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