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Tania Karina Nov 2020
The lessons were delivered in levels

First I thought the worst evil had no feelings and portrayed the most bitter truths

Well, the worst evil held on the truths,
dragged you along with its games,
and finally either you resigned reluctantly yet consciously
or had yourself dropped on “game over”
Tania Karina Nov 2020
everything fades like a dream
leaves me wonder which ones are real
soon as the marks are gone
the only validation is the other person's experience
now that he's left I wonder if it was all in my mind
Tania Karina Oct 2020
he kept me hanging
he could have come to million other options
yet he decided to show me his groundless empty realm
lead me to ideas that this make believe was concrete
till I jumped to the death myself
Tania Karina Oct 2020
i think i'm lucky that it was you
i didn't know what it was for you but it meant a lot to me
and you were kind
you were kind
and i loved you that night
i loved you so much i cried in your arms
Tania Karina Jun 2020
Here is for someone who does not know what he yearns for
I hope you can have the courage to stay, or to walk away
I hope you can embrace love as well as regret
I hope you are blessed with feelings
I hope that you can reach deeper
I hope that you can see wider
You have always been loved
Tania Karina Nov 2019
If only you could see things through my eyes
It's not the greens that caught it, dear
It's neither the birds flying in the sky so pink
Nor the purple silhouette of the mountains

If you could see things through my bare eyes
It's the blurry lights on the street that were so clear
It's not the omens of the bitter coming
It is you that did

— The End —