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Standing on the edge
Water at my toes
I look at you and think
I wonder if he knows.
I look at you
You look at me
Nothing is said
But you're all I see
Your eyes consume me
I swim in them forever
I'd rather be here with you
No matter the weather.
Holding my hand
Pulling me in your direction
Silently I wait
For all of your affection
It's hard to say
It's easy to feel
But seeing something
Doesnt make it real
A subtle butterfly
A beautiful view
I feel a gentle flutter
Thinking of  you
I can feel your soft landing
Something strong enough to hold
Your the flower I crave
Your nectars made out of gold
And When I'm inside you
Encased and dissolved
My flutter and your nectar
This is reality and its evolved
A butterfly and a rare flower
One searching for the other
While the other enduring
seasonal transcendant weather.
If I was the butterfly
and you were the flower
That means Id crave you
And the butterfly always gets the flower.
Winter is coming
Fall is near
Each as inevitable
But together quite clear..
Leaves are turning color
The trees are during slow
It's colder every day
And it's only began to snow
Winter is coming or so they say
We've yet to see and already snowflakes
Drop all over and it can't be just me
It's cold, quiet and yet I feel assured
I know flowers will bloom and everything will be warm .
Occurring every year is what the seasons have in store.
Here comes trouble
Better call ya back up,
Acting like your talking **** is finna burst
My bubble, better put a pin in it
Take a tack and stick it in
Your judgment  leaving cause you  , drownin and slippin from the game you in
your judgment of me left my hand like  these crisp *** Benjamins.
I be steady  bendin them
We could all get up and if we finna stay up you gotta be open to soaking in a new  opinEin
didnt say you wasn't listenin but
My thoughts ?  Just cant fit em in
While u clown and put down,
things the new ***** with a smart mouth let come out
And all she talking bout is bread? But every ***** u ****** with...
opinions dropped dead.
Real **** can never be said. With all these close minded heads.

Ya I'm going shopping and you ain't finna cop it ,
You ain't catching me not the po po
Or the dollar in my pocket.
Nah ***** you ain't stopping it acting like MY character  is a belt you can put a hole in.
Your goal is quite simple , if you try me you will *******
From all the ways you perceive
you thinking all these ******* simple.
the slang you been stocking if you listened i can top it .
Pimpings got two i's which means double  the ******* profit
I use my brain  can't knock it.
you Finna stomp it down and clown there is a brain in this ******* sound what game you playin now?
watch how  I clue u like the game
Scarlet red in the library..
  learning from croooks not books
She dont have the lead pipe or need the knife,
Look rich or poor you learned
An educated ***** is better stunt in on the old *****.
The snakes i can't hear hiss
Getting the real rich cause I dont give time to a ***** who dont know this , I might be a dumb ***** to you thats coo but those of you ,
Can have, and get it and always see me on they route. Everything gonna spill out and im cool as ice and inside Im chilled out. This tone is a ***** now and dont talk listen up but sit down look me in the eye and dont speak .
If I put it down I'll be stronger every time the real **** can't come out, I comprehend the peak and when it can't leak, it pours out my mouth like the faucet with power now , real **** and talk all over you blocking the talk that you would of seen me walk
thats ****** if you say no ***** can think but the game you play can stay that way for when I think I speak
I can't change this ****** up tone,voice or what I portray ,
Im a ***** thats okay a real one you'll see but if u ******* up imma let you be
Rain is clear everyone feels it,
But you can smell **** even if your near it
Hear it when I speak it if you in **** how can u smell what I clearly told you maybe  its because you deep in the **** I could of showed you open up to the things I told you. I'll never be the ***** to sell same **** the other ***** u ****** with sold you.
I ain't got time to be a dime
With every other ***** thinking I'm lieing
This opinion ain't a show and my girls clearly know
if I want the D I get the tree everything else is
Dont get it twisted cause other ******* ain't got
This mindset or thoughts
Dont talk to me if you dont like me
You want me to know you why spite me
Respect is respect if you give it
I'll return it like the Nike's a lick bought me
Cause the real ones got me. And I ain't wait around to fake it or talk free.
Other girls ain't like me. Intimidation is a skill you can't sell no pill flip it or sell
How can you come up with a ***** who you want to listen
She can't get what she trying to get
If her opinion dont fit
let it in see how it goes
Cause imma always speak true ****
My character stomps the *****  you thought you could change it but my words are what's with the **** and trust when I say I'm get this **** .
If it ain't right imma tell those inside the circle of trust I show and provide
A ***** or a **** imma always speak my mind.
I looked over at my bestie
My biffle if you will
More of a woman now
For we have grown
Over the last ten years
And losing her has become
One of my biggest fears
I thought of the advice i was once told
By some one who was quite old
And now im wondering how this will end
His advice
"Marry your best friend"
Read and Reread a page in a book,
Each and every line.
Memorize every letter,
Until they intertwine.
Take a little break,
Then do it all over again.
Until the tears soak up the words,
And you can't find where you begin.
Though blind with tears,
And haunted by fears,
Every thing starts to clear.
You can not put in,
What does not fit in,
Or unwrite that which has been written.
So back to the book once again
Remembering  the damp crumbled words
To know how it will begin,
To tear you apart just at the end
To constantly remind yourself as you have been
rereading a page will not become unwritten.
Will not change the words ,
Or make them listen,
Go on skip ahead
Read from the heart
This is where you wanna begin
This is where it should always start.
**** the begining **** the end
Let's just meet half way.
But even this of course would be
Just not the proper way
Even when you chose to start
You took the time to reread every part
Even the pieces that broke your heart
And  even knowing when you start again
It'll never be possible to rewrite the end.
2/18/17 j.R.G
Today I had a thought,
Today was something new.
Your eyes steal me away ,
Every time I look at you.
You ask me what I see,
I see the details of your heart.
When I travel into your eyes,
It tears me a part.
Im not quite sure what happened,
There's things I still don't know.
Details I fail to mention,
Then the world begins to slow.
Down but not stopped,
Dark but not forgotten.
The details of your eyes,
Are something I get lost in.
The rare feature ,
The reoccurring feelings.
Falling for a man,
Whose eyes constantly steal me.
And every time I wonder,
If the man inside your eyes,
Knows I'm trying to save him,
Does he know I won't let him die?
But suddenly it speeds up,
The world no longer slowing.
The man stands on his feet,
And his strength suddenly growing.
Today was something new,
You tried you did you can.
Be better than the memory,
Of a corrupted neglected man.
So when u ask me what I see,
Every time I look at you.
I wish to say the same,
Today was something new.
You ponder your thoughts ,
Wondering what I see.
Today was something new,
Today you were with me.
Bad bobby. 9/19/16
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