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Tala Jun 2018
Dear Mr Terrorist,
If it’s okay for me to call you that, or do you maybe prefer the term suicidal, extremist, perhaps a radical?
There’s an abundance of questions overwhelming my mind and since I got this opportunity, who better could I ask than you?
So Mr Terrorist, may I ask you,
do you remember every little feature drawn onto every little face you have executed?
May I ask you, can you reminisce every little guy for who you have decided that they should be snatched out of the lives of their loved ones, to tear them from the hearts of their parents and to divide them from the soil they last saw. The same soil that is crying for a scent of the children, weeping for their footsteps, one last time.

Dear Mr Terrorist, may I ask you
was it a thought- through strategy
or a blind action without studying the possible tragedy?
Dear Mr Terrorist, may I ask you
was your heart filled with an amount of hate so poisonous that had to be unfold,
was it your senseless brain that tricked you into it,
or perchance your soul so bitter and cold?
Dear Mr Terrorist, may I ask you
have you once been a little child,
one of these little boys,
whose thoughts were clouded only by the worries of the game,
or did your childhood mess you up so badly,
turning you into the demon you now became
Dear Mr Terrorist, may I ask you
can you still remember what it meant and felt to be alive too?


Mr Terrorist, may I ask you
did you look at me, before you decided to make me exit this life forever?
did you notice me, before you decided to ****** every dream I had?
did you observe the way every bone in my body was cheering,
the way all of our eyes were smiling at that trophy?

Mr Terrorist, may I ask you
Today, when you marched into the stadium,
when the smell of grass triggered your senses,
when little sand grains were felt between your toes,
when the sweat was soaking each part of your existing body,
and when we shared that very little moment of eye contact,
before they would forever close,
may I ask you,
did you know?

Terrorist, did you know?
did you know that this very moment
that this point of our lives
that this exact time
these seconds
would be our very last?

Dear Mr Terrorist,
in all truth, I don’t care about the answers you may give me
and in all truth, you don’t deserve the words dear or mister thrown at you
in all truth, terrorist, I just wonder.
I wonder if you can see me, right now, as I am drowned in a sea consisting of my blood only.
I wonder if you can see my dear father and my loving mother who are about to hear the most horrific news they ever heard. I wonder if you can see my brother waiting for me, probably wondering where I am by now. I wonder if you can see the moment when they realise what you yourself have created. I wonder if you can see my mother mourning over every little piece left of my body while feeling like the ground beneath her has escaped. I wonder if you can see my father not capable to believe, holding firmly each one of our memories while feeling his heart and soul leave.

I wonder if you can see what you have done,
by tearing me out of this world, terrorist,
and me, out of so many, my soul is just one.
Tala Jun 2018
I need some clarification, a little explanation, maybe your interpretation of how one can be feeling just so home along with feeling so awfully deviant.

I want, I crave, you see, I need to know how these two very opposites meet their way and come together burning into ever little piece of my deeply puzzled soul.
Tala Feb 2017

'Can you do me this favour, will you promise me this? I am asking you, just in case...'
I think,
looking at my mother while she prays.

Don't forget my face,
when your silver and grey locks are brushed by your tender hand without leaving a visible trace.

Don't forget my face,
when you reach out to find the roads and peaks your skin has seen, turned into maps that it will someday embrace.

Don't forget my face,
when your eyes can only meet with cold, white ceilings and yellow lamps for days.

Don't forget my face,
when you peek outside your window to see only foreign places and strange crowds in haze.

Don't forget my face,
when your nurturing smile has surrendered to the infinite load of tubes, that soothing smile I praise.

Don't forget my face,
when the precious past and troubling now cross paths into a bewildering maze.

Don't forget my face,
when you find the inevitable light of lifes games and maths take place.

Don't forget my face,
Don't forget my,
Don't forget,

Don't forget me.


That unfamiliair - "have I seen you before?" - face.
A tribute to the distructive Alzheimer's disease
Tala Oct 2015
You with the silky hair
and a troubled look in your eyes
I see you drifting
all alone between the crowds
you look at me with surprise

I once too
Was like you
A stranger

A stranger,
I was a stranger
in my own home

My eyes close
as the sweltering air
embraces me
and i inhale deeply
i inhale deeply
my eyes still closed
the feeling,
it takes me back to memories
i never had

I open my eyes
i'm lost,
i'm lost between my own people
and the heat of the sun is
burning my skin
my gaze turns upon the skies
oh, these clear blue skies
and again
i look into your eyes

I'm home,
I'm home

a smile appears on my face
i smile and breathe deeply
i smile to my people
to my people
to whom i am just
another stranger

Yes you!
don't flee just yet

I am home
home is inside me

smile, show your teeth
like me, you too
are home
just let yourself
Tala Sep 2014
There's a pain in my body
that is being built

It is rushing through my veins
this strong feeling of guilt

"Shut your eyes"
I say to myself,
but still there it lies

"Look at the stars, look up"
I tell myself,
but it just won't drop

I want to laugh
but it's telling me to stop

'Cause how can I enjoy,
when I know I least deserve

Oh, tell me how can I enjoy,
when I feel I don't belong

Please, explain to me
how can I enjoy,
when I see you in pain

And I know the reason you are
is because
I am acting insane

Tala May 2014

*i miss you a lot
Tala Nov 2013
staring is all she does
with a wide eyed- gaze
not knowing what to do
observing, yet having no clue

Trying to figure out
trying not to get too caught up
in all of this
trying to figure it all out

A missing part,
a big hole
right in the middle of her heart

Perhaps you could help her
to figure it all out

But I am afraid
There's no chance
  of  you together
to be found.

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