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taijarea darius Sep 2015
last night was exciting, tussling through the covers. i remember the covers moving smoothly over my body as i gently play on my kitten.
soft touches i began to moan i realize that this is better fun then with someone it seems that i can really get the cat to purr.
my favorite music in the background cheering me on thinking i'm not stopping ill have to play another slow jam as the beat speeds up i move my hand faster i'm in the zone.
taijarea darius Jan 2015
mysterious lover hidden in the darkness , with  that sad look on your face that I remember when I think of you.
beautiful lies said to each other to become closer.
when was the last time you danced acapella .
dark rose im taken by your essence, its amazing how you continue to pull me in with strings of deception but the illusion is making me want the honest you.
I cant give up on us, I have tried and I just keep coming back for you.
why do I call you dark rose, its because you been beaten by love drained from trusting and left with sad images that you cant seem  to let go of.
dark rose you re still a rose to me .
taijarea darius Nov 2014
Sometimes a open heart leads to heartache,
A open mind gets you through the pain.
Thoughts of not wanting to be alone.
People say be patient with love,
I find myself rushing into relationships.
Thinking they will love me better than the last.
Disturbed details about your experience with old lovers,
Keeps me grateful you haven't given up on us.
He's left with shadows of old lovers,
They follow us broken,secrets only we know.
I try to run they haunt me with remembrance of how i used to feel while in love.
I guess this is why i call this love broken shadows.
taijarea darius Aug 2014
I'm African American , a chocolate covered brown .
My sister a deep dark.
We may all be African American but we all are different shades this isn't to make war within the race but to ignite a passion for our differences .
Your beautiful no matter what color
I'm strong minded , my thoughts are set in stone
I'm a long kisser.
I'm bold.
taijarea darius Apr 2014
im captured by brilliance,
your intelligence pulls me like rivers ever flowing.
i indulge in your company.
beautiful lady why are you hidden from love?
is it because youve lost hope while i remained a hopeful romantic.
driven by the thought.
im here like a knight in shining armor ready to devour your thought of deception and mis guidance.
you ask me do i need you.
Yes i need you , i want you and im only persuading you to stay.
knowing you youll read this poem thinking its all game and im lame for not saying this to your face.
maybe your right but what i feel words cant express.
taijarea darius Apr 2014
those who are content , with those that lick they lips.
and switch they hips.
gets girls that are superficial.
give you headaches like a menstrual.
so teach the young men principals,
but with this pencil i intend a break through, hopefully i can reach the youth,
theres more to life than a hand bag, i see old hags trying to keep up with the fads.
we need more moms , dads to look up to.
we seen what slavery does to the mental keeps you closed minded and fearful.
but with this pencil i intend a break through.
mothers raise your daughters to be more than glamorous and trendy.
give them vaules that will honor them and build there communities.
then people would see how pretty its the sprit that glows with in you that makes you beautiful.
taijarea darius Apr 2014
die stress caused by old lovers, that remind me of heart ache.
unlike the deceased i feel your touch soothing me like a mother, to her new born.
with every lie i morn forgiveness this relationship is unhealthy.
die agony from lost words our conversations are uneasy, you lie to me instead of the truth.
i have to bury us and what was once shared. even though im living prof of excactly what love can do if its not with someone who cares about you.
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