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Anurag Apr 2020
You are,
A bright sunshine with a little hurricane,
A beauty without any brain,( just for gigs)
You house ideas that are insane.
But, You are
The person I share my worries, woes and pain.
The salt in a dish so plain.
I never measured this bond
Based on loss or gain.
We are more than a priceless diamond,
Or a happy rain.
Unlike them,
We will never drain.
A letter to my Bff, Here, I'm a plain dish.
Anurag Apr 2020
Having a good golden dream,
I woke up to my mom's scream.
From a big lavish palace, I came
Down to my miser place.
Looked around, zig-zag.
The riches turning into rag(old),
Listening to my mom's nag.
I reminded myself
Even dreams come with a pricetag.
When you know you can only dream about a certain thing, not get it, cause obviously Dreams have a price tag.
Anurag Apr 2020
You can Love her,
But, cannot have control.
You can hug her,
But she isn't yours.

You can talk with her,
For the whole day.
But when night occurs,
She will sleep away.

I don't know what to tell her,
I don't know what to say.
I'm not everything for her.
I know this anyway.
When you proceed in Love, we can always find that time has brought in more truth into it...And the day you understand you are not everything for your partner. Well, will be a hard day I bet.

— The End —