Kat Apr 14
The standards and thoughts I have for myself are really high
They aren't your average,
    I have to get straight A's
    I have to (insert sports goal).

My thoughts and standards for myself at more like
    It's not enough to get a 98%, you worthless piece of shit,
    If you want to actually mean something you need to get a 105%
    at least.
    Gross Kat, you spent 2 month's working on this one piano piece
    you're pathetic.
    Kat, you're so lame, Abigail is using the same books as you.
    You have to get better or drawing or whatever that piece of crap is.
    Your last poem only got 50 views, that means you're a bad poet.
    No matter how hard you work you will never achieve 1k views
    You'll never achieve anything worth putting on the homepage.
    You got a 36/40 on the last English project that is terrible.
    You're awful at the piano, you've been doing it for 5 years. You
    aren't getting anywhere, you should just stop now so that you don't
    embarrass yourself even more.

My standards for myself are probably not healthy because of the way I put myself down.
I think I'm worthless, useless, lame, crappy, mean, obnoxious, desperate, stupid and so many more.

My grades are A's but they're not enough,
They aren't 100%.
No matter what my mother tells me,
I know that she isn't proud.
No matter what she says,
I don't always believe she loves me.

These are just the standards for myself,
These are just the things I hate about me.
There are people who have higher standards than me.
But sometimes, I really hate myself.
Abigail - a cousin that is 6 years younger than me.
These are my honest thoughts about myself, they aren't important to anyone just wanted to share and see if anyone else thinks that they're worse than a piece of trash.

— The End —