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Afiqah Nov 2017
the heart
knows its always next in line
and it never lies
when they say about you,
******* things up more often  
if they can still fist up and beat for you,
count your ******* self lucky
to still have that gut going just enough
for life’s many affairs

Afiqah Nov 2017
how cliche it still is
and how it is still you
I find in between drizzles
from the slow, showery, wet mornings
and somehow,
my signature scent still lies
within them and I still choose
to welcome you to my thoughts  
like this
over and over again

Afiqah Nov 2017
we won
over many nights
just enough
to hear one’s love breathe
and more than enough
to keep our colors stay
wildly sane in each other’s

Afiqah Nov 2017
the war begins
when we forget
to love them enough
since all we do
is lie and break them carelessly
we rob our own state of innocence
caught between falling and feeling more
than anyone ever should
like this
has always been our sweet kind of profanity

Afiqah Nov 2017
say it,
say it again
with your eyes
like you always do
and I’ll come and stay
for a few more crazys
and we’ll turn all our scars
into our most favorite thing
about the other
… like we always do

Afiqah Nov 2017
the small little gestures
always felt like oxygen to me
and I’d never have thought,
of all the simplest thing
you ever had to do
was hear you say my name
enough to feel whole and alive again

Afiqah Oct 2017
another night comes,
another night
of walking
my flawed skin and scars
to the stars
especially to the ones
we usually come home to

Afiqah Oct 2017
despite it all,
we fell for most
of our human parts
the ones
that felt a little bit broken
but more than enough
to make our souls
sing and dance for love

Afiqah Oct 2017
in this virtuality,
we’re all either a little
too cleverly disguised or twisted
in a certain sort of way
most of us are already dead

Afiqah Oct 2017
forgive me,
for my delicate soul
I don’t love myself easily
but I know my flaws pleads me to
when they show up too much,
I can simply count how many
will stay and notice
as I settle for most of my nights
under the same stars
at how my skin unfolds itself upon
the darkest side of the crater

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